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  1. Does that mean you can’t listen to UND hockey in Minot either?
  2. QB who can throw on the move, if needed, and stout lines.
  3. I really like this incoming class. Very strategic selections done by the staff, from QB to walk ons. The ones I am most excited about below are Feeney, Ziebarth, Owens, McNeal, and Bishop. I think we could see Owens, McNeal and Bishop push for early playing time. On the transfer front, the FBS drop down can only help on the DL. Quarterbacks (1) Trey Feeney, 6'2“, 195, Moorhead (Moorhead), MN Running Banks (1) Gaven Ziebarth, 6’, 215, 4.5, Cambridge (Cambridge-Isanti), MN Had offers from Army & Air Force Wide Receivers (3) Nate Demontagnac, 6'3“, 180,
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Tommy can and has done those throws... I have seen them in game and scrimmage scenarios, over the past 2 years. And he will do more of them in the future as we install speedier receivers and he grows from being a freshman to an even more seasoned vet (scary, huh?). Currently, Belquist doesn't need gadget plays to get open. He's qot quicks and can catch. Just hope he heals up well. The D-Line and safety are my concern. Not QB at all.
  5. He obviously has a different idea for the definition of the word “committed.” Don’t let the door hit ya...
  6. Are we the only fan base that poo poos our highlights (it's not always luck, you know)? Any other team uses gadget plays on us (and they do all the time) or creeps up on us in garbage time and all of a sudden they're celebrated for their creativity, skill and prowess. If we do it, according to some in our fan base, we were lucky or any myriad excuses that usually follow. I am not for sugar coating things but damn, sometimes we need some perspective.
  7. JMU going for it at the goal line at the end negates any garbage time in this one, to me.
  8. Looking forward to the 3 Bs getting healthier as it will only help next fall (Belquist, Boltmann, Beach). Get bigger get stronger get faster! Only 4 months away. Go Hawks!
  9. I can still hate ‘em.
  10. Don't let the boys see that! Reverse bulletin board effect. Yikes!
  11. You mean like this? https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/4/21/football-notes-no-7-und-ready-for-fcs-playoff-opener-vs-no-12-missouri-state.aspx These notes on both teams were available to everyone 3 days prior to game day.
  12. Today your old man would be able to get them for free on his phone. 24/7.
  13. I’ll guarantee you that if you would have been at NDSU’s home game on Saturday against EWU, you would have seen no players’ faces on the big screen .... that’s because the NCAA doesn’t do it at any of its FCS playoff sites.
  14. Maybe the lack of offer from them speaks volumes.
  15. It went very well. We won. Survive, win and advance from here on out. Only 8 teams left everyone has everyone's tendencies figured out by now...especially if you've shown everything you got in your arsenal. EDIT: I do understand what you are saying.
  16. It's a form of the "grass is always greener" syndrome. I get it but let's keep things in perspective. The MSU game was well in hand by halftime. Bubba being Bubba chose to run the clock, and with an increasing number of back-ups and youth seeing their first action ever (Lotyz... wish him the best). We were not trying to add to the boat race in the second half. Win, advance and move on. Period. I assume that is what is behind the relatively close JMU-VMI final score. VMI closed the gap in garbage time. All that said, I too wanted Quincy in a little sooner. He could use some reps, and he b
  17. "Jaxon on the bottom of your screen as he's iso'ed in. Pay attention to him." -- ESPN color guy at just the right time before Turner executes a flawless twist move through the middle for the sack -- UND's 7th of the opening half. ESPN color guy does his best Tony Romo impression and foreshadows what's about to come down on Struck, with about 25 second to go in the first half.
  18. He did earlier in the year, before the first scheduled game, which was cancelled. Bear’s beat writer Wyatt Wheeler retweeted it with comment this past week. Struck has since deleted said tweet.
  19. I think you may be downgrading Tommy’s skill sets (physical and mental) a tad, and upgrading Quincy’s a hair, at this stage. It’s a common tendency. We’ll most likely see it next fall when Tommy/Quincy are not slicing and dicing Opp defenses and Trey is riding the pine still learning the playbook. It’s easy to wish for the unknown commodity versus the product on the field, which is giving actual criticizable performances (good and bad) with every snap.
  20. Yes and the Alerus PA guy was urging us to make some noise on third downs and there were fireworks for us too. Bottom line as we’ve been saying your gripes are for NCAA directed things not UND Athletics.
  21. I was at the game. A recording was played of the school songs of both schools.
  22. They practically all do. It was the NCAA’s show.
  23. That worked out well for former QB recruit Cedric Chase who was a Bobcat for a short stint before landing at one of the directional Dll schools in Missouri. Suffice it to say I’m happy with Tommy as a consolation prize.
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