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  1. NCHC.tv has not been stable for me at all - keep losing the stream and it picks back up sometimes much earlier in the game. Now that it is period break, of course it's rock solid....
  2. Sioux Ya Ya is a little shorter.
  3. Why is bussing deemed to be so much safer than flying? Or is it really being used by the NC$$ as an excuse to reduce costs? Is there really a quantifiable difference in risk that can justify ruining bracket integrity? I’m sure they’ll also use “attendance” as a reason to ruin bracket integrity as well, which is the ultimate hypocrisy - more people is more risk, right?
  4. Why is the jackbag announcer for CC screaming into the microphone? Holy distortion, Batman!
  5. I had no issue going to nchc.tv on my phone browser and then using AirPlay to my Apple TV - I got in and out (my decision - not forced to by streaming issues) several times without incident. Stream was strong without buffering or pixeling. I had found that nchc.tv was much more stable than the app last year, and it seems it may be the case this year too.
  6. That cop with his knee on George Floyd’s neck wouldn’t have been on the force if it weren’t for the police union. Which party has an unwavering support of unions? Why are there public employee unions at all? Isn’t the government the ultimate source of good? Why would anyone need protection from the government? Is it hypocrisy to insist others submit to the benevolent will of government, yet feel the need to protect themselves from that very same government by unionizing? Root cause - a result of that party’s positions - they need to own it, but they won’t.
  7. Indeed - the smarmy caption to the image in the post above would be more accurate if it read: "We've done everything we can think of, and all we do is make it worse".
  8. I just might be that not all problems can be solved or improved by government action - or the corollary - there are limits to what government can do to remedy any specific problem.
  9. There’s never a good reason to choose DU.
  10. Ah yes - the old “if you disagree with me, you must be a racist” card. As disgusting as it is pathetic - not to mention self-defeating, unpersuasive, and inaccurate.
  11. Kawaguchi was robbed. Parise was robbed. Lessard’s UMD team was 0-5 vs. Parise’s UND that season. Not that head-to-head record should typically be considered, but 0-5 is too lopsided to ignore. I believe UND also swept at Duluth the last series of the regular season to sew up the league title (and deny UMD). Which would you rather have on your team? No contest between Parise and Lessard - even uberhomer Ciskie would have rather had Parise that season. Harder decision between Kawaguchi and Perunovich, but Kawaguchi’s timely scoring and character, to include his lack of diving (unlike others), make it a bit easier.
  12. DamStrait

    The Herald

    I'm betting that one of the first expenses companies are reducing if not outright eliminating is advertisement.
  13. Why is the media not asking the obvious questions? According to the Minnesota governor, 100,000 people in that state are expected to require intensive care because of the virus. Right now there are 235 intensive care beds in the state. Assuming the weekly average will be half the peak, that means in order for supply to meet peak demand, the event would last 100,000/235 x 2 = 850 weeks. Clearly other solutions, such as a vaccine, should be viable long before then. So then, what is the strategy? How many intensive care beds will be added to cope with this crisis? Again, let's do the math: a crisis of 24 weeks duration would require 100,000/24 x 2 = 8,333 intensive care beds (an increase of 8,098 beds or over 3,300%). A crisis of 12 weeks duration crisis would require 16,667 intensive care beds, and a 4 week crisis would require 50,000 of them. At what number of intensive care beds is the capacity of available professional medical personnel exceeded? What happens if the spread happens more slowly than our new capacity to deal with it? Do we further loosen social distancing restrictions in order to shorten the duration? What happens if that becomes too effective (overwhelms care capacity)? Again what is the strategy? Is it to "flatten the curve" until a vaccine is available and distributed (likely to be until at least the end of the calendar year)? Or is it to add as many intensive care beds as possible, then let 'er rip - with the idea than we've done all we could to prepare, and now we'll have to do the best we can? I'm assuming these relative numbers are expected to be similar nationally. It would be nice to get someone in the media to ask what should be obvious questions, instead of continuously actively trying to get their favorites into office.
  14. Hang it in black away from the championship banners, labeled only as “2020”.
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