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  1. Why is bussing deemed to be so much safer than flying? Or is it really being used by the NC$$ as an excuse to reduce costs? Is there really a quantifiable difference in risk that can justify ruining bracket integrity? I’m sure they’ll also use “attendance” as a reason to ruin bracket integrity as well, which is the ultimate hypocrisy - more people is more risk, right?
  2. Why is the jackbag announcer for CC screaming into the microphone? Holy distortion, Batman!
  3. I had no issue going to nchc.tv on my phone browser and then using AirPlay to my Apple TV - I got in and out (my decision - not forced to by streaming issues) several times without incident. Stream was strong without buffering or pixeling. I had found that nchc.tv was much more stable than the app last year, and it seems it may be the case this year too.
  4. There’s never a good reason to choose DU.
  5. Kawaguchi was robbed. Parise was robbed. Lessard’s UMD team was 0-5 vs. Parise’s UND that season. Not that head-to-head record should typically be considered, but 0-5 is too lopsided to ignore. I believe UND also swept at Duluth the last series of the regular season to sew up the league title (and deny UMD). Which would you rather have on your team? No contest between Parise and Lessard - even uberhomer Ciskie would have rather had Parise that season. Harder decision between Kawaguchi and Perunovich, but Kawaguchi’s timely scoring and character, to include his lack of diving (unlike oth
  6. DamStrait

    The Herald

    I'm betting that one of the first expenses companies are reducing if not outright eliminating is advertisement.
  7. Hang it in black away from the championship banners, labeled only as “2020”.
  8. South club lounge (end Sioux shoot at twice) · 2 seats each night; · children admitted with adult; · "bar stool" (end of row) seating; · bench side of the ice - great seats; · 2 free "adult" beverages per person (before drop of the puck); · includes use of parking pass; · in-seat drink service; · free pre-packaged popcorn, chips, etc. and canned pop throughout the game (while it lasts - usually something left at the end of the game, I believe); ·
  9. Pluto channel 455 - I guess since UND is no longer a member of the Big Sky, they no longer have their own channel.
  10. All hail the "fewer than sign" (<).
  11. 2 all session tickets - tickets are in the Twin Cities - can overnight them to other locations - paid $200 - just looking to cover may costs, but will take best offer if I can't. Seats are Section 102, Row F, seats 7 & 8. PM me if interested. Thanks
  12. Now I get “We have reached out to staff on site about the stream. We hope to have it up soon”.
  13. I get “Something went wrong during native playback”. Not very encouraging.
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