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Fall Camp Updates 2017

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1 hour ago, PATRIOT said:

I THINK this means he could be available in Dec if allowed by UND....

The NCAA verbiage you quoted seems slightly contradictory. Is it one full competitive season of eligibility lost or one full calendar year, it says both but it can't be both in this case. Very confusing.

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He lost a full year of eligibility and won't play this season.

Made a dumb mistake, though from what I understand of what happened, I think the penalty is overly harsh, but my opinion doesn't matter nor is it an exuse and he has to live with the consequences.

4th string, non-scholarship running back, wouldn't be a blip on the radar let alone make the newspaper other places. I'll give him credit for sticking it out instead of quitting or transferring, it is going to be a tough year for him.

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4 hours ago, Teeder11 said:

Not sure I'm following you, but it's my understanding that UND coaches made the decision a long time ago (well before camp started) to suspend AG for the season and AG was well aware of it. I found out last week that he wasnt going to play this season.  I chose not to say anything about it until it was officially reported. That happened today. There are student privacy rules at play here that limits what UND can say. If anything it is UND that has taken the hard high road here and AG respects the decision and has worked his ass off on the practice field despite it all. 

Ok thanks for the clarification. I didn't want anyone to get the wrong impression that UND sat on this.

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