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  1. He was playing his Freshman recruit a lot. He had guys with more talent in the bench. It felt like he wanted them gone, but if he played them and they demo’ed talent, he would be challenged to keep them in the program. Very weird deal, how he treated previous recruits.
  2. SDSU yes, previous coach played hardly anyone off the bench. Sather seems to like a very limited bench too. Why he redshirted players and kept others on bench when they could have helped was interesting. Not recruited by him, you had no shot it seemed.
  3. Which is what NDSU did in ‘19 from the 4 seed. You need a longer bench, developed throughout the season, to weather 3 in a row at the tournament.
  4. I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to comment. Lots of Summit League teams have gone through their conf schedules with very short benches. SDSU especially has kept it shorts. NDSU has gone 8-10 deep compared to others 7-8 during the conf schedule and leading up to March. It pays off come tourney time. It’s like being short on the DL, eventually it bites you. It wasn’t as big of a factor this year (unless you look at und lack of depth), but in ‘19, depth is the only way you win 3 in a row as a 4 seed. I don’t hear please talk about it, it you have to credit Dave R for deve
  5. Drake, Butler, Valpo . . . What’s the diff?
  6. Good hire by Western, but you have wonder how thin the ice is for Pitino that Jeter would take the Western job. Schools is reportedly struggling financially and there is little fan support there. Not a great job imo, especially with top 4 players leaving. Jeter will need to work some portal magic.
  7. I’m going to address you, like you address others. MVC is not top 10, are you a complete idiot and have no knowledge of college basketball whatsoever? A10 top 10, MVC no, check any ranking. Typically 11-13. Loyola made a nice run and earned some money, but Creighton and Witchita are not coming back.
  8. He’s a scholarship player.
  9. The Bison roster will change quite abit next year, but I like the parts. I would expect Griesel Eady Knotek to grow and I mprove, but Shahid’s minutes will goto Don Carter, and Hayes and Christianson will get minutes. I also expect much more from Hunter his senior season and Cook who redshirted. Skunberg may get minutes right away too. I like the parts next year, and the depth . Rocky will also be expected to handle more scoring and lead the team, and I like his skill set.
  10. Is the one bid MVC a promotion? Not much of a promotion if you ask me.
  11. UST is currently DIII and have a lot of work to do. If they join the Summit, they’ll be there for 15 years minimum.
  12. I agree, there aren’t too many teams in the summit that I can’t get up for. PFW has been really good in past years, so even that game has had its moments. I like umkc’s location, but they were really weak in their last summit stint, so we’ll see. Western is probably the worst as far as location and fan support, but their teams have been respectable most years. ORU and Denver are quality schools in good cities.
  13. What is the objective opinion of being in the Summit vs the Big Sky with regard to league strength, style, etc? (Question not meant to anything more than a question. I know the Hawks had some stronger teams in past years)
  14. Yes, it’s not just B1G, all of the P5 would like to find a way to take top players from FCS rosters.
  15. B1G wants their players, and yours too. All top players should be migrating to the all powerful B1G, right?
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