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  1. They could always cut scholarships again, you never know?
  2. As UND learned and UST will find out, 21-22 sports in DI doesn’t work. UST will need to cull and grow their budget 20+ million to maintain 16 sports and compete. Playing DI scholarship hockey and football ain’t going to fly for at least 10 years. Suggesting there will be scholarship hockey and football right away is foolish.
  3. Agree with you on all your points. Just pointing out that waiting for a split is like waiting for Sasquatch to be captured.
  4. Oh, now the split is BIg Sky conference split? Going FBS, is that like going steady? Ya, I’m on the edge of my chair. You are a full fledged chameleon, I’m embarrassed for you.
  5. Boy . . . I'm on the edge of my chair waiting for that Split, cause y'all know that that split thing is coming. You know, that Split that no one really knows anything about even though they act like they do. Ya that one, and boy I'm on the edge of chair in anticipation of that ole split thing. Cause ya know, I don't want to get left behind and stuff. Ya, I've got my eyes peeled waitin for that split that coming sometime between now and never. On the edge of my chair man!
  6. The nickel would be the correct item to play for annually, the ncaa certainly does not care. But someone at Und thought it would a nice way to one up Ndsu by “retiring” it in their possession. If Ndsu had won it last, I have no doubt they’d be playing for it again. Let’s be honest folks.
  7. Lots of 2’s 3’s and 4’s playing for Iowa St I’d presume. I don’t read much into that score. ISU dialed that one down before kickoff, with no desire to embarrass an in state lesser opponent. Score doesn’t surprise me.
  8. Agreed, low low ceiling QB in Minny.
  9. Herd

    FBS games

    Do the bison go 8 for 9?
  10. Terrible idea, Chicago State. Just secure necessary waiver until Augustana is on board.
  11. He’s a bully, that’s all. Even the moderators don’t want to Challenge this guy cause he’s always on the edge of stability it would seem. If you question his ideas, bam personal attack. Just part of it if you respond to the guy.
  12. If the Summit starts football, that will leave the MVC with 5 scholarship football schools and Youngstown, and who knows if Youngstown would stick around. That will drive the MVC to invite 2-3 teams to the MVC, which in turn might come from the Summit. That could result in destabilizing the Summit. If the desire is 2 weaker football conference, and a destabilized Summit League, yes by all means start Summit football. Bad idea for the Lesgue.
  13. I have no desire to see Summit football, not sure why Hawk fans want that. Would prefer to remain connected to the MVC football schools. also, I have no desire to form a conference with MT, MT St, Idaho, etc. if I was going to join a western conf, I’d only do it for the MWC. This board reads like und should have just stayed in the Big Sky.
  14. FCS is a football only designation. Schools are not FCS, football is. Schools are DI, DII, DIII.
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