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  1. FCS is a football only designation. Schools are not FCS, football is. Schools are DI, DII, DIII.
  2. CSP, not remotely interested regardless of the sports they keep/drop. UST, yes interested.
  3. CSP is already out-kicking their coverage as a DII member. No way they could fund a DI Summit move.
  4. Loyola last year, Butler with a final four run. Lots of sweet 16s. Actually it happens with some regularity.
  5. Buddy Hield, Isaiah Cousins, Spangler . . . Not athletic? You have no clue what you are talking about. That was by far the best bison team in recent history. Bjorklund, Braun, Wright, Brown, LA and some good backup bigs. Good team, good win . . . Not a fluke. That team would rough up 2019 team.
  6. Nothing wrong with Brookings as long as they are not hosting a conference tournament in that town.
  7. No it shouldn’t. If that was the goal, you wouldn’t even have a tournament. Sdsu is the best team, but the tournament is used to choose your representative. The goal is to have a fair/equitable tournament for all teams to generate fan interest, money, and crown a champion.
  8. Dining, logistics, hotel rooms. Everything bad, including a small arena. If you could sell 12k tickets, why have it in a 5k arena? nothing wrong with Frost, but it’s not the premier Center on tv. Hosting on campus, yuck. Do you see the NEC arena? Small time.
  9. Totally disagree, but I guess we are both entitled to our opinions. PFW or Western hosting, entirely possible under your scenario would be utter disasters. Think about that possibility. On campus in Brookings? Not great either.
  10. I’d like to see the Summit 10 be: und/ndsu usd/sdsu aug/Omaha umkc/oru denver/unc thats decent footprint. The schools further west aren’t coming.
  11. Yes, and they are legally required to keep that confidential. At least NDSU and ncaa are.
  12. Engelstad family member was not calling for firing, when first asked, but then said yes when pressed. Clearly states that they are not going to do business with Kennedy.
  13. Hmmm, same outcome as Clemson. Oh, I guess NDSUs situation and reaction is normal. Nothing to see here
  14. There’s no advantage, it’s a Sioux Volley power trip to one up NDSU, so logic be gone. Unless you are an FBS team in an established league, you won’t be able to bring in good competition and make the situation viable. (MWC, MAC) Going FBS in a new league would just be more expensive football, nothing else. Would be a disaster.
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