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  1. Fair enough, there are equal numbers of NDSU alumni in ND and Minnesota. Given that, wouldn't it be fair to assume that an equal amount of ND and Minnesota people are following and watching NDSU football? So in regards to watching them on TV, why wouldn't you consider those fans who live in Minnesota, who happen to live outside of the Fargo/Moorhead metro as part of NDSU's following?
  2. Much isn't exactly an absolute term. Much means much, many, a lot, an abundance. I never claimed it was all or even a majority. Much of Minnesota follows NDSU football, not sure where the controversy lies here.
  3. You do realize that NDSU's student population is made of exactly the same amount of Minnesota students as North Dakota students right? http://www.ndsualumnicenter.com/alumniassociation/maps/national/webmap.htm
  4. Many people follow both programs and would continue to do so if NDSU was FBS. Count me as someone who is both a Gopher and a Bison fan. As long as they aren't in the same conference, being a Gopher fan and a Bison fan aren't mutually exclusive.
  5. Laugh if you want, there are far more NDSU fans in Minnesota than there are in ND.
  6. That's exactly my point. In NC, App State is an after thought, your average rube likely assumes they are still "D2", aka FCS. NDSU's location, as I've read you say on this board time and time again, is a massive disadvantage as they don't fall within the footprint of any FBS conference. But, also because of their location, they wouldn't compete for fans with any other FBS program like Georgia Southern, App State, Liberty, Coastal Carolina or any other recent FCS to FBS move.
  7. I also said that app state and Georgia southern have to share those markets, whereas NDSU would be the sole FBS team in the scenario I laid out.
  8. I agree that Fargo isn’t a “must have” media market for a conference seeking growth, but I think NDSU’s biggest downfall is location. Boone, NC and Statesboro, GA are far worse markets and the media markets they are in are splitting their loyalties between many schools. NDSU’s TV market as the sole FBS school(assuming UND doesn’t also make the move) would be the entire state and much of Minnesota. So, yes, it’s not a great market, but I think location is more of a factor in conferences not clamoring to add them. All speculation on my part though.
  9. At the risk of sounding really annoying, people are somehow bored with winning. I’ve talked with dozens of friends in the last two years who are lifelong diehards who have simply stopped going to games because there are very few opponents who are interesting at this point. They attempt to sell their tickets every weekend and sometimes can’t even give them away. Attendance might be a problem moving forward unfortunately.
  10. After seeing Lance and then watching the Gophers all year, you do have to wonder how he would look in that offense with two nfl receivers. That was a miss by PJ if you ask me, I think Trey is better than Annexstad and Morgan, but I’m a bit biased.
  11. It’s a good question, not sure he does at this point, but he is still very young. I’d be very interested to see what he would be capable of as a passer if he had more opportunities to just drop back and sling it. NDSU seems to rely too much on his legs at times so it’s hard to see for sure how good he is as a pure passer.
  12. So you agree that the Fargodome gives a 35 point advantage in a football game then?
  13. I should have known he was referring to you. Didn’t realize you were a celebrity on this board. I’ve never once said I didn’t check discussions on this board often, not sure why it’s funny to say something that I freely admit is absolutely true. The guy made a ridiculous comment so I commented with a rebuttal, welcome to the internet everyone.
  14. The Fargodome is known for its home field advantage for the Bison. Not sure it’s worth 35+ points as your post would necessitate though.
  15. Impressive highlights, wonder what’s keeping him from being a scholarship offer by you guys and other FCS schools after watching that. Maybe his size? He’s not super small at 185.
  16. Not all speed is created equal. What you’re looking for is a player or two who has the ability to change directions and accelerate very quickly. Players like that are scary to cover, “twitchy” is a word sports analysts will sometimes use to describe this type of player. So a player can be very fast, maybe runs a nice 100 or 200 time, but not “twitchy” and their shuttle time will be just ok. Think Dressler. Though he had both types of speed.
  17. You know man, I'm not sure what your issue with me is, but I'm gonna move on from this one. I come here to distract me from people like you in my real world and talk sports. Not get into personal pissing matches with someone I've never met or who doesn't know the first thing about me. If you want to disagree with my comments on their merit, I'm happy with that, good discussion is what I come here for. But, whatever this has become between you and me isn't fun.
  18. What is this canoe comment you keep making? Did I miss something in your long-winded rants?
  19. I'm not trying to say he was their top recruit, I have no clue where he lands on their prospect list. Maybe it is last, maybe it is a non-committable offer as was stated. I was responding to another poster who asserted that when an FCS recruit is offered by a P5 it's gotta be a non-committable offer. That isn't always true is all I'm saying.
  20. You mean because he is listed last? I'm not saying you're wrong, but there is no way an online service would be able to accurately rank recruits at a certain position. ONLY coaches would be privy to where they have each player ranked on their board.
  21. All I’m saying is you are the one claiming to know something for a fact when you just stated there is no possible way for you to know that information.
  22. So you know for a fact that Easton Stick’s offer at Rutgers and Seth Anderson’s offer at Kansas were non-committable? Or are you just speculating?
  23. I know technology is tough for you boomers, but it is possible to set up alerts on your phone when people respond.
  24. Learn to read before you pop off like a child. Another poster brought up the topic.
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