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  1. SJG73

    UND-Sac Predictions

    Sac won’t be able to hang...crush it hawks!
  2. SJG73

    2018 Season

    Well put. 100% agree!
  3. SJG73

    UND - University of Northern Colorado Game Day Thread

    Let Greer play !! What a joke
  4. Busses just left for Husky Stadium
  5. SJG73

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

  6. SJG73

    2018 Season

    Thank goodness we now have a freshman nose guard at 250 to save the day. Instead of a 3 year letterman at 310! Give me a freakin break!
  7. SJG73

    2018 Fall Camp

    If you throw trash it has to go somewhere...makes logical sense to me
  8. SJG73

    2018 Season

    I see Greer at 310...we need the freakin ponds up front
  9. SJG73

    2018 Season

    Anyone know when fall camp starts?
  10. SJG73

    Spring Ball 2018

    Look out for Greer...300 and rolling!
  11. SJG73

    2017 Season

    We will move forward. Not the end of the world folks!
  12. SJG73

    2017 Season

    Right on Iceman!
  13. SJG73

    Davis Predictions

    State of my head....By shinedown. Perfect tune for where we are now
  14. SJG73

    Davis Predictions

    Enough said...time to win!