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  1. SJG73

    EWU Game Day!

    Schmidt for head coach?
  2. SJG73

    2019 Season

    I’m Steve Greer’s dad and want to thank you all for your support and criticism. A fire needs fuel! We need a fire under UND and it begins with you all. Had many great times in your awesome town and the Alerus Center is second to none. The Championship was an incredible ride that we will never forget. That team was un-stoppable. The hospitality you showed us was remarkable. We will forever have a soft spot in our hearts for our friends up north. Thanks for the memories and we will always be UND fans! Nice that the conference change will bring UND closer to St. Louis soon. Looking forwa
  3. SJG73

    2019 Season

    I would have bet on Grady...no doubt!
  4. A tip of the cap to these seniors that helped make UND football exciting to watch again. Well done boys!
  5. Sac won’t be able to hang...crush it hawks!
  6. SJG73

    2018 Season

    Well put. 100% agree!
  7. A23E08A1-4808-41C0-9F97-B92DC1A45DF2.MOV
  8. SJG73

    2018 Season

    Thank goodness we now have a freshman nose guard at 250 to save the day. Instead of a 3 year letterman at 310! Give me a freakin break!
  9. If you throw trash it has to go somewhere...makes logical sense to me
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