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    I hadn't watched a game yet this fall, until today. Maybe I'll try again next season.
  2. That guy was(is) a monster. Wish he'd have been utilized more. Best wishes to him
  3. oh yeah, and the owner of tv's Count's Customs has a night club called Vamp'd. Great rock venue not to far east of the Strip. And you have money to burn, you can take a Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo, etc, around a closed track at the speedway on the north end of town.
  4. I lived in LV for a few years . . . didn't spend a lot of time on the Strip. It depends on if you have a car or if you're just hoofing it around the Strip. If you have wheels, Hoover Dam is an awesome experience. For food my favorite was The Peppermill on the north end of the Strip. It's like crossing a 70's strip club with a Perkins (with MUCH better food).
  5. And that's what's great about football. We can talk contracts and offseason practices . . . but when it comes game time, any team can beat any team on any day. (UND at Sam Houston for example)
  6. I'm impressed. They found a way to win. and TANK with the stop!!!! That made me jump outta my chair. Love the way he plays.
  7. Life long Vikes fan here . . . and I'll say 9-7. That schedule is tough, and I honestly think their record last year was better than the team actually was. (hope I'm wrong)
  8. 77iceman

    Sam Houston

    So you're saying it will literally take an act of God to win this game? (joke)
  9. In all seriousness, I've pondered this question for about ten minutes now. How can they pull off a win? I think it would have to be good old fashioned luck. Some Washington missed field goals, bad snaps, tipped balls . . . etc. One of those "nothing went W's way today" type of games.
  10. Tradition. Santiago up the middle for a loss of a half yard. Get into that 3rd and 7 territory and then throw the ball out of bounds. Tradition.
  11. That actually makes me want a mascot more! (as long as it's not a bird with teeth . . . still creepy)
  12. And I would say he is one of the smartest QB's out there. I was all about Bradford. He just can't stay on the field.
  13. I'm seriously stunned that anyone would bank on Bradford to be a starter. Mr Glass getting paid to start. I'm stunned.
  14. I was hoping for Keenum (start) and Bradford (backup). just sayin
  15. I get it . . . when an injury puts you out for years, or you seem to get injured about every third game. It's a business. They are paid to play, not set at home in a recliner waiting for another MRI result. I know, it stinks. It goes against everything I was brought up to believe. But if it's my money, I pay the guys that play.
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