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  1. Right now I wouldn’t be very helpful in that discussion. Been busy with life and haven’t been as plugged in as usual to the young guys coming through the pipeline.
  2. I guess the final FBS rankings don’t carry as much weight as SIOUXFAN97 in your world. Carry on.
  3. Don’t disagree, but 4/7 years is pretty often. Especially given they’ve proven with Cincy this year they even in a four team tournament they let in a G5
  4. What imaginary criteria are you using to justify that they wouldn’t? The final FBS rankings would agree with me.
  5. Agree to disagree. The result was never in doubt, I agree. But Cincy looked better than a lot of SEC teams did this year. Heck they looked better than Georgia did for most of the SEC championship game
  6. You used 7 examples above, 4 of them are years that the top G5 team would have been included in a 12 team tournament.
  7. How they competed is not part of this discussion in the slightest. However if you watched the game, I thought Cincinnati competed incredibly well. Did you watch the game or just look at the score?
  8. Q2. You realize that you say that in a year that an undefeated G5 team(cincinatti)was included in a 4 team tournament?
  9. I agree on your coastal Carolina point. And unfortunately your likely spot on with FBS working to keep the tournament seeds “in house”. But it would be more fun for fans if it were merit based.
  10. 2 things. Why not engage with the questions I posed? Again, if ndsu moved to FBS, by definition they’d now be an FBS team with FBS scholarships and FBS depth. So yeah, as it sits, ndsu as an FCS team would struggle with a full FBS schedule, but the parameters would be obviously different if ndsu had FBS depth. Which they would if they moved up.
  11. His comments are certainly premature and overzealous and I don’t agree with him about this years ndsu team. But look at it this way, on NDSUs best years, where do you think they would rank among only G5 teams? I think they would have been near the top of G5 teams in 2013 and maybe a few other years in this 10 year run. If that’s true, and maybe you disagree with that, are you saying that in a 12 team playoff a G5 team or two wouldn’t find their way into the tournament?
  12. You seem to be under the illusion that every FBS team is Georgia, Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. Every year there are anywhere from 2-6 teams that are so far above everyone else that nobody, even at the FBS level can touch them. The rest of FBS is filled with 3 star recruits with 4 stars occasionally and extremely rare 5 star guys. NDSU will almost certainly never be in that elite 2-6 teams. I have no illusion of that. They play a different game, they are the NFL minor league. Everyone else on any given year is beatable and I think over the course of many years NDSU could find itself competing with them if they were to move up.
  13. You are overlooking a key point. In this hypothetical recruiting situation, NDSU would no longer be FCS, they’d be G5 FBS. G5 teams win recruiting battles against P5 teams hundreds of times a year. Playing time, culture, connection with the coaching staff…etc.
  14. English must not be too good at UND.
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