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  1. Will Ohio state get enough games in to be considered? They need to win their final two games(assuming they are played) to even be eligible for the B10 championship.
  2. Even to be in the discussion is a feat that even the most fervent NDSU fan could have never imagined.
  3. As long as transfers remain a small portion of the plan, I don't have a problem with it. When we start relying on them to be successful, I think it leads to more trouble than benefit. Being able to have the majority of the team be guys that were recruited, redshirted and developed has been a major key to NDSU's ability to develop diamonds that were under-recruited. They've really developed some beasts on the D-line over the years.
  4. As I look through the draft classes, I agree with you, Clemson also would be in that discussion, but that's it really.
  5. It's gonna take NDSU missing on a QB. Depending on how you look at it, they've been incredibly fortunate or incredibly smart in recruiting the past 12 years at that position. I made this point before Trey Lance even came along, but I don't really think it can be argued at this point. NDSU has had possibly the best 3 quarterback trio of any school in the nation since Wentz took over. There isn't another school that can say they've had their last three QB's drafted and two in the first round(we'll see on Trey). Oklahoma and Ohio State would be the two I would put in the same discussion
  6. I was a little young for his prime years, but his schtick sort of wore thin didn't it?
  7. I've been hearing this same thing since 2013. That said, I do feel a shift happening right now within NDSU football. I felt it the minute Entz took over. He doesn't have a head coach mentality, nor does he conduct himself in a way that gives me confidence that he is the man for the job. A couple of quick examples, his insistence on "going with his gut" on when to go for two, he made some incredibly bone-headed decisions last year to go for two in my opinion, some of them worked out some didn't. Second example is the way he talks about his players. He reveals too much IMO. Last year s
  8. I never said I agree with him, in fact, I vehemently disagree with him. I'm just saying him holding a view that I find incorrect doesn't make him unintelligent as was suggested. Uninformed or misinformed? Sure.
  9. Those two things aren't mutually exclusive. You may disagree with his political stance, but it's lazy and destructive if we always assume an opposing viewpoint is as a result of lack of intelligence. Seek to understand before trying to be understood, a really smart man said that about 2000 years ago.
  10. Smart move by him. That's generational wealth that he would be potentially leaving on the table if he returned and got injured.
  11. That’s a slippery slope and I think it best to not allow student athletes to even go down this road.
  12. Get over it man. You see those little numbers following the phrases? Those are references, click on those if you think the comments are inaccurate. This isn't even controversial. Act Blue is a very, very well known democratic fundraising platform, it's not a secret they try to hide.
  13. https://support.actblue.com/donors/about-actblue/is-actblue-run-by-the-democratic-party-or-affiliated-with-any-organizations/ https://www.influencewatch.org/political-party/actblue-pac/
  14. Of course I appreciate your opinions, I also consider myself to be open minded. Where I'm going to provide you with some resistance is your insistence that BLM is simply a phrase that aims to bring equality. This is a demonstrably false statement and I would encourage you to look deeper into the BLM movement to better understand it's political aims.
  15. Well you didn't exactly display a level of wanting to do your own research so I though giving you the link to ActBlue and having to do your own research would be fruitless.
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