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  1. Is this directed at me? If so, which day are you speaking about?
  2. Playing against NDSU will do that.
  3. Help me understand why you tagged me, I don’t read the hockey thread.
  4. Nope, but a reasonable discussion of the facts is always welcomed and entertaining.
  5. Is it a conscious decision on your part to make up a phantom opposing argument to fit something you can refute or aren’t you able to control it? I blocked you for a reason a couple of years back, should’ve trusted my previous judgement. Won’t happen again.
  6. But I’m not a current player or a parent of a current player so how would I remember it?
  7. My point is I didn’t realize I was discussing the significance of an historic football season in the annals of history with some folks who aren’t actually fans of FCS football. If we took a poll of this forum and people who got introduced to UND football 50+ years ago and have been lifelong fans as a result of those early experiences, my bet would be many people would remember the late 60’s and early 70’s seasons. Yet we have a “fan” who thinks this season won’t be remembered by anyone other than “the players and their parents”
  8. Having fans like you is the reason why people say UND is a hockey school. Constantly downplaying football and in its significance at the FCS level. Sure it isn’t Ohio state vs Alabama, but if you’re a fan it means something to you and you’ll remember.People care, you might not, but people care. 50 years isn’t that long, 1971 season isn’t that long ago, I’m sure many on this board remember games from the 60s-70s.
  9. It’s funny sometimes on message boards you get stuck arguing a point vehemently that is so meaningless and doesn’t even matter to me or to I’m sure any of you, I mean who the hell cares, but it’s entertainment and I like to talk sports. If anyone is a fan of the late, great Mitch Hedburg, these discussions always remind me of his “that tree is far away” joke. Go to 5 minutes or listen to the whole thing if you need a laugh.
  10. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one it appears.
  11. As usual you conflate two arguments to make your point seem relevant. I never said people are complaining about past champions, simply that there is a clear conversation that gets had every time certain years get brought up. Every NFL fan on the planet knows the 1987 season had replacement players and that season is completely different than others and that didn’t have nearly the impact that this years FCS season has as only a few games were effected. We have teams completely opting out of the season, we have significant impact players who would have been on the squads normally(fall season) no
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