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  1. Is that true for all of the timed tests or just the 40?
  2. https://www.sporttechie.com/nfl-draftees-running-faster-40s-pro-day-nfl-combine/ Can't vouch for the source, but thought this was an interesting article that adds to the discussion.
  3. Agreed. How do the testing standards compare at the combine vs a pro day? Identical you’d think right?
  4. When you watch the combine, they’ll often give some context as to what they are expecting from each athlete based on previous performances. “This guy has been as clocked as fast as 4.4 in the past” or “he has jumped x inches and we expect him to be our best jumper today” It just seems rare that a player has their best times/jumps at the combine. you disagree?
  5. It seems to be a trend from year to year that relatively unknown guys will run and jump at a pro-day and in comparison to the guys at the combine will out perform in many categories. Is there a standard at the combine that makes the times trend upward? Is there more pressure on kids while at the combine so they underperform? It just seems to me, people usually don’t run and jump their career best at the combine from year to year.
  6. Do you have specific knowledge of instances that have gone unreported? Hard to search if you don’t have a name.
  7. Has there? I honestly don’t know. And if NDSU has kept them quiet as you say and the forum hasn’t reported them, how do you have knowledge of them?
  8. If they were underage inside of a bar, that’s a bit different than just your run of the mill MIP. Fake ID’s etc. Either way, in my book, it’s a non story. If true, there will be a small suspension and everyone will learn their lesson.
  9. I’m not lawyer, but what about this poster’s statement gets anywhere in the viscinity of slander or libel? A very vague statement that doesn’t name any specific people?
  10. I don’t follow NDSU to the extreme extent I did 10 years ago, so I’m not aware of when guys get MIP’s anymore. I couldn’t tell you if they are being reported or not in recent years, but as recently as 2012 and 2013 a google search brings up MIP’s being reported in the forum. i agree with you that they are not really a big deal, college kids drink, no surprise there.
  11. Bad comparison if you’re seeing this as a reason to call out a bias in reporting. Alcohol charges are always reported on with specifics. Since it is an actual crime it will be public record and every single detail will be in that public record. Same thing happens when NDSU guys get picked up for drinking. What has happened at NDSU in recent weeks isn’t illegal by our justice system’s standards and is just an ncaa violation. It isn’t part of the public record so details are much more difficult to come by.
  12. I’m just giving you grief for a spelling error. Teflon vs teflan. Flan is a damn good Spanish dessert.
  13. Teflan...what does NDSU have to do with Spanish desserts?
  14. What does any of the above have to do with the fact that you specifically stated that a player wouldn’t get a year suspension for caffiene and then I posted a direct quote from the ncaa website that says that in fact you can and do get suspended for a year for caffiene?
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