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  1. Piss off. I have literally never heard of this Russian network.
  2. Gotcha, not familiar with that being a Russian network so didn’t notice it.
  3. What's fishy about it? I'm not seeing it. The broken phone?
  4. Cumulative? That makes zero sense. Someone show me a study that could ever be designed that could control the parameters to measure this properly? Viral load in the air, viral load actually breathed into nasal passages, viral load accumulation, swabs at different time intervals to see if the virus that was breathed in stays in or is breathed out. Etc. Trust the science right? Well, let’s see this science of viral load accumulation over a 24 hour period. It would be an impossible study to design.
  5. Just awful. You can justify just about anything when you compare it to a human life. That's the entire argument the other side of this has been making the entire time and I'll be the first to admit, it's effective. Where their argument falls apart is the fact that death comes for all of us and in millions of unfortunate ways, it's a tragedy of the human experience. With that in mind, as a human race we have already put a dollar amount/"inconvenience unacceptability factor" on a human life. We could outfit every single one of our soldiers with equipment that could save their life while in a fire fight in Bengazi or Fallujah but we don't because the dollar amount would be astronomical and we've decided that their life isn't worth it, sad but true. We could all forgo the convenience of driving cars and just bike everywhere and lives would be saved, but we have decided an amount of human deaths is acceptable to have the convenience of driving. So it is with Covid, a certain amount of human lives have always been sacrificed in the name of keeping a society afloat, for some reason Covid is different.
  6. If someone wasn’t following the quarantine rules following a positive test, they most likely wouldn’t be forthright with that information.
  7. Not sure you know what “self identified” means.
  8. Don’t ask questions, just wear your damn mask.
  9. The fact that you think it's people getting tested because they are feeling sick shows how ignorant you are on this topic.
  10. At 9.4 tests per 1,000, second highest in the nation, why is North Dakota currently testing so much?
  11. It's maddening to have conversations with people and they explain things about Covid as if it's the first time we've ever dealt with a respiratory disease in this country. "But it spreads if you don't wear a mask" Yep viruses tend to do that "But it spreads if you are around someone who has it, even if they don't know they have it" Yep viruses tend to do that "But there are long term effects" Yep viruses tend to do that The list goes on and on.
  12. Using your line of logic here, when will this ever not be the case? Covid is endemic, every expert agrees for the most part. Vaccines aren't foolproof and this one will be no exception, in fact it is likely to not be nearly as effective as influenza given the lack of research and rushing it to market. So when in your scenario of kids being superspreaders will life be back to normal?
  13. could you repost that please, I don't remember seeing it.
  14. Be happy you live in a state that doesn't threaten your school board with fines and jailtime for making this decision.
  15. My son's daycare was open all summer, nobody got sick, because nobody was tested. My son's private school(forced to go because the public school is online) has been open with zero problems since Labor day, nobody is sick because nobody is tested. It's almost like a pattern is emerging from all of this.
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