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    Gotta defend the leathernecks a bit on this one, even in years when their record doesn’t show it they’ve been a tough out for even the best teams in the conference a lot of years. Missouri State even though they’ve had some good years is more of who I think of as the easier game a lot of years.
  2. I agree with this. My question is: Is NDSU still the elite FCS team they were in 2017 and 2014? I didn’t see anything from either team this past Saturday that tells me either will make a deep run in the FCS playoffs. I expect SDSU to beat the snot out of NDSU with the offensive product we put on the field this year. Teams are allowed to get better as the season goes on, so I hope I’m wrong, but our offense looked brutal and it wasn’t all attributable to UND defense, which was solid.
  3. Deal, but hope to play that game in Fargo. UND’s defense is legitimate. Was impressed with them. Both offenses leave a lot to be desired.
  4. I’m not sure today’s game is a data point that tells you either OC is any good at all.
  5. Give some credit to your defense, but ndsu certainly isn’t the potent offense they once were.
  6. Hell of a game, good luck the rest of the way.
  7. Can’t tell yet if both defenses are incredible or both offenses were bad, but these are evenly matched teams at this stage. could have gone either way today.
  8. Was it? TV didn’t have a great view so you could very well be correct.
  9. I’m biased, but that ball appeared to be inside the end zone to me on the punt.
  10. UND run defense looking stout. NDSU struggling to establish power running game. If that continues I think UND gets the win. Impressive half from both defenses.
  11. I think you’re right. This game will be decided by NDSU’s ability/inability to run the ball. If UND can keep NDSU in third and medium/long all day, it’ll be a close one in the fourth quarter. I don’t bet on sports, but if I did, I think ndsu by 10-14 would be where I’d put the money.
  12. He was personally shaming the bison poster and telling him he feels sorry for him for allowing a game to take up more if his life than a few hours. I understood the post perfectly, just thought it was hypocritical given we are all here doing something that if we had our priorities perfectly set this message board wouldn’t exist.
  13. You’re posting on a message board multiple times a week/day about this game and other things related to UND football. Why insult someone else and disingenuously shame another poster for doing what you clearly are doing yourself simply by posting about it here? We are all fans and probably spend too much time thinking about this. It’s fun, it’s an escape from all the real life things you mentioned.
  14. I’ve run into him in real life…about what you’d expect based on his online persona.
  15. Those who know Lakes know not to take anything he says seriously. He does not speak for NDSU fans.
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