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  1. Fans show up when their school is talked about on rival boards, just the way it is. Start a thread about Montana players and you'll all of a sudden have Montana fans posting. Your comment begs the question, what point are you making with all of your comments if you've admitted that pretty well every school has violators and only an extremely small percentage of those show up as positive NCAA test?
  2. Couldn't you ask the same question for every team in the NCAA? Since the results aren't public, we could assume a lot of things about any team. The end result is one guy tested positive and per the rules he has been suspended. Until evidence suggests otherwise, thinking NDSU has a PED "problem" is simply wishful thinking by some here.
  3. Why are you floored? Also, given that this kid was born into the NDSU family and was coming to games in diapers, I doubt he made this decision lightly. It was likely very challenging for him and was a very carefully considered decision. I'd be surprised if anything that NDSU does moving forward would make any sort of difference. With all of the "advantages" NDSU has in recruiting against other schools, the receiver position can actually one where NDSU is at a disadvantage due to the style of play. I have to think that if I'm an 18 year old receiver, playing in an EWU style offense would be a lot more fun than an NDSU style offense.
  4. Need a bigger sample size I think before making that assessment. I don't follow North Dakota recruiting as closely as I once did. I don't know if the players we aren't getting or aren't offering are misses or if the coaches simply don't believe they are right for NDSU. I can't imagine Entz doesn't see the value in keeping the top local talent given that ND players have been at the heart of every NDSU team since the beginning of time, but time will tell I suppose.
  5. If he's anything like his Dad and Uncle, you guys got a great player. Both were meticulous with their route running and had incredible hands. Great locker rooms guys too, the types of people you want on your team. Bummed NDSU couldn't land him. Good get for you guys.
  6. Did I just read an article somewhere that said UND had the most difficult strength of schedule in the fcs? edit: found it https://www.google.com/amp/s/m.herosports.com/amp/fcs/football-2019-toughest-schedules-bzbz With the attrition this last year(Santiago and oliveria) are fans feeling optimistic heading into the fall or what’s the general vibe?
  7. You spelled stimulants wrong.
  8. So bubba is a playoff miss away from looking for a job in the eyes of most fans?
  9. Would a blowout at NDSU be the death blow for him?
  10. Those sound about right. What will UND fans say if it’s a repeat of 2015?
  11. Mr. Newman, wasn’t specifically hired to bring supplements. He is hired as a motivational consultant.
  12. Shouldn’t the fact that you doubt caffeine as the substance raise red flags as to your own biases in this case? I’m not saying it is caffeine, I don’t have any insider info. But, the fact is the athlete stated he took a common pre workout drink.(caffeine is the active ingredient in most pre workout drinks). Coach Kleiman stated publicly that BR tested positive for a stimulant(caffeine is a stimulant). Caffeine is on the NCAA’s banned substances list when taken at certain quantities. Maybe he took an extra dose. This would account for how many other athletes could take the same thing in a lesser quantity possibly and not test positive. If you look at it objectively with all of the above info, all of a sudden Caffeine is actually very likely. Yet, you doubt it because caffeine is such a common substance that it doesn’t make NDSU look dirty like you are hoping for. You and others here want this to be a much bigger deal than it has ever been or ever will be. You doubting that it’s caffeine only reveals your hope that it isn’t caffeine.
  13. A distinction without a difference in this case.
  14. That’s a pretty fantastic accusation with zero evidence to support it. Comes across as sour grapes from fans of a rival program hoping and praying they’ll wake up from this bad dream and NDSU’s last 10 years didn’t exist.
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