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  1. Careful, the old guard here gets upset when you say things like that apparently
  2. My point is SHSU is a much better built and complete team than they’ve been in the past. They’ve been extremely skilled but weak up front in years past, they are so much better up front this year than ever before.
  3. Nothing I said is inaccurate or even biased. Just the facts. Keeler is quoted as saying he built his team to beat NDSU specifically.
  4. You apparently haven’t watched FCS football in the last 10 years. Watch some film and then rejoin the conversation.
  5. Your sentiment about your team is accurate, but SHSU is a very different team than they’ve been in past years. They are so much better up front on both sides of the ball than ever before. SHSU of years past would have never stopped an ndsu run game and JMU would have overpowered them. Great job by their coach adapting in recruiting and development.
  6. Agreed, I always found the guys who really took pride in route running to be the most frustrating to play against. Travis White at ndsu was the epitome of this for me. Was a 4.5 guy, but he could make you look so foolish with his route running. He was so difficult to cover.
  7. Absolutely, I agree. But...I can tell you from personal experience, lining up against a guy who runs 10.2-10.3 puts a fear in your heart as a corner that you do not have when lining up against 10.8. That corner is taking a half step or full step back at the snap and the safety is shading that side thinking about that deep ball every single snap. Having both types of guys on your offense keeps defensive backfield on their toes and slower to show up in run game support.
  8. I’m sure we could go back and forth for days on this. I have no interest in debating whether or not Christian Watson has elite speed with you. Does that make him the best wide receiver in a discussion? No. Speed is one attribute that is desirable in a player. I would argue for a receiver it’s not even the most important one. But, for the millionth time, in the context of this conversation about UND not having a deep ball threat, a player like Watson is exactly what UND is missing. I don’t think I can say it more clearly than that.
  9. As I’ve said, UND has some nice players, I’m not diminishing their abilities. However, in the context of this conversation which started by saying UND doesn’t have a single receiving with game breaking, over the top speed. In that respect, Watson is special and is the type of player that gets highlighted in a defensive game planning session. UND didn’t have a receiver like that this year. For the record, I’m not the one who initiated the UND vs NDSU receivers conversation. I simply made a comment about UNDs lack of elite speed at the receiver position which is a well known and commonly discussed topic on this board.
  10. Of course I would mention him, he’s by far our best and fastest receiver. Your argument makes no sense in the context of our conversation because Watson specifically provides the speed and over the top game that UND doesn’t have and is the entire point of this discussion. You have some solid guys, I’d be the first to admit it. A couple of guys I would tak in Fargo in a heartbeat. I would love to have Belquist in green and gold, his dad and uncle were excellent receivers and are even better men. But neither Belquist nor anyone else on your roster is an over the top, scare a defense to go into a different coverage player, Watson is.
  11. You can’t take Watson out of the conversation when comparing the teams, what kind of argument is that? His talent and speed is game changing. Not good enough IMO for the next level, but he’s head and shoulders above any of UNDs guys specifically as an over the top threat.
  12. Attacking the messenger when you can’t find a flaw in the message. To each his own I suppose.
  13. Fine, to the original conversation then. You have slow receivers, it’s not a secret, pointing out a time where they happened to not look slow doesn’t change that. So your only point was to talk trash, at least admit it. So I responded in kind. so if I changed my avatar on this board my opinion would be accepted differently. Same opinion, different name gets a different response? That’s an odd approach to talking football.
  14. You mean the guy who literally quoted my post? Pardon me for continuing a conversation that I’m quoted in.
  15. Who’s denying it? Don’t talk !@#$ when you get your ass kicked, pretty simple rule in life.
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