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  1. As I watch the video again, I'm even more impressed with your S&C program. If you watch in the background you'll see two athletes working on the beginning phase of the best full body lift ever invented in my opinion, the Turkish Getup using the Kettlebell.
  2. Machines have only two roles by today's standards. Rehabilitation of a specific muscle and bodybuilding and the second one his highly debatable. Functional movement has been the en vogue training style for a couple of decades and free weights and body weight movements are king when it comes to function. This kid's form is perfect in the video, excellent lift. Chest up, butt back, weight on heels. Excellent form for a freshman, he definitely was involved in a serious lifting program prior to UND.
  3. Not sure if this anecdote necessarily bolsters either view point in this discussion, but maybe continues to show the sacrifices athletes are asked to make at times. When NDSU was transitioning to Division I in the early 2000’s home games were nearly impossible to come by for many of our sports. NDSU’s volleyball team, many of whom I was close friends with played the front end of so many future home and homes that they’d miss weeks of class at a time. I remember many of them really struggling keeping up academically in the fall of 2004 because of these abnormally long road trips. They had to take tests and complete projects on other schools campuses in many instances. Transitioning to DI wasn’t a choice they made, but it significantly affected their lives negatively so the school could make the move. I’m sure UND athletes during your transition made similar sacrifices for the betterment of the school. https://stats.gobison.com/custompages/vb/2004/TEAMSTAT.HTM This is an absolutely BRUTAL schedule. Damn it is worse than I remembered it. Only three matches at home the entire season.
  4. Why can’t both be true? Every other student on a college campus can both pursue their dream and make money if they choose to do so, including those on full academic scholarships. I think college athletes would just like the same rules applied to them.
  5. So captain practice, 7 on 7 without coaches present or any time on your own doesn’t count it looks like. Now the numbers are adding up.
  6. So because corruption of the rules is very likely, we shouldn’t push for a more equitable set of rules for all parties involved? Imagine if our law system followed this logic. People will still break speed limits so why have them at all. Etc, etc.
  7. Does that include strength coaches? That seems low.
  8. Do you think adding 9900% and laughing your a$$ off somehow makes your point more valid? By saying not viable, I mean players have to move halfway across the world to participate. Truly not an option for a lot of these kids. A minor league with the top talent that isn’t playing at the pro level has never been tried outside of minor league baseball and guess what, minor league baseball is incredibly popular. If top NBA and NFL future prospects played in a league and didn’t go to college, those leagues would be very popular because the scouts and analysts would spend their time there and not in college as much.
  9. This isn’t an issue that affects 1% as you say, in fact, I would argue in affects the “little guys” much more than the guys who will/could eventually play professionally. The athlete in partial scholarship at a DII school is affected much more by these rules. i agree with pretty well everything you’ve said about the challenges that would arise if they changed the rules, we just disagree about how bad things are now it seems.
  10. Seems like what started as an attempt to root out unethical recruiting practices has turned into an overreach that disproportionately affects the athletes. Probably why we’ve seen so many lawsuits over this. Let’s find a middle ground that doesn’t eliminate the athletes ability to have ownership over their own face.
  11. Europe isn’t viable for most American high schoolers. Additionally, the fact that the European pro leagues have this age thing figured out only further shows how the NCAA and NBA have colluded with this one and done rule to force college on kids. As far as how these leagues would affect the colleges. Of course I’d much of the top talent played in this proposed league, tv contracts and advertising dollars would go to these leagues too and that would hurt the NCAA.
  12. The ideal scenario is both basketball and football having a viable alternative to the NCAA as a route to the pros. If that existed then none of this would be an issue. Of course the NCAA would lobby very hard against that as it would be a death blow for them. Having an alternative league allows all parties to get exactly what they want. Member institutions can keep their rules and players who have zero interest in pretending to be students for 2-3 years can get paid while preparing for their professional career.
  13. So a 4th year biology student at UND can take the knowledge that UND provided and teach a summer biology camp for an appropriate wage, but a UND football player doing the equivalent with the skills and knowledge they have will result in a revocation of their scholarship and you think that’s “selfish”?
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