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  1. Don’t worry, hayduke will be here soon to tell you, “it’s not the same thing”
  2. Or the entire CNN/Sandmann debacle for which they have now settled. Completely made up and they knew it
  3. You should know from watching CNN bungle the coverage of Trump following Charlottesville that, even though he actually did, not denouncing violence is the same as defending it. Speaking of your love for Anti-fascists, throwing coffee in someone’s face because they disagree with your stance on masking is the definition of fascism.
  4. This “who me, couldn’t be” defense might work when your explaining to your mom that you didn’t steal the last cookie from the cookie jar, but not with me.
  5. You defended the gal throwing coffee in the guys face by downplaying it. Get a grip.
  6. Classic hayduke move. i provide an example and you run and hide like you always do. Media is manipulated on all sides. Step out of your leftist echo chamber and join the rest of us who clearly see this.
  7. Hay duke has been laughing at the violence and lauding Antifa for weeks. If you can’t see that then nothing I post will change your mind. Begin with the post of his I quoted 20 minutes ago and go from there.
  8. How about the photo of the overwhelmed ER that was being used as a New York hospital on CNN that turned out to be a hospital in Italy. Don’t even start down this road, all news stations would do anything they need to(including doctor video or selectively edit video) to push their own narrative.
  9. Awful to doctor footage and push an untrue narrative. It’s disgusting. Don’t fool yourself into thinking foxnews is the only one doing this.
  10. Right on time and on message to show up and defend the person who instigated physical violence.
  11. Fine, most of us wouldn’t find ourselves in this situation. But once the coffee is thrown in his face all bets are off if you ask me. I believe she was arrested as she should have been.
  12. How are both sides wrong in the coffee issue?
  13. Hay duke has been praising and laughing at Antifa violence for weeks.
  14. If that’s true then his reputation should be in question.
  15. What’s the parallel here? Does a person’s death, that in no way relates to the the coffee interaction, justify an a-hole throwing coffee in someone’s face?
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