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2022-23 University of North Dakota Hockey Season


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We need skill guys up front like I need to lose 30 lbs.  Blake should help next year.  We have our grind lines figured out, but for God sakes we've got to score.

I'm also a believer in us bringing in another transfer goaltender for next season.  Next year its the Swede and Hedquist.  Very small amount of minutes. 


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40 minutes ago, SKondrashkin said:

Assuming Kleven stays..........

Gaber - Schmaltz - Blake
Costantini - McLaughlin - Calder
Kunz - Jamernik - Caulfield
Portz - Ness - Albrecht

Frisch - Johnson
Kleven - Jandric
Moore - Bast



Dylan James just showed up as a second rounder on a draft list, so if he is here next year he probably finds his way into the lineup.

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I like Hellsten but I'd feel a lot more comfortable adding a proven transfer for him to compete with.

The other key for me as long as you get the guys back that you think should be back which in my mind means only Sanderson as an early departure is that we have to have the young guys coming in be the skilled guys and we need to see some self improvement from some of the other guys. 

Looking at the returning group of forwards you have a lot of guys that just seem to play basically the same style. Hard on the forecheck, good in the cylce/along the boards, average speed at best, not great playmakers. You have Gaber that stands out as the guy that is different. Portz, Albrecht, Ness, Jamernik, Kunz, Montgomery all play that similar style and too many times this year you had Costantini, Caulfield, and Calder fall into that group as well. Need Costantini, Caulfield, Schmaltz, and probably at least one more guy to have an uptick in the speed/skill game. I remember the way Chyzk's skating and skill seemed to take a big jump I think it was between JR/SR seasons and we need some improvements like that. Do we think all of Blake, James, McLaughlin, Spicer, and Strinden come in? If so I think I'd go:









Ferner-? Dunbar ?




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3 minutes ago, siouxweet said:

Where does Cole Spicer fit in?

I think he could come in, he’s already played half a college season. But, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him play a year of USHL puck if he goes really late in the draft. Go play a ton and put up big numbers.

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