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  1. Didn't like the idea of the portal when they announced it and definitely still not a fan of the portal. I hope Berry and Co shy away from it in the future. If your looking for depth it had positives but not impact players
  2. I was looking at stats for the seniors and some other guys that left after last year. Not necessarily tearing up the AHL.
  3. Ya thats what I meant the brewery
  4. And he us running the kitchen for rhombus as well?
  5. Is that because they have that new restaurant in there? Havnt been there since the summer. I really confused as to what's going on there
  6. I'm aware of that, but correct me if I'm wrong wasn't UND able to continue use of the ND logo as long as North Dakota was in the logo as well.
  7. Guess we are in the B16 now, NDSU will be pissed
  8. It would be nice if Dom and the boys would give UND some love since WDAY is our de facto news outlet. Better yet bring back DAZ
  9. He said I spread Qanon conspiracy theories . So there's that
  10. It's inevitable at this point, you can hide out all you want but your getting it. Stop unnecessary testing, let them play. I just got over it and it was basically the common cold/bronchitis. Schlosh can go up a rope
  11. Schlosh reported it, invite means he made the team
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