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  1. Pm me your PayPal and the amount and I will get this taken care of
  2. How would you like the payment , do you accept PayPal ?
  3. I think Adams did just fine with Guch last year.
  4. Agee, that was any UND player he sits the best night. flagrant intent To injury.
  5. Weatherby should be at center , third line center? adams pinto weatherby senden four natural centers
  6. I agree and 14 is a better center then wing
  7. Did Berry just out all names in a hat and pull for lines , WTF.
  8. Berry’s teams except year one have played worse after Xmas , check the records
  9. I no longer believe in a deep playoff run
  10. Playing their best hockey at the right time
  11. My guess would be Dylan James, he has a AJHL jacket on.
  12. The refs had to call something, no hit to the head but that player died on the ice so we need to call something. It should have been if at all a minor of interference which Wasn’t called on the ice so no penalty. The have to call a major only so let’s make some !@#$ up.
  13. I agree on the tripping minor, in no way was that a major. ( I have never seen a clipping penalty called )
  14. Not saying it wasn’t a penalty , it’s just not a major.
  15. In no way is that a major, in any league.
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