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  1. Agree on Zon , Keane brings energy to the fourth line and kills penalties very well.
  2. Brutal turnover by Johnson costs Scheel the shut out.
  3. Not sure what 5 brings to the table over 8 and 10
  4. Well the last two years shows Berry is on top of things.
  5. We need 6 full time top six playets
  6. No fire in this squad, another rinse repeat from Berry
  7. Johnson must have naked pictures of someone , how else does he stay in, must be his production
  8. Right, I wasn’t dreading the power play unit at all.
  9. Very poor tackling last 5-6 years
  10. Can’t tackle ,basic football
  11. 100% agree, I have a Greg Johnson replica jersey I will probably retire it know.
  12. Exactly we want to win the NCAA’s not the Stanley cup.
  13. I could care less where their are drafted, give me players who give it all and want to be here, Caggiula wasn’t drafted at all , neither was Stecher.
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