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  1. This team reminds me of the 2018 team , go through the motions, no fire or drive. Berry should at least change a few lines.
  2. 17-22-29 have been terrible the last four games
  3. Never committed , told Gino he was visiting Wisconsin and Gino told him to go there.
  4. This team is not that good right now,lacking effort ,(heart)?
  5. This feels like Berry’s team two years ago , no heart or effort.
  6. The coaching staff said they would be better then last year, well they are dead wrong. This team has been awful from day one.
  7. Games not over , they can play worse. Berrys got em fired up this team sucks right now
  8. And it’s still in the kitchen, I will put it in the mail tonight
  9. I asked my wife to do it, I will check with her tonight before saying one of the three most told lies.
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