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  1. The refs had to call something, no hit to the head but that player died on the ice so we need to call something. It should have been if at all a minor of interference which Wasn’t called on the ice so no penalty. The have to call a major only so let’s make some !@#$ up.
  2. I agree on the tripping minor, in no way was that a major. ( I have never seen a clipping penalty called )
  3. Not saying it wasn’t a penalty , it’s just not a major.
  4. In no way is that a major, in any league.
  5. Saturday’s game story will be in Tuesday herald, wonder why people quit getting the rag.

    The Herald

    Big write up about the gopher-badger hockey game in the grand forks herald, was a subscriber for over thirty years, dropped it last summer after they went to 6 days a week , glad i did. I gets to see Brad’s articles on Sioux sports or twitter snd that’s all I need to see
  7. No holding the stick call but a rough on Mismash
  8. Kinda like the 98 team played better in front of Goering the Sweitzer
  9. We look like we are in slow motion
  10. No Bowen , injury or healthy scratch?
  11. Scheel makes that stop at the end of the second and we go in tied it’s a different ball game.
  12. Please no black jerseys tomorrow
  13. Except his first year Berry’s teams play worse in the second half
  14. This team, maybe Berry for the first half and Hakstol for the second
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