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  1. Kleven is a more stay at home D so let’s give it a shot
  2. Not sure on these lines, when did Senden become a top six player? Just because your the captain doesn’t mean you have become a scorer or a pp guy. 19-10-27 should be a shut down line. If defense is our strength we may be in trouble this season. They should simplify the power play we don’t have the horses this year.
  3. Because you need to play well over the whole season , get hot and get dimes bounces your the ncaa champ. O
  4. Well the coaches are going to earn their salary this year.
  5. Unless it’s Cruikshank I believe the goalie will be the only other portal we will see
  6. I say bring four in Kunz is still young , run four and one portal pick , one portal D man and one goalie
  7. 999/1000, the goalie is out there the entire time , no breaks. Fatigue after 4 ot is real , UMD goalie took himself out.
  8. Perspective , the guys left nothing in the tank , very proud to be a Sioux fan
  9. Looking for two tickets for the championship game
  10. Any idea why #29 didn’t play a shift in the third but was on the bench
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