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  1. Very poor tackling last 5-6 years
  2. Can’t tackle ,basic football
  3. 100% agree, I have a Greg Johnson replica jersey I will probably retire it know.
  4. Exactly we want to win the NCAA’s not the Stanley cup.
  5. I could care less where their are drafted, give me players who give it all and want to be here, Caggiula wasn’t drafted at all , neither was Stecher.
  6. I believe Fleming is uncommitted but too young (now) for anyone to recruit him.
  7. i could see Gaber but I thought Randklev was going for one more year in the USHL
  8. I thought Minnesota already said they poached him , lol.
  9. Don’t care if they are alumni or not , just get a coach who runs a decent power play, gets scoring up and can recruit.
  10. Not having Gardner in the top six will be a benefit,he was a perfect third line center.
  11. So all these players that score in juniors just lose it when they get here? Sounds to me that Berry’s systems benefit the dmen development but not fowards, with the last two years you can’t convince me otherwise. Adams, Hoff, Wilkie, JJ, Mismash, Weatherby , lots of examples. Ward in Omaha didn’t score as much in juniors anc look what he had done.
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