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  1. Because you need to play well over the whole season , get hot and get dimes bounces your the ncaa champ. O
  2. Well the coaches are going to earn their salary this year.
  3. Unless it’s Cruikshank I believe the goalie will be the only other portal we will see
  4. I say bring four in Kunz is still young , run four and one portal pick , one portal D man and one goalie
  5. 999/1000, the goalie is out there the entire time , no breaks. Fatigue after 4 ot is real , UMD goalie took himself out.
  6. Perspective , the guys left nothing in the tank , very proud to be a Sioux fan
  7. Looking for two tickets for the championship game
  8. Any idea why #29 didn’t play a shift in the third but was on the bench
  9. This team reminds me of the 2018 team , go through the motions, no fire or drive. Berry should at least change a few lines.
  10. 17-22-29 have been terrible the last four games
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