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  1. During the financial crisis, equities didn't bottom until March 2009. There may be a few legs down for this thing.
  2. Overall very reasonable, but "death is part of the deal" is not a convincing argument against mitigation.
  3. I'm not advocating anything. I'm saying don't be surprised if it happens.
  4. SXSW, a massive event with an estimated economic impact of over $300 million, cancelled. The odds of this happening to the various NCAA tournaments are growing. Edit: not cancelling the tournaments, but the spectators.
  5. While some actions may eventually be viewed in hindsight as an overabundance of caution, there are serious people taking serious steps for good reason, not because they're influenced by media hysteria. Real money is chasing bonds like they're not going to issue any more, and that doesn't happen for mirages. I suspect it is more serious than your post suggests.
  6. Without opining on whether this should happen, I think there's a decent chance all the tournament games are played without fans present. I base this on the various company announcements restricting domestic travel and conferences from many industries being cancelled. That would at least take attendance out of the committee's considerations.
  7. It is an annual event to reconcile the pipeline with the openings, and it often seems an impossible task. But it only seems that way to us, because we don't know the plan. Personally, among the things I expect are that JBD will leave, both because he's a first rounder and because there are so many committed defensemen. I also expect Moore here, because he's not going to play two post-draft junior years.
  8. These two teams are going to be tough outs at the end of the year. Both look outstanding.
  9. For those old enough, recall the Ian Kidd redemption check after skeeter Moore slew-footed him. Now that was a cross-check.
  10. I know it's not smart hockey, but how does someone not jump Perunovich for that?
  11. While I get your point, I think Mankato will be fine in the pairwise. The bigger reason to dislike that conference schedule is that it probably breeds bad habits always playing teams worse than you are. By the end of the season, NCHC teams have been through a meat grinder, and almost anyone they play later won't be as good as a bunch of their recent opponents. It would be nice if Mankato could join and benefit from that.
  12. Just have to throw my support to UNH. They were one of the big 4 in Hockey East for the better part of two decades surrounding the year 2000, along with Maine, BC and BU. Highly skilled teams that would have fit well in the current era.
  13. Hatefulness must be in the eye of the beholder, because I never saw that in Hakstol.
  14. I disagree. Despite not being able to put the puck in the net to save their lives, or their season, they came to play hard every game, which you couldn't do with a broken culture. I thought it showed good coaching. They were one of the best puck possession teams in the country, which you can't be without playing hard. It's as simple as they just couldn't score.
  15. A few ways of thinking about the commitments of a few older guys last year, Gaber, Ness and Budy. At the time, I wondered if they were trying to go more the Mankato route and get a little older. I also thought because of their lack of size that these might be the type of high energy, make-the-right-play guys Duluth has cleaned up with lately. Looking at some of the posts above, this situation is also reminiscent of a time a bit ago when UND had some MN high school forwards lined up, but they weren't developing, and so they went home to Alberta and picked up Rodwell and Rowney as older guys. They were at least big bodies who could check, and the guys who didn't pan out never made it to campus. Not a bad fall-back call, as Rowney ended up in the NHL. Could the recent older pick-ups be coming because some of the earlier commitments aren't? I guess we'll see.
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