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  1. This gets to the heart of how I think UND's tournament preparation suffered from the NCHC schedule. 2021 weekends against UMD, SCSU and WMU would have hurt the team's record but stiffened its spine. Playing CC and Omaha, with a diminished DU sprinkled in, did them no favors. Two clarifying points. 1. UND was still very good, played well against UMD, and deserved a better fate that morning. 2. I don't blame the NCHC, as organizations had to choose the path they thought best in an unusual time.
  2. Congrats to JBD. Thanks for the terrific career at UND.
  3. That's funny, because some folks here were ready after three also, even though one was a national title.
  4. Frisch made one terrible mistake and had probably a hundred other efficient plays last night. As I saw it.
  5. Right after Sanderson hit the post.
  6. They didn't quit, unlike half the f***ers on this board.
  7. This has been a weird game.
  8. Didn't you just describe exactly what happened?
  9. Didn't the husky d have possession after the offside? I thought that nullified it.
  10. Totally understandable, but Mismash looks like he's wearing cement skates.
  11. Interesting to see a big line with Mismash joining Pinto and Caulfield, and a speedy line with Gaber, Kawaguchi and Adams.
  12. Kinda makes you wonder, since UMD is like BSU on steroids.
  13. Agreed. This was not score the first goal and hang on.
  14. I have a coworker with a son at UMich (just a student) and the son called today with news he had covid. So maybe it's going around campus.
  15. You are correct. I was like bluto, on a roll.
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