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  1. I had not seen this until now. I had seen the thread but not opened it because it was started on April 1 by a bit of a rabble-rouser, so I wrongly assumed it was a gag of some kind. Only just now did I wonder why a gag thread was still pinned to the top. Boy, is this terrible news! I never met Tim, but sprig and I saw eye-to-eye all the time here, from way back. I will miss him. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. jk

    Shaw's gone.

    Good luck to Shaw. Thanks for the contributions to the program and for helping win a national title. For the critics, we have no idea if he was the problem with the PP. It could be that Scotty Bowman and Bill Belichick together couldn't have made it work with the pieces they were given. When Jackson was hired, few outsiders saw it coming. That scenario is possible this time around as well. If it's Schneekloth and he does well, I may forgive him for Kolanos.
  3. I'm pretty excited about next year, but I need to remember the siren song of the offseason line chart. Top of a fan's mind for returning players are their flashes of brilliance, and forgotten is a month of diligent checking, up and down the rink, that amounted to little on the scoreboard. And incoming players are certain to be even better. We read what their junior coaches say about them, and it's a wonder they even bother with college before embarking on the long NHL career. There's no way they'll need time to adjust to the pace and physicality of grown men in the best college league in the country. The lines in my head have two legitimate Top Six scoring lines (maybe more like two seconds than a first and a second), a pretty awesome third energy line, and a fourth line of rotating characters including future scoring line players and seasoned veterans nearing the end of their competitive hockey careers. Behind them may be the best group of defensemen in the country, depending on who UMD returns, and two solid goalies. And a good coaching staff that I hope demonstrates its greatness.
  4. Hain may be a top six guy. And then see if you can find someone else to fit well with Senden and Smith.
  5. Ha. Yesterday I said all they do is win, but they don't dominate anyone. Scratch that. The last few years have shown how well the NCHC prepares a team for the tournament. Every weekend down the stretch seems so tough ... I guess because they are. UMass was for Duluth what Q was for UND, just not ready for the pace and tight checking.
  6. It's sports and things happen, but given the way they've played in big games, it would be shocking to see Duluth lose tomorrow.
  7. I have to give some credit to UMD. The funny thing is, I find them far from dominant. When you watch a game, you don't come away thinking they were a powerhouse. Through two periods of their NCHC final against SCSU, SC looked far superior and should have been ahead about 5-1. But there was UMD with the trophy a few hours later. I didn't see the BGSU game, but Duluth was down with four minutes to go, and they managed to win. And most of the game against Providence seemed like a pretty equal matchup. Then you look up, there are ten minutes left, Duluth has the lead, and Providence can't even buy a decent chance the rest of the way. For as much as people wished UND scored more, Duluth has won these last two years without scoring. Or, more accurately, by scoring just barely enough. Compare them, for instance, to the 2016 Sioux team, which dominated down the stretch, winning most of its NCAA games handily. Duluth dominates no one, but they are great at one thing, keeping the puck out of their net, which leads to being great at the only thing, winning. This isn't a dig at UND's coaches, who I support, but Duluth is really well coached. And they've benefited from decades of good fortune being shoved into a couple year span.
  8. Re Rizzo, what if he's just not ready, and the hard thing to do is actually the right thing, which is to let him develop more before coming? PP, PK, big minutes in juniors, or low minutes on the fourth line because he's not ready for a top six spot in college.
  9. I don't know how good a player he will eventually be, but he is one heck of a skater. Good luck except against UND.
  10. Jeff Panzer was one of my all-time favorites. If you can stomach it, watch his last game, the OT loss to BC in the title game. He constantly got to the puck first, and set guys up all game long. Only a future nhl goalie pulled that out for BC. If his kid does in fact skate like him, get ready for his sweater flapping in the breeze as he flies down the ice. Great memories.
  11. Not sure where to put this, but boy is it interesting: https://www.neutralzone.net/mens/2019/04/01/ncaa-d1-mens-hockey-recruiting-class-rankings-study-2016-2019/ Since their rankings are based on both quality and quantity, some of UND's classes were highly ranked because they were large, replacing early departures from earlier years. But still. One may not agree with their methodology, but I'm guessing it is at least consistently applied to all teams.
  12. I personally don't mind the announcer. She seems to know the game. Doesn't get all wound up over every little thing.
  13. One thing's for sure, this team will not need to employ forwards on the PP point.
  14. They leave with a national title. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work.
  15. jk

    Time to Boo Berry?

    Taz wins the off-season.
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