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  1. They're also perhaps more willing to be ready to come in, even if it means waiting a year to get stronger and better.
  2. I respectfully disagree that Kleven is physically ready. It takes big guys a while to grow into their bodies, and he still has that gangly colt look to him at times. I could see his path being junior year UND, senior year AHL, then breaking into the NHL. If he learns to use his length in the defensive zone and continues to get stronger, he could be a monster at 25.
  3. That's really something, says a lot about him and UND. It's easy to see now that the conversation between SJ and him might have been quite a bit different in the fall than it was in the spring. Earlier, it may have been an offer to turn pro and see where you fit in the organization. After they saw him, it might have been: We think you can be our fourth line center. While it still leaves a hole in UND's lineup, it's hard to blame a late-round pick older player for moving on and cashing big game checks.
  4. And, while it's instinct, dumb play by the goalie to stick his hand out. You want to miss most of the year with a broken hand?
  5. Since the refs made the right call in letting them play on, smart play by Schmaltz to go high bare hand.
  6. Man, Hastings knows how to run a program. The season has barely started and they've already taken a big PWR step to getting into the tournament.
  7. After 15 minutes, I kinda liked the squad. Hard to comment on individuals since I spent the whole period looking up roster numbers. A little sloppy later.
  8. jk


    Would love for the hockey board to get back to hockey. The Nashville arena requirements are relevant, as people need to know. But whether they should exist just brings us back to the tired old debates on covid, vaccines and mandates. This thread should basically be dormant until the week of the game.
  9. This will be the first opening exhibition in a long while that will actually tell us anything about the team and new players. Everyone looks good when you're outshooting the grazing Bisons by 40.
  10. Um, no kidding. Wanted to be a gopher since he was a little kid. We appear to have gotten inaccurate information here (on a message board? No way!). Once again, don't ever be surprised when a metro kid picks MN.
  11. There are a lot of decisions to make in assembling a team, older or younger, super-talents or late bloomers, MN or Canada, but the proof is ultimately in the pudding. UND finished the last two seasons #1 in the PWR, and likely the top seed in the NCAA tournament both years. They must be doing something right. Also important is how you make up for recruiting misses, and adjusting to things like unexpected departures. A few years ago when Jost left surprisingly, they missed the tournament by one game (flip a loss to a tie or a tie to a win). This year, rebuilding from important departures was aided by the transfer portal, but there's again a surprise hole at 1C. We'll have to see if they can overcome it. Back to recruiting, we don't even really know, with a few exceptions, who they were after or offered. It sounds like they wanted Chesley and missed, then they went and got Livanavage and Strathmann, who sound like top guys also. As for MN kids, and metro kids in particular, when has UND had much luck with them ever, in the absence of a real inside connection? The top guys off the top of my head to choose UND outright over MN were Parise and Boeser. Parise wanted to be the best, and Herb Brooks sent him on his way. Boeser was deciding as the weight of Lucia's anchor dragged that program down. Unless the kid's dad is a former UND All-American, I'm never surprised when a metro kid picks MN. UND has gotten other great players from MN, like Mark Senden currently. I don't think MN was after him very hard, even though he's exactly what that program needs. As for his importance, how crucial could he have been in the 5OT game last year?
  12. For his development and my enjoyment, I'm glad he's here this year, but he definitely could be a full-time NHLer this year. Reminds me of Oshie's third year and Vanek's second in that regard.
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    No it's not. Yeah it is. No it's not. Yeah it is. Now we can skip all those posts.
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