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  1. Gave up 4 to mankato in one game. 4 to Miami in first half. 3 to minny first game.
  2. Duluth goalie has given up one less goal so far and you guys calling out Scheel.
  3. I remember a game during the final five days where und player hit the puck with a high stick. Goalie saved it but the rebound hit the defenseman and went in. I think against Duluth but i may be remembering it wrong.
  4. I'm talking about the official rule on high sticking goals. Does it just have to hit the opposing player or does the player need possession to negate it.
  5. Would like an official response after this game by the NCHC on why it wasn't called a goal or admit that they f'd up.
  6. 4 goals on how many shots for them?
  7. Well he hasn't let in a goal yet so you are right.
  8. I don't know if this was posted anywhere else but I saw on the men's hockey fb page that with Casey's goal on Saturday that gave UND 22 goal scorers this season, most by a UND team since 03-04.
  9. I dont agree with the coach pulling the goalie that early
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