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  1. Did he have an offer from UND?
  2. There is an Instagram user with the name Jackson keane in the group chat of the screenshots leaked but it looks to be someone else's? I'd be surprised if it's his.
  3. Like 99.9999999999% sure.
  4. I was under the impression op thought Albrecht may be asked to leave to make room for incoming players. But if those players were promised scholarship money you can't just bring in everyone.
  5. There's also a limit on how many athletic scholarships schools can give out. Albrecht probably isn't on an athletic scholarship. So gotta keep that in mind.
  6. I only see JBD having a shot at playing in the NHL next season. Pinto has already stated that two years here was the plan. If anyone else leaves early they will be spending their time on a bus.
  7. He would have to sit out a year though? Unless he has completed a degree...
  8. This thread should be moved or continued elsewhere on forum.
  9. The college hockey season isn't supposed to end this early.
  10. Well yes maybe I should have worded it "stop this from spreading so fast."
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