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  1. I only see JBD having a shot at playing in the NHL next season. Pinto has already stated that two years here was the plan. If anyone else leaves early they will be spending their time on a bus.
  2. He would have to sit out a year though? Unless he has completed a degree...
  3. This thread should be moved or continued elsewhere on forum.
  4. The college hockey season isn't supposed to end this early.
  5. Well yes maybe I should have worded it "stop this from spreading so fast."
  6. And would they award that for basketball?
  7. Stopping unnecessary gatherings of large groups of people isn't gonna stop this from spreading. At least keep the tournaments going with no fans. We are here for a good time not a long time.
  8. He has heart a condition though? It may be that.
  9. This is bull$%!#.
  10. Damn. At least the tourneys are still happening tho.
  11. I think it's just the regionals and the frozen four. Unless nchc makes a decision on frozen face off
  12. Well turned out to be a good thing to not be hosting a regional this year. So this including the final and frozen four?
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