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  1. In the second period of Friday's game he did a spin in the slot to avoid a gopher player and hit the pipe. If only he scored.
  2. The duluth and mankato game will be free on nchc tv tonight fyi
  3. They had good chances. I think a post or two and some shots wide. But yes.
  4. Northern Michigan gave Alabama Huntsville their first win of the season.
  5. Will there be another stream on youtube of the game tonight?
  6. To me it looked like the forward got in front of him while simultaneously getting fed the puck. Tychonick was watching the puck carrier and the puck. Both und dman were too close together.
  7. Sioux not being generous tonight in not scoring against themselves.
  8. I thought wisco is a quality team this year per someone on this board and the rodents got 4 out of 6 points from them last weekend...
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