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  1. Will these games be the first this season to be played in front of fans for all college hockey?
  2. Is it the director of officiating that decides this stuff? Because if so Don Adam would.
  3. If you watch the replay of it from the other angle it's obviously clear that he dropped to the ice as soon as he felt the stick on his back. There's was no force put into it.
  4. So if the games are added they will play 2 games during the week and then play a rested du team over the weekend in the same week? I'm not a fan.
  5. How would the extra games affect conference points tho? Unless all teams doing this.
  6. So will all the missed Omaha games be made up or not?
  7. Which was for all but one. I suppose they could have just reduced the pod to 8 games. 4 games against one team in the pod may have been too much.
  8. I suppose winning percentage could be a way to go(with a minimum amount of games played requirement), along with 1 autobid for each conference as usual. Maybe the larger conferences can get 2 autobids with more teams competing.
  9. Yes but the NCAA got rid of the standard 5 on 5 ot over the summer. An ot win now doesnt mean as much for pairwise as it usually did. Which is why the points for conference play are being awarded differently now.
  10. it's how nhl has been doing it for years. They are awarding each team for making it past regulation.
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