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  1. Anyone see what happened at center ice?
  2. They are the home team so no unless Cornell brought their whites and they agreed to it.
  3. Are we just delaying the inevitable?
  4. I've enjoyed some games greatly and others.. not so much.
  5. Cornell goalie has been giving up a lot of those tonight.
  6. Classes don't start until monday at 4 so maybe they are not back yet
  7. There was that und team that lost an exhibition game in Canada. Oh the memories.
  8. Some good news with Calder playing in the exhibition game this weekend.
  9. It's ridiculous and a waste of tax payer money. Time to move on.
  10. At some point they will say a booster will be required every year. It will never end.
  11. But are they authentics or replicas? The replicas look different and not in a good way.
  12. Well we did something st cloud and duluth couldn't do.
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