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  1. Looks much better now that we can see what it would like in action. But why choose Minny to show it off? Lol
  2. Will have to see it in person during a game to give my full opinion. Wonder what will be displayed on the two ribbons during the game.
  3. Well this last page was an interesting read
  4. How flashy is your tv at home? It looks nice to me. Simple and clean.
  5. Do I really want to see Duluth repeat? No. Do I really want to see Denver overtake us? No. But I do really want the natty to stay in the conference. Regardless we can no longer control who wins so f**k it. Go NCHC!
  6. You saying they will make a comeback only to lose in OT?
  7. Deep down I'd like to see it but I wouldn't mind seeing the two local kids win a natty.
  8. I don't care as long as the hockey being played is exciting.
  9. Other conferences include the first round in season ticket packages... of course only get used if the team gets a first round at home..
  10. Per gpl, this series wasn't included in the season ticket packaged? Weird
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