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Montana State predictions


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This game will take great effort from UND’s players and coaches in order for UND to win.

UND can sometimes surprise in the Alerus Center. 

Obviously worried about UND’s ability (or lack thereof) to stop Montana State’s running game. Game has a similar feel to 2017 game (Mon St won 49-21) when UND defense was depleted and awful. 

I’ll go ...

Montana State 42 

UND 28

Hope I’m wrong.


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Heard that ms had bus trouble and will get to gf just in time for the game. A bunch of their players have food poisoning and some have the flu.

All of their qbs are missing this game because of other commitments. Thank goodness for their sake they have a student manager who played qb in junior high.

not to mention that all of their defensive lineman are in a separate mini bus and nobody is sure where they are. There was South Dakota report of a similar bus as of half a hour ago.

 I expect we win by -14



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3 hours ago, Wilbur said:

I say Freund earns his money today.  

We are going to get scored on a lot.  Make it at least 7+ play drives.

UND 39.

Montana 36.


If Montana State isn't dumb and kicks the extra point I have the spread right. 

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