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  1. Congrats guys. 600 pages. I believe you have 1000 on you!!! Keep this s%*! storm rolling.
  2. Fargodome is booked Saturday. May be same issue for Yotes. Welcome to unplanned spring football.
  3. On page 425, yup. But I suppose you can mansplain to me why I am wrong.
  4. This is a great page. Looks like the lefties are turning on each other. Arguing amongst themselves and tossing insults at each other. That's what always happens. Eventually they run out of people to blame for their problems. Wait until they run out of other people's money.
  5. Or they just milked it as long as they could knowing full well, given the stringent protocol, what the eventual outcome would be. Now the story can be, "we wanted to play but nobody would agree to play us.." So very Bison of them
  6. Really? After months of politics on the site, this is where you draw the line. You are about as consistent as a bowel movement after Taco Bell.
  7. And, there you go again. We know what you are. Pretty clear. You hide it pretty well from your employer and your church. Sad.
  8. Ok. Slow down, take a breath Siouxsports.com. Port is a "columnist " not a journalist. Big difference. Yes, he interviewed the Vetter girl. But the University is prevented from sharing its side RE FERPA. So step back from the ledge. I know its difficult since sensationalism is the M.O. on this board. But just once lets try to not go all Thelma & Louise on this issue. And Oxbow6, you should sit this one out. Your discussion of "x" v. "ck" in Jaxson's name said so much about you. Go Cardinals. They must be so proud.
  9. Almost certain Sicatoka's Bible qoute is for the benefit of posters on this board.
  10. Not arguing. Pointing out slippery slope. A new era in speech is upon us. Racism is never justified. Speech is hard to govern. Context is important and the "goring of one's ox" is often the catalyst. I see "the reversal" of the decision as the discussion point.
  11. Agree or not, Fighting Sioux was removed with rationale being it was racist. Does the continual reference to Fighting Sioux by hockey players and fans constitute the same speech? Or, are we now in an era where football players dictate punishment for volleyball players. And hockey continues to get a pass. Confused. Me too.
  12. You mean kinda like referring to the hockey team as the Fighting Sioux?
  13. Was there a new incident or is this a reversal of the Ath. Dept's original decision?
  14. And from the last poster you'd ever expect it from, "MODS!!!!!!!"
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