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  1. The lady doth protest too much, me thinks.
  2. Satter is a great kid but PWO at either school. (Because of position he plays) UND offers to force SU's hand on legacy recruit. It's that simple. And how the game is played. Satter Family can thank UND.
  3. Yes oh great NFP mind. Because the last time I checked, NFL offenses use screens like .001 percent of the time. Really hampered John's NFL career.
  4. How many All-Conference and All- American honors did John and Brady have? Hardly "squandered." Now, the career of a backup kicker in the 90's...that was squandered.
  5. I guess anyone who calls you out for being the bratty fair weather fan that you are is an asshat. Go put your Bison !@#$ on on and go fiddle yourself
  6. Stevie's not a real fan
  7. Well then Thelma, why don't you grab Louise, hop in the convertible, and you know the rest..... MOST INACCURATE MONIKER EVER!!!!!!
  8. Having heavy family ties is the only way you ever get laid.
  9. In the world of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
  10. And.....we move into commenting on psychology.
  11. Stay in Bismarck dude.
  12. Who gives a sh&* how the pics were inserted? You and the other 10 losers on this site. My point was made.
  13. I have no idea what that means. As a moderator of this forum, I hold you and others accountable for the damaging effects this forum has on the reputation of the University, its executives and staff, as well as its athletes. It's all BS. Baseless, anonymous opinions laid out for all to see from individuals who would never take the time to seek facts. Always without rationale or context and very often out of touch with reality. "Discussion" you say. Well, even in the old days of "shooting the s*&t at the coffee shop we knew who the speaker ie perpetrator was so there was some accountability. On this forum, and countless others like it, ZERO accountability for what is being said. Meaningless drivel. If you want to run someone's reputation into the dirt for entertainment's sake, show your face. That's all I'm saying. Otherwise, you ARE sitting in your mom's basement at your keyboard. This site does absolutely nothing to promote progress, change, etc. at the University of North Dakota. NOTHING. Often it negligently promotes falsehoods about the University that if taken seriously could be damaging. One can only hope that, like me, the source and context of what is being said is considered.
  14. You are assuming there is something here to win. Anonymous posters discussing the credibility of personnel, athletes, etc. Hardly a format for winners. ( I get the irony, save your vitriol). The only thing lesser than the influence of this forum is it's accountability.
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