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  1. Not saying you did. "Fair enough" was for your take. The rest was for the board meteorologists.
  2. Fair enough. But have any of you that are critical of the travel decisions RE Idaho St. stopped to think about the logistics of rescheduling the flight? Roughly 100 passengers with team and support staff, most of them students. Yes, student schedules matter. And are there charter planes just lying around the tarmac waiting to be re-scheduled? Don't think so. What about the cost of rescheduling the charter, the additional hotel stay? In a tight budget already, where does that come from? Then there's the decision to bus to Bemidji. Totally on the charter company since they were unwilling to land in GF given the conditions. And they were late to Bemidji. So, what about the storm. Local weather forecasters were arguing over the path and severity right up until it hit. So if the team was somehow able to leave early and nothing hits GF -- you 20/20 hindsight experts would criticize that as well. "The team laid around in Pocatello for 3 days. We were flat." Finally, do any of you really think Chaves and the coaches didn't discuss all options? I get criticized on here for my takes. But this forum is really all about the old saying about opinions. Its always 20/20 hindsight masquerading as expertise. Its the majority of you who have never done anything close to keeping a team together, leading a group in anything that come on and say sh*& about anything and everything as if you know. "That's what this site is for." You tear down everything and everyone in your path, then rip me for doing exactly what you do -- only to posters on the forum. The height of hypocrisy. I've been called old, angry, weak, everything on this board. I'll only admit to old
  3. As hard as it may be given what students account for revenue wise, I agree. Need to seriously consider reconfiguring. Bad look was even worse at midfield yesterday. TV audiences get a really bad impression. Suggest it. See what student reps have to say.
  4. So happy you were never on a team I coached. I would have left your ass on the curb as the bus was pulling away.
  5. What an incredible wealth of knowledge in this board. Football, psychology, diet, travel. I hope Bill Chaves is paying attention. It's all right here.
  6. We don't compete with Big Sky schools in recruiting. Maybe UNC for Colorado kids. We compete with midwest schools. That's our footprint. The MVFC is a better comparison. Particularly NDSU, SDSU, USD, UNI. Sometimes Wyoming for top kids in MPLS. MAC schools on occasion. Big Ten (their walk-ons) become our partial or fulls. That's the reality. We have never had a recruiting footprint that matches the Big Sky. So S. Utah, Portland St., N. Arizona, the California schools and even the Montana schools are irrelevent to my point.
  7. Thank you Mama Sue. Great to see some common sense on here. See my thoughts below.
  8. "Solutions" You are delusional. You offer nothing. There is no value in an anonymous critic or critique. Period. And before everyone points out hypocrisy. Again, I am playing by the rules of the forum. When in Rome. Before I begin, YES I HAVE DONE EACH OF WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SUGGEST. Here's my thoughts. Step out from behind the moniker and visit with administration. Ask them why our players dress in a facility built just after WWI. Ask them why our coaches are still in Memorial. (Have any of you been in there lately.) Ask them why our locker room, weight room, and practice facility are in three separate locations which adds time and health issues (sweaty players, ND winter). Ask them why, even after the DI move, The Ralph still gets the majority of football ticket revenue. Ask them how a football program exists without even a receptionist or any other support staff to open mail, send mail, greet visitors. Ask them why we have a skeleton media relations staff for football --- even at Hockey rich UND, football should be #2, but looking at how prominent/accessible football content is, is it? Hard to find UND football outside of Grand Forks. Maybe Fargo since KFGO carries it. But after that. Are Seamore Sports, UND Football 360, and Goon really media? Oh, and before you go, read up on nutrition programs in FCS. Before attacking S&C, note that the top programs players don't eat cafeteria food. This board will say "excuses." No, these are issues that 18 year old kids and parents consider in making decisions in recruiting. I'm sure a few of you long for the good old days of grass and dirt and pushing through it all. Its a new era boys. Its an era of new expectations. Kids come in: "What can YOU do for me?" Not, "I just want a chance to make the team." So, before you continue to rip the coaches for everything that ails you. Think about this. If it wasn't for the quality people that our football staff are, where would the program be? I have had parents tell me specifically that "they" chose UND because of Coach Schmidt, Coach Agnew, Coach Freund, and dare I say even Bubba. How many of you have ever had a conversation with any of our coaches? (Yah, but football, X & O's) The program is about people. It has to be since everything around it (sans HPC) has failed the people in it. And leadership has let it fail. For decades. Now, go back to your work and take away 60% of what you need to be effective. Whatever it is. Your best tractor, can't use it. Your best salesman, he's gone. Dump 60% of the tools you need on the highway on the way into work. Now let's see how good you do your job. And, you don't have to do it in public every Saturday against competition that most often has 100% of its tools. Thank God our coaches are who they are. And our players are who they are. We have some gritty, tough, good kids in this program. But you wouldn't know it reading this forum. You guys keep doing what you're doing. YOU ARE THE SOLUTION. Wow.
  9. Or, maybe you can prescribe something stronger?
  10. Oh. That's right. It's a fan forum. All you need is a moniker, and a password and you are a football expert. My bad. That's the "fun" of sites like this. How stupid of me. Why stop at football. Next up, fightingsioux4life on the perils of multi national market diversity in a third world economy. I will hang up and listen. Bless your hearts.
  11. And your credentials, other than being king of this sh&$show?
  12. Bison Dan weighs in. The company you keep.
  13. You have a strange definition of "fun." I guess disparaging players and coaches without any personal responsibility is fun for you. Interesting. But, I guess that's what we can expect from middle school kids. Wait, what? These are adults? You're kidding. Right?
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