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  1. I take issue with Port's article for lots of reasons, so let's break a couple down. He has issue with Bresciani calling NDSU one of the biggest and best universities in the nation. Port said this: But do we know the question that was asked? The first part of the answer from Bresciani is key: So what is that niche? I'd imagine it's a question phrased like " What does it mean to be on such a visible stage like ABC on a Saturday in January?" In that case, Besciani isn't stating NDSU is one of the biggest and best universities in all the land. He saying it's one of the biggest and best universities still playing football on national television on a Saturday after the first week of January. And in that case, he's 100% correct. The rest of your post is obviously 100% correct. Yeah, if UND cured cancer that would be a bigger deal than anything any university has ever done in sports. There's nothing saying you can't have that great mix of the four things you mentioned. And nothing in Port's article touches on that. What he does say is this: He then goes on to say that it doesn't, but I disagree. There's nothing that says a great scientist isn't also interested in football, or hockey. The same can be said for every career line. If NDSU football, or UND hockey, winning attracts students who have great potential in their career field to a smaller university because they also like hockey... that's a positive for those schools. Does it make the university better? Probably. It's not all about funding and the current set of professors. It's about attracting quality students. I guarantee UND and NDSU have attracted students they normally wouldn't have because of the success of their athletic teams. But just like Port can't prove the opposite, I can't prove the positive. But which is more likely? Sports aren't only a pleasant distraction. They're the most visible part of a university for a lot of potential students. If you think athletics don't play a decision in many a student's choice of university, then we'd be seeing much higher attendance at universities that only focus on academics.
  2. I think had they moved up to IAA in the 70s with the Montanas and other nearby schools, they all would be FBS now.
  3. I never knew BigJolly.com was a source for NHL news, but we've seen how far you'll go to track down "important" information. That includes getting trolled on other boards and then coming over here and posting things as proof.
  4. Really going to the bottom of the barrel to find this opinion piece. For reference, the author's previous article is about fighting in the NFL but randomly ends with this gem: "The NFL has a much, much bigger problem than players fighting, and that’s the disrespect for flag and country by players that was started by a disgraceful Colin Kaepernick. Instead of fining players for fighting, the NFL should kick out any player who refuses to stand for the national anthem. President Trump would love for people to hear NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell shout: “Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out! He’s fired. He’s fired!”
  5. Is he defensive minded? If so, I say do it.
  6. Try leaving North America and you get used to it/ expect it
  7. In arena they announced a change and took it away on the second goal. Did he assist on the third?
  8. Seems like a fun game to see in person
  9. With everyone at 1-1 in the group, getting a -6 goal differential could be a huge issue.
  10. Panzer for Pinto on the second goal.
  11. Pinto centering same top line as yesterday. Warmups are underway here in Ostrava
  12. The Vikings definitely played like it was their Super Bowl.
  13. The first 4 US games will all be 7pm CET or noon Central time.
  14. Why not try? If someone takes it, you're up big. If not, you lower them to normal later on. There's lots of people with too much money willing to overpay for things.
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