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  1. I KNEW the only thing missing from this thread was an old guy throwing out his usual jokes/tldr memes
  2. I'm sure they're incredibly embarrassed to have so many trophies...
  3. Did you expect anything else? Even the attacking, presumptuous response was predictable.
  4. Hey Jim, I'm getting a security certificate expiration notice and see the site is no longer running https. Any chance you'll be renewing the certificate soon?
  5. What article did you read? In no way did she say anything close to your last sentence. The only thing relating to the name of her new glove is this quote: Nowhere in the article does she mention the naming process.
  6. Speaking of triggered... it's comical how predictable the responses to any tweet about the new scoreboard are. Everyone has to chime in that the Sioux head that very few people can see must stay, even if it causes problems with the internal monitors the team would use.
  7. The PR nightmare these MIAC schools allegedly voluntarily took on to help UST is honorable. Why aren't any news outlets reporting on this lie? You know about it, so surely someone else does.
  8. Seems a bit old to be a sixth grader
  9. Update: Alex will continue to do UND sports next year, however be prepared for him to miss games if weather prevents him from driving from Sioux Falls.
  10. Every goal should be reviewed and any objective action that normally would have stopped play should overturn a goal. This gets you high stick, hand pass, offside, icing, and a few others. I'm ok with taking a goal off the board if a liney screws up an icing. If it's too close to call, let it stand but you can easily tell a race to the dots in most cases. Obviously, it should be similar to offside where full control negates it, not just touching the puck.
  11. Not official but would be happening this summer.
  12. It's a conference decision. Up until a few years, Atlantic Hockey didn't have a policy so if you happened to have a video board you could show whatever. Occasionally, the refs would ask you to stop showing something but there was no rule you had to stop. Now, you're allowed to show it once at full speed and once slowed down if it's questionable, but only before the review is initiated. After the fact, it's usually just shown to confirm the ref's decision for the fans.
  13. The search function on this website is fantastic. Once again, you completely missed the boat about Notre Dame to the B10. Still waiting for those 4 schools to announce...
  14. GB only had spots to sign two players so Harris will likely head to Redskins camp.
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