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  1. What do you expect from jumbo when he posts an article? If it's a complete mess, he deserves criticism. Fortunately, it never is. The same can't be said about Goon, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't hold him to a standard that involves getting the names of players or teams right on a consistent basis.
  2. I didn't mention my credentials until someone said I was likely jealous of Eric's access to the press box. So if you want arrogance, I can go there with tales of my press access to collegiate and professional sports in multiple states and Europe. I have already contacted UND, but as I'm sure you know, that's not a precursor to disagreeing with something on Siouxsports. Is it too much to ask that someone who covers a team and sport we love actually know how to write?
  3. To be clear, I'm attacking his content not him as a person. I've met Goon and his family and they're nice people. I just expect UND hockey to have a standard of quality when it comes to press access. I have no problem with Seamore Sports and their coverage. I actually appreciate it.
  4. Everyone can start a blog for all I care. I had a NASCAR blog from 2004-2006. Dale Jarrett was the best. But that doesn't mean I deserved a credential to races. There are thousands, if not millions, of blogs by people that can't write. They can have a blog all they want, but there needs to be a standard of quality when it comes to access.
  5. Having sat in the press box at the Ralph and 5 other NCHC schools, the first four frozen faceoffs and been in the locker rooms of the Chicago frozen four, I don't have a hint of jealousy. I do have issue with a fan who starts a blog to "cover" their favorite team despite barely having a grasp of the English language.
  6. What, Adam Schill getting a shutout vs the Canisius isn't good enough writing? 3 grammatical issues with this tweet from our resident 8th grade "journalist."
  7. Anyone know the reason bemidji was wearing red unis this weekend?
  8. I see they have D2 club in mens and women's but is there anything showing they're actually adding them? Honest question.
  9. Shouldn't they actually have lacrosse in order to get a bid? They're at 20 sports already and need to spend a good amount of money upgrading facilities. They could maybe stick with 20 but could potentially drop swimming and diving.
  10. I'm sure a team from Buffalo will be scared of snow Grand Forks gets fewer than 43 inches per year.
  11. I'm happy with Kett reacting to fans who are giving him !@#$ at that point and I'm happy with Bubba getting in Kett's face for what he did.
  12. It was a win against the #12 team. Hopefully, the result inspires more fans to turn out. I really hope the conservativism was on Danny and not Bubba. Danny is still learning and can adjust, just as he did from last week to this week. If it's Bubba, then we need a new HC regardless of the results of this season.
  13. This was the type of offense we all hoped for when Danny was promoted.
  14. I've already said that I think an FCS conference made up of the western Summit, the Montanas, and Idahos would be great for rivalries and stability. Where we differ is that I don't believe UND should be FBS with these teams. At least not for the next dozen years or so. UND can't afford the additional annual costs it would require, plus a new stadium, to be playing the same teams they already play. I also was the first to mention the WAC looking at being an FCS conference, which seems much more likely at this point than any predictions you've made. Were you showing your vast knowledge when you said UND would go FBS several years ago, or when you said UND would never join the Summit, or that the WCHA tourney would return to the X if they only added St. Thomas, Minot and Mary?
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