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  1. It literally is just the stickers that bother me and only that they're so shiny on the matte helmets. Get the exact same stickers, just also matte and the helmets will look even cleaner.
  2. I know it's not a major priority for the team but what are the odds in reaching out to UND about a quick fundraiser for matte hawk logo stickers for the football helmets? The current ones just look so crappy on the beautiful green helmets. If you're able to do a quick bit of research, I'd assume myself and the rest of SS would be able to cover the expense for the next 5 years pretty quickly.
  3. Is Weatherby playing well enough for the racists this year?
  4. Very sorry for your loss. While we had quite the back-and-forth disagreements on topics related to UND and collegiate athletics, he will definitely be missed. He brought a lot of character to the board. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for sharing.
  5. That doesn't delete my account and remove my searchable content, but I appreciate your answer.
  6. Hey @jimdahl, How do I delete my account?
  7. Second time I've seen this posted somewhere, but I must be missing something. Is it just because of the Nebraska game?
  8. Good to see the "no politics" rule being enforced.
  9. Why would BG go now when they weren't interested the last time around?
  10. UND is in a position of power in any negotiation that would happen. The B1G needs UND, not the other way around. If they do go, it better be for guaranteed annual money. I still don't like it. The NCHC is self-sustaining at this point and is the premiere college hockey conference. It's where every new school wants to join and every current school in the footprint wants to join. If UMN and Wisco weren't forced to stay in the B1G, they'd be trying to join the conference as well.
  11. 2 RSF and 2 true freshmen is quite the young QB battle but I don't think adding him makes UND better. But I also have no clue.
  12. I agree and I apologize for my example only including the deficiency of the current administration. I also should have included that I don't want to see posts from Democrats saying that masks are necessary and that preventing the spread of coronavirus is reliant on everyone. Who knows which one is backed by facts and which one is bull$%!#. Regardless, let's keep it out of posts in other threads.
  13. I'm in no ways triggered by a thread I haven't read in months. And I'm not saying get rid of that thread. I do miss the SiouxSports where there were no politics involved in nearly every thread. @Oxbow6 showed in the Nashville thread that you can make a post that is relevant to the topic while not bringing politics into. That's 100% ok. But we don't need constant mentions in the threads about the political side of things. For example, I can say that the likelihood of the Nashville game continues to dwindle due to significantly more concern about venues holding large audiences. What I don't want to see in every thread are political comments, for example talking about how the Trump administration has severely neglected the importance of testing and tracing and that's why so many southern states are now reversing their opening strategies while the US has seen not only the highest number of positive tests but also a higher positive testing rate within those tests. I also don't want to see posts comparing the US to Europe and the number of positive cases, despite the same number of tests, because that's politics and shouldn't be allowed outside of the Dumpster Fire thread. If wanting to talk about sports on a site called SiouxSPORTS makes me a snowflake, I sincerely apologize to the true snowflakes that are offended by this idea.
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