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  1. southpaw

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    Actually, she is attending SCSU now...
  2. southpaw

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    But football isn't yet.
  3. southpaw

    2018 attendance

    That was a fun day, wish I could be there
  4. southpaw

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    If UND struggles to fill a 12,000 seat stadium now, how will they do it in a bigger stadium playing this new FBS schedule, that really is just an FCS schedule with more expenses.
  5. southpaw

    Facilities Master Plan

    How does the band look?
  6. southpaw

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    You also can carry an extra player on the bench during games starting this year, so that could add an extra person to the size of the roster. Too many times, UND has already had difficulty filling out a full lineup of healthy players so bringing in an extra guy a year knowing an extra guy will be able to play each game has to be in their minds.
  7. southpaw

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    I apologize for not realizing 3 of the 9 schools have plans for upgrades since 2012. What about the other six? What do their lack of upgrades since 2012 say in the tea leaves?
  8. southpaw

    2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    As someone who worked in college hockey in the springs, Ken was never a favorite. Lots of awkward behind the scenes stuff with Owens leaving and hirs failure of a replacement coming in.
  9. southpaw

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    Outside of Weber state, none of those schools have spent even a million dollars since 2012 expanding or renovating their stadiums. Is Stony Brooks' 9,000 seat stadium making them an FBS contender? Just stop making a fool of yourself over and over. Change your username again and go into hiding to save some face.
  10. southpaw

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Their dads weren't tall either...
  11. southpaw

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    SiouxVolley's guarantees of schools moving up doesn't care about population areas: Grand Forks MSA 101,000 Brookings MSA 35,000 Vermillion MSA 14,000 Bozeman 94,000 Missoula 110,000 Hardly massive areas with a large number of fans to support the team year in and year out.
  12. southpaw

    2018 Season

    Wtf. You're so negative. Nobody has talked him into an all conference player. Nobody has said his skill was even above average, but at least you got to take some unnecessary cheap shots at a QB who was as tough as we've seen at UND in a while. You always find a way to build up a defense against an argument nobody is making. As EVERYONE has said, Keaton was tough, protected the ball and was a game-manager. That's why we are excited to see the offense with a qb who can make throws better than Keaton.
  13. southpaw

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    MN is probably scared of regularly scheduling MVFC teams.
  14. southpaw

    2018 Fall Camp

    And JJ at FB