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  1. He was pitching really well in SF, just got rushed into a stupid situation on day 1 and couldn't get it together on his 2nd outing. Hopefully, a trip on the DL helped him mentally as much physically. We need Rocco to trust him.
  2. "I have a new girlfriend. You wouldn't know her, she goes to another school."
  3. southpaw

    2019 Season

    Gutmann Weissbier for me. $2 per liter makes it an expensive beer.
  4. You made it slightly more than a month... not surprising. You also deleted your original post... not surprising. Fortunately, the quote button preserves your posts quite well.
  5. Can't wait for Lakes (aka Siouxvolley) and Siouxvolley (aka Lakes) to have the worst conversations ever there.
  6. The Twins have had the 2nd easiest schedule in the league and will finish the season with the easiest.
  7. southpaw


    I like that they change the color of the ND on the patches. I've always thought it would look cool if the bird was in the negative space.
  8. Wierd there was no FBS sized football stadium...
  9. I'm excited to see this Hawks logo that will bring all the Sioux forever crowd on board. Clearly, a new logo is all it will take.
  10. southpaw

    New Coach?

    Steve Beef. That's a good German name there...
  11. I believe 100% what the family said. Every exact word. Do you? If not, then Hammer was wrong and you'll believe whatever narrative you think fits. If so, then your AD is lying and threw a student athlete under the bus to cover his ass.
  12. We were just told to read that article very carefully and take our green glasses off. I did so and the family twice said it was an illegal supplement. But you and others seem very quick to say they misspoke. Perhaps you could take off your supplement tainted piss yellow glasses. I'm only going off what the article says. I'm not reading between the lines or trying to infer things, like you and other bizun fans. Can we infer that when they said supplement that they misspoke and didn't understand the verbiage between supplement and substance? And you're never going to get arrested or charged for failing an ncaa drug test. To believe that because there were no criminal charges means the supplement wasn't banned is being intentionally misleading.
  13. I have yet to see an NDSU fan here say they believe Robbins' when he says he took an illegal supplement.
  14. I read the article very closely as you suggested. Two quotes calling it an Illegal supplement. Zero quotes calling it a banned supplement. That's a big difference. Fact is, according to the player all he took was something illegal. Caffeine is not considered unlawful by the NCAA. It is banned but not against the law. The player and parent both said it was illegal. You can deny that fact all you want but it's true.
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