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  1. southpaw

    UND MH Sweaters ‘19-‘20

    I'd love to see a VGK style as the new Nike swift style.
  2. southpaw

    College Hockey Expansion

    Would love to see CU and CSU both go D1. That would put 5 D1 schools in Colorado. Unfortunately, they don't both have a place to go. CU and ASU would be good adds to the NCHC after a few years but I don't think that conference should go above 10 or you risk DU and CC leaving for a western conference. That would actually be really good for college hockey but not so great for the NCHC. Miami and Western aren't leaving, otherwise you could drop those two, add CU, CSU, ASU and another southwest school. AF would never join because they'll get pounded due to lack of resources.
  3. southpaw

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The clock is ticking...
  4. southpaw

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    So once again, you have no proof.
  5. southpaw

    UND to cut women's hockey

    Like I said, I disagreed with the call however the process was correct.
  6. southpaw

    UND to cut women's hockey

    It's actually easy to explain and while I disagree with the call, the process was handled correctly. On ice official sees Rigsby come out of crease and trip Finn forward, arm goes up, goal is scored, ref signals good goal. Then, the goal goes to review, where a person upstairs makes the call with input by the ref. Upstairs says Rigsby was still in the crease, was interfered with in trying to cover the puck, and was taken out of the play illegally. At that point, it's a no goal. However, the penalty call cannot be reviewed, so we end up with the situation that occurred. While not to this scale, I had a similar situation happen with AF hockey. Guy comes in offside but it wasn't called, puck stays in the zone and offensive team draws a penalty. They score on the delayed penalty but the refs overturn the goal due to being offside. Penalty still stands, clock stays the same, no goal.
  7. southpaw

    Kennedy vs donors... again?

    Raise your hand if you would give up your current job for 6 months at a new one with no guarantee you'll be hired and you're unlikely to go back to your previous one.
  8. southpaw

    2019 Season

    Is that you SiouxVolley?
  9. southpaw

    March Madness 2019

    Any cadet can leave prior to the start of their junior year for any reason without having to repay the equivalent of their tuition. The Academy does not have to approve it.
  10. southpaw

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    So the presidents of the other MIAC schools decided they were ok with the bad press that makes them look petty in order to help St. Thomas raise money to move up? Any source for this information? As someone who thinks like a president, how did you not see this coming?
  11. southpaw

    University of North Dakota 2019-20 Season

    The move has more to do with being closer to family with a second child on the way.
  12. southpaw

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    There has to be a curling rink nearby they can use for practice and games
  13. southpaw

    The NCAA should sponsor Curling

    I agree it would be nice to see curling sponsored as an NCAA sport but you idea of using the Olympic rink as a curling sheet won't work. You either need an off-site facility like NDSU does in the Fargo Curling Club, or you need a rink dedicated to curling. It's not as simple as changing the Olympic Arena to a curling arena whenever there might be a match. Hockey ice is not curling ice. There are big differences and for it to make sense you need dedicated curling ice. Surely, there are many northern cities that have curling clubs and it would just be a matter of finding an agreement similar to what many university club teams already have. It would be a good sport to sponsor but other than every 4 years, I don't see it being a big draw that would be worth the investment in scholarships.
  14. southpaw

    2019 DI Mens Ice Hockey Championship

    A quick look at their roster shows it's pretty balanced throughout the years but they definitely have a lot of overseas guys. Would be interesting to see a map of all their players, from Cali and Florida to Norway and Ljubljana.