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On 9/3/2019 at 11:56 PM, SWSiouxMN said:

Moose Yeah Yeah!

If only this had happened during the deciding of the new nickname....

There's a professional team a couple hours away that already has the name. You forget how many people were concerned about a high school having the same name...

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University  of North Dakota


perfect, ties the TR heritage without taking the high schools nickname,  firece ferocious, majestic, a little lost at times, deadly to the puny pipsqeak rodent teams, obviously would win in a battle with the llowly cud chewing ungulates from the south.

Logo could be a great, (if given a chance with developer that gives a crap) 

.......and the home .......of the.......



its a no brainer at this point, I'd say make it a major point of importance in the prez search.

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Nothing more organic and fitting for UND than the moose.

Fierce, strong, majestic, to represent the athletics,

A bit lost and bewildered to represent the administration,

An intelligent creature and high nosed attitude yet cluless to the surroundings and incapable of solving real problems... the faculty.

Awkward and drugged up to represent ...well yeah, students. (we've all got a bit blasted at a football game and ended up in some strange woods, right, right?!)



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