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  1. Epic has equipment on site of the Old Townhouse hotel downtown. They have a few renderings in their website. Looks like there will be three, seven story buildings with a plaza in the middle. Will be mixed residential and commercial. There doesn’t appear to be a stage like in West Fargo at The Lights. But with HB right across the street, Maybe that’s who they’d use if they decide to hold concerts there. Link to the website: https://epiccompaniesnd.com/properties/the-beacon/
  2. I see that Southern Illinois has added a game against SELA on April 17th. I really wish UND could've found a way to get a game this weekend. Maybe the tried, but I hadn't heard any rumors of them trying.
  3. Western Illinois “opts” out of its two remaining games. Means USD is done for the season also. Getting a bit ridiculous.
  4. Nichols lost today so they most likely are out of the playoffs.
  5. They are playing a game today. Currently losing at Southern Utah, 9-3, at halftime.
  6. New bmx track coming to GF. Article mentions a children’s museum and athletic facilities could also be a part of the project. Supposed to go up south of south parking lot of the Alerus. Only question I have, will this be done before or after the completion of the Hockey hall of fame and monorail? (Purple) https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/6966072-Grand-Forks’-new-BMX-park-promises-big-biking-action-—-and-big-things-to-come
  7. Apparently the FCS selection committee released a top 10 ranking tonight. link to Forum article: https://www.inforum.com/bison-media-zone/mens-sports/football/6965485-James-Madison-Bison-atop-the-Division-I-Football-Championship-Committee-rankings
  8. Lets just say I might work in a health care facility that has several hundred staff vaccinated. Those staff are tested weekly to a couple times a week. Those who are vaccinated are not testing positive.
  9. Who’s gonna be left? This pretty crazy.
  10. I thought they were going to repurpose them for the tunnel that will connect the new building to the HPC/Pollard Center. If that's the case, maybe they salvage the ones that can be repurposed and eventually sell the ones they don't or can't use?
  11. Any chance UND looks for another game?
  12. Your not wrong. NDSU ran it down our throat and we couldn’t stop it. NDSU played like they their supposed to. Congrats.
  13. Your probably right, as I said we were dominated in the trenches today. Still feel like UND is getting close to being a team that can compete in FCS. Never felt that way with any team while in the big sky. NDSU is obviously the class of FCS and MVFC, but we aren’t far off from competing. I feel we are in the next tier below NDSU. But there are a lot of teams that can probably say that.
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