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  1. dmksioux

    Grand Forks Economy

    Although I agree that GF has too many Subways (do people even eat at Subways anymore?), this "new Subway" is replacing the Subway on 24th ave S. So it's not adding an additional store to the market, just relocating.
  2. dmksioux

    Campus Closed

    Living in GF, there was a noticeable difference between yesterday and today. It was much windier yesterday although the air temp wasn’t nearly as cold as this morning was. The blowing snow and windchill were brutal and understandable as to why thing were closed. Today, the wind is not nearly as bad but the air temp is much colder. Today is much more tolerable than yesterday. The other thing to keep in mind with business closing down for the day, might have to be the load in the power grid. I haven’t heard of any power outages in GF yet. I know there were some smaller towns that have been experiencing them.
  3. dmksioux

    2018-19 Season

    I think they would have to drop the "Sioux" center from the name before he listens to anything UND is asking. Just a hunch...
  4. dmksioux

    2018-19 Season

    UND would be better off hitting up Phil Jackson. Although I don’t think he has any interest in donating for a new facilty. Maybe some upgrades to the Betty though although I doubt that as well since after all, it’s called the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center.
  5. dmksioux

    UND Soccer 2018

    Where is this located? On the same site as the current field?
  6. dmksioux

    NDSUCKS Dump Thread

    Not really sure if I should post this here or in the recruiting thread. I'm gonna go with this thread since this could turn interesting... https://undfootball360.com/happenings/january-2019/ January 23rd As we reported on January 16th, UND QB recruit Logan Graetz is scheduled to visit campus this weekend. Bubba Schweigert and Danny Freund have been hard after the River Falls, WI native for the last month or so. We now believe within the last week, NDSU has circled back again on Graetz, who initially committed to the Bison as a preferred walk-on. We’re hearing NDSU will be home visiting Graetz later this week and making a scholarship offer.
  7. dmksioux

    UND (2-4, 8-11) @ NDSU (2-3, 8-11)

    It appears to be on ESPN3 which means it’s free.
  8. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    As frustrating as some of these games can be, there is still a lot of potential with this team and they are fairly young. SDSU is a darn good team. We can play up to teams, we just need to stop playing down to the lower teams.
  9. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    Because the other teams let him shoot it. As I said, Seales needs to realize why teams are leaving him open behind the arc.
  10. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    Honestly I think they are doing pretty well. There aren’t many teams in the Summit that can neutralize Daum.
  11. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    On a heckuva a run right now.
  12. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    Agreed. Seales needs to realize SDSU is letting him have that shot because they don’t think his shot will beat them. Other than that he’s having a good game though.
  13. dmksioux

    Future Schedules

    I’m guessing yes but the dates just haven’t been finalized yet.
  14. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    Yup, this is what I did. Doing the 7 day free trial. Thanks
  15. dmksioux

    UND (2-3, 8-10) vs SDSU (4-1, 14-6) 1/16 7 PM

    Does anyone know if you can watch this game with Roku? I can’t find foxcollege sports or midcosn when I search for channels.