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  1. Born in a refugee camp in Ghana, moved to Minneapolis, eventually moved to Moorhead. Not sure on the timeline but he first lived in Minneapolis when he came to the US.
  2. Looks like he's peering in through the window. So a bit of reflection around the topside of his picture.
  3. Pretty sure basketball drives the bus at UNI. They aren’t leaving the MVC thus won’t be going to the Summit League, unless it’s football only.
  4. On the record, Altru states it doesn't have anything to do with it. But maybe? Strange timing considering Dr. Weiser was just named the Chair of the ND Hospital Association. https://www.grandforksherald.com/business/altru-leader-named-chair-of-north-dakota-hospital-association
  5. Not sure where to put this, but what is going on at Altru?? https://www.grandforksherald.com/dr-steven-weiser-out-as-altru-president-in-abrupt-staff-change
  6. Looks like the Hugo's Concert series is back this summer. They've announce three of the four concerts. May 7th: PopRocks July 9th: Travis Tritt and Rodney Atkins July 21st: Johnny Holm August 12th: TBA Throw in the country bands for Rockin up North Fest (Little Texas, Blackhawk) and 90's country music fans should be happy. Now to see the lineup for the Greenway Takeover Festival. It's nice to have live music shows returning to downtown GF. I do miss the Blues on the Red and concerts in the garden at the ND Museum of Art. Hopefully they both come back soon.
  7. That makes sense! Easy to read it the other way though. Looks like the win streak is at 15 games.
  8. What? I don’t follow women’s Bball too closely but this can’t be correct.
  9. Good idea, unfortunately the REA controls the marketing I believe.
  10. 18-9. NDSU. Game will be over before we can even watch any of it.
  11. Can’t even get the right game in tv…yeesh
  12. In other Summit League action, I saw WIU beat NKU by 2 at the buzzer with putback shot. Stat line of the game: Sims with 0 points, 2 boards in four minutes of playing time coming off the bench.
  13. Are bars allowed on the Bronson property being it’s a dry campus? Not sure how that would work. I seem to recall there was an exemption for the footprint of the Ralph and Betty so alcohol could be served there. Not sure how Suite 49 was able to do it.
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