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  1. I went on all four days. Agree that Saturday was a lot fun. Huge crowd for Trampled By Turtles. Really enjoyed Thursday and Sundays shows as well. Did not make it to the earlier bands, just the headliners. Soul Asylum was pretty decent also. HB has done a great job growing the event. September weather is always tricky. Wish they would do it a couple weeks earlier, but this year the weather was fantastic. Looking to what they have in store for next year.
  2. I’ll have to check updates on my phone as I attend the Soul Asylum concert on the Greenway.
  3. Not sure what type of restaurant, but Molly is a local celebrity of sorts. https://mynameisyeh.com/about
  4. Glad to see Milwaukee is indeed a home game.
  5. I have season tickets but I am not a Champion's Club member. I assume this means I have to wait until Thursday to be able to buy tickets?
  6. In looking at the DI docket website, it appears we are on the road against Milwaukee. Not sure if it changed or was an error when it listed it as a home game earlier.
  7. One thing that has always bothered me about the Fargodome is their narrow sidelines. There is not a lot of room from the sideline to the stands. Not sure if an FBS conference would be concerned about that or not? Would they consider it a safety issue for their players?
  8. They've been working on this for quite awhile. They are remodeling the lobby area of where the second set of theatre's are located. So across from the main lobby of the theatre (where you purchase tickets). Hopefully that makes sense!
  9. Anyone know if a home game with SIU was a part of the two games that were scheduled in Carbondale? SIU has a player from Winnipeg and I had seen speculation that SIU may have been looking for a game close Winnipeg for that player.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, only the mailman.
  11. So you are an assistant coach???
  12. Nope, they raise it to 50% starting this week. Virginia as a state, only allows 30% currently. Either way, sounds like a Sunday night game at JMU will struggle to hit 30% as a lot of their attendance drives in for the game. I’d guess their attendance will be around 6k, similar to their game against VMI,
  13. Looks like Virginia has 30% capacity, so attendance may go up a bit. Will be fun to see how we stack up against one of the better FCS programs.
  14. The state of Virginia has upped their restrictions for large events, but from what I’ve read, it doesn’t go into effect until May 15th. So they may still be capped at 25%, unless something changes this week.
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