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  1. My guess is an Assisted Living facility for Edgewood see project #28. https://www.grandforksgov.com/government/city-departments/planning-zoning/planning-projects
  2. Agreed, type of mask used also makes a huge difference, as well as how you "wear" said mask. Bottom line, avoid large crowds, limit your interactions, socially distance when you do interact and you will be just fine. Masks have little effect on the transmission, unless you have the appropriate mask and are wearing it correctly.
  3. Exactly. Walking by someone, who is infected and not wearing a mask, is very low risk for transmission. Especially if you are wearing a mask yourself. Transmission is based on proximity to an infected person and length of time spent in close proximity to that person.
  4. Like Joe Biden and live in their basement.
  5. Unfortunately it was three days too late.
  6. I'd be curious to hear the reasoning, by those who support defunding the police/BLM, on how this incident is different than the one that played out in Kenosha?
  7. IMO, only if he does something and the sooner the better. He has the ability invoke the Insurrection Act. And if we aren't at that point already, we soon will be. Tough time to do leading up to an election though.
  8. This guy seems to do a pretty good job at predicting. https://news.stonybrook.edu/facultystaff/maverick-modeller-helmut-norpoth-predicts-another-win-for-trump/
  9. The "mob" was beating their chest to show power by marching in an area they had no business being in. The property owners were returning the favor, letting them know what would happen, should they turn their "peaceful protest" into looting/property damage. So it's ok for them to march on private property illegaly but it's not ok for someone to show they will defend that property, should the protest get out of line? Ok, got it.
  10. https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/white_house_watch_aug26
  11. Yes, I think it will play very well to Americans who are sick and tired of the looting and lawlessness being allowed in democratic run cities. Enough is enough and many Americans are beginning to help law enforcement defend their property and businesses. Many examples of this going on.
  12. https://bongino.com/yougov-cbs-poll-trump-up-10-points-against-biden-among-independents/?fbclid=IwAR287KfkpOt-2z2ysE5SaQPk-4_AZFmFmdAfliR_-l2rr-d-Waqmy258pSU
  13. This. Donald is not a politician by trade, which is why both sides do not like him. He is a business man first. He is far from perfect and should stay away from twitter. But, with the legislation he's signed, he at least is looking out for the best interests of Americans and American interests. Prior to Trump being elected, there used to be a lot of chatter about getting a President who wasn't a politician, someone who would get things done instead of worry about partisan politics. Like him it or not, that is what Trump is and why many people gravitate to him.
  14. Yes he should, after all there’s nothing outside the metro except “rocks and cows.”
  15. If that’s the case, will you admit the “peaceful protesters” are also looking to fight, not protest?
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