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  1. Yup, got it last evening. Excited that it appears there will be a season! Will only be able to get to three games, but can't wait for the SIU game!
  2. Yup, eligible to play this weekend. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/1/20/womens-basketball-hawks-add-midyear-enrollee-erika-lane-to-class-of-2021.aspx
  3. I'm not sure. Just curious if he had the skill set to be a Slash type player (play at a few positions)? I'd like to see him earn the starting position. But as FlinFlan says, the QB room is getting pretty crowded. If Trey Feeney becomes the guy everyone is thinking he may, I'm curious if Vaughn or other current QB's could play a different position. I really like what Boltman brings to the team. Again, I 'm not sure of Vaughn's skill set other than what I read here. So maybe he doesn't fit the mold of what Boltman can do.
  4. I like the prospect of what Vaughn could potentially become. From what I've heard, he needs to improve accuracy. I would love to see him at QB but any chance he turns into a Boltman 2.0?
  5. Wasn’t sure which thread to put this in but a GF institution is closing its doors.
  6. Montana and Montana St. opt out of spring, which essentially means the Big Sky is opting out. https://egriz.com/grizboard/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=86041
  7. I was looking on the app. Went to the website and see it’s 13. Thanks.
  8. Looks as though Hart was named captain. There season starts January 22nd/23rd with a non conference series at NDSU. I was looking at their roster and it seems to be a bit low on numbers. Eleven players listed. Is that due to a couple of gals leaving/being dismissed for their controversial tik tok video? Was there not enough time to bring in any replacements?
  9. Teams he's been in contact with, apparently. Also University of New Mexico. Sean Paul @Sean02MTM · 1h North Dakota transfer De’Sean Allen Eikens tells me he’s been in talks with these schools thus far. UAB, South Alabama, Cincinnati, Cal Poly, New Orleans, Northern Arizona, UNC Greensboro, Illinois State, Morgan State, Rice, Morehead State, Northe
  10. I haven't seen this posted here, but EGF is losing a restaurant and my favorite place for pasta.
  11. I’m more worried about how many more teams will opt out. I sure hope the spring season isn’t canceled.
  12. Any word on whether or not Ihenacho will be playing?
  13. I see DAE played but was scoreless. Any thoughts on how he looked? I’m sure it will take a game or two to get into playing shape again.
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