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  1. Its kind of like when they restricted scholarships in D2 when they went to 36. To get rid of the powerhouse.
  2. From what I understand its been a huge gong show behind the scenes. Plus if only half the stuff comes out it will be cannon fodder for a very long time.
  3. Not really. But that has no bearing on your false prognostications.
  4. You have one hell of an imagination. But please tell us , if you have this supposed divine vision ---WHY--- I repeat WHY have none of the thousands of your prognostications come to fruition????
  5. Looks like SV is working the Egriz board. The Summit League will be calling Post by UNDfan » Tue Mar 12, 2019 4:53 pm And the Montanas, Idaho, EWU and Weber St will accept. The Summit League commish has confirmed that PFW and W Illinois are about to leave. https://kwsn.com/news/articles/2019/mar ... ction-yet/ A western Summit division of the Montanas, Idaho, EWU, Weber St and Denver would be so much better than the Big sigh academically, athletically, with research and professional schools, and with actual fan bases. But naturally, Griz fans will be so scared of actual competition that even the hots the Griz fans have for the Bison fb team won’t be enough. The east division will be Omaha, USD, Augustana, SDSU, NDSU and UND with three flights getting all the schools. Better than what you have in the Big Sigh. California and Oregon schools have never panned out as you planned. Remember Northridge St that was going to be an FCS power with unlimited potential in the LA media and bring Griz action to untold millions? The same thing happened with Portland St and Sac St as far as fan interest. The new Summit will be FCS first but FBS is possible by 2025. Top
  6. With out a doubt hes a tool.
  7. I agree. This whole process - scenario is just as bizarre as Kennedy himself so I find it appropriate.
  8. I dont have a plan( if it would do any good) as Im really not that concerned about it.
  9. This is nothing more than what ifs, maybes and over winded mental gymnastics over a problem that doesnt exist. But please---do carry on.
  10. You are correct. Its the sophomore year. FYI 50-75 cadets leave from every class at that time for various reasons.
  11. Considering youve never been right here yet your comment means bumpkis.
  12. Was Montana or Idaho mentioned in those two links?
  13. Liberty has been both independent and affiliated with one conference.[2] NAIA Independent (1973–1980) Division II Independent (1981–1987) Division I-AA Independent (1988–2001) Big South Conference (2002–2017) FBS Independent (2018–present) To even do that took stones to challenge the NCAA and a boat load of cash to make through being an independent.
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