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  1. You need to read up on prohibition. Many underlying and back room politics and deals and how they used a different tact-false flag to get it done. And yes this is going to open up a lot of cans of worms. Huge rabbit hole. This will not pass. Its law.
  2. When I was at Iowa one player drove a brand new Riviera and another a new Toranado. Not to mention they both had hand stiched boots and the best clothes. The one player was from Ohio. When we played OSU I didnt need my two tickets as my parents couldnt make it so I gave my tickets to him. When I say gave I mean gave. I never thought of charging a teammate for tickets that I wouldnt be using. After the game his relative came over and gave me an envelope. When I said I didnt want anything the player told me YOU TAKE THE MONEY. I said ok. When I got home there was more money than face value in that envelope. I guess he appreciated the tickets.
  3. Let me say this. The NCAA sucks and has always sucked in my collective memory. They have guidelines-rules-laws that they arbitrarily enforce. Did I say they suck? My stance on this issue varies as I can see the rabbit hole this can go down. But I also have seen the ineptness of the NCAA at work except when it comes to making money off the backs of the athletes that they hold rule over. So in fact I like it and dont like it. But I understand it if that helps. Did I say the NCAA sucks?
  4. Analysis????? Dont need it when these athletes after the fact admit to it. Facts matter. Youre avoiding it. Compliance office in the early 70s? LOL LOL
  5. Youre kidding??? Right???? View the documentary on Marques Dupree. Read the report on Reggie Bush and a host of others. Plus its not just the big names who get paid.The first scandal that I ever heard about was Illinois and the coach was Pete Elliot. That goes back to the 60s. There is also documentary proof of players getting paid to play football and not having to attend class that goes way back to the beginning of football. I also have personal knowledge of players who got paid while I was at Iowa. Fantasy????
  6. What you dont understand is it has nothing to do with the rules he signed up under as the rules have changed. This is in play. The NCAA just has to figure out how to manage it. Promoting himself to adoring youth??????
  7. Guess what? That already happens now. Except its under the table.
  8. bison73

    FBS games

    A lot of stupid going on right there.
  9. Most of us realized along time ago that we had caught lightening in a bottle. Most also understand it cant last forever and cant believe its lasted this long. But I am certainly not complacent as I understand the commitment it takes to do hat has been done and needs to be done in the future. Fact is its not complacency in the fan base you have to worry about. Its within the Athletic Dept and the team. Considering the building projects and the leadership involved I dont see any complacency for the near future.
  10. I dont see the upside to that move. You wont be playing for a championship and no hope to.
  11. We do?????? May be Lakes---but not the rest of us.
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