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  1. If you cant take opposing views dont come here. If the board owner doesnt want public opinion he can always take this venue private.
  2. Dont know. I was fishing all day, saw the score so figured I would stop in and take in the unbiased commentary.
  3. Why change whats working? When you have a team on their heels you keep them there until they stop you. Please expound on NDSUs depth???
  4. And those actions also have consequences.
  5. He and the group cost NDSU a ton of money.
  6. You have serious issues. Sounds as though you were bullied as a kid? May be you are bullied now and are lashing out? Seek help.
  7. We are talking about an issue that is 4 years old when a kid is 14 years old and everyone wants their pond of flesh now for what reason? Now explain what that scenario has to do with NDSU?????
  8. Cancel culture at work once again. Pathetic
  9. You are wrong. Uninformed as well.
  10. Not surprised. I know about 10 who will not be donating what they did in the past.
  11. Ate at the Walker location a few weeks ago. Liked their ribs. Sausage meh. Burnt ends were swimming in sauce so didnt care for those. The have good mac and cheese.
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