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  1. You have not been criticized for WANTING FBS. Youve been criticized for predicting that anyone who could swing a dead cat was going to move up. Plus you have made numerous other predictions on when such movements were going to happen which never came to fruition. We could go on with all of your missed prognostications all night long but why subject us to that tortuous rhetoric again..
  2. bison73

    Bubba extension

    The trends change with time. Schools change this all the time. Many years ago it was Jock dorms. Then they felt that the athletes and regular students needed to live together for a more well rounded college experience.(LOL) That was the trend for awhile. Then it was co-ed living. Now we are back to jock dorms.
  3. Its against NCAA rules to contact a player from another school unless he has entered the the transfer portal. At least thats my understanding.
  4. Nope. I understand it. My only surprise was making the announcement this late. There is also no guarantee he will transfer. The situation has to right so he can elevate his draft stock.
  5. EWU News @EWUNews From EWU: There are no plans at Eastern to cut our football program or change our athletic division level. @KHQLocalNews @KREM2 @SpokesmanReview @kxly4news @TheInlander @EWUEagles @EWUAthletics 93 8:18 PM - Feb 14, 2020
  6. When I asked a N/A friend what he thought about this issue he said he had no issue with it. They had had a respectful relationship with FSU for many years. Then I asked about those making a stink. He said those that are making a stink about it do so because they can.
  7. All depends on if you are full ride or not. Plus back when I played BOOKS werent provided by scholarship. NCC rule I think. Sunday meals werent provided either.
  8. You dont know that und is the only independent in the fcs?
  9. You mean like when people who travel on business? But I never said or inferred that we should have been paid for those hours. It was just a part of a laundry list showing where ones time is spent as an athlete.
  10. I see my post went right over your head. I used to think like you. Then as I got older and realized the control the NCAA and schools wields over the student athletes heads. This whole scenario brings me back to a quote a player told me back in 1970 that I thought was absurd at the time. "No group of athletes is so under represented than the college athlete while no other group needs it more." But as I said. I used to think like you. Its the romantic idea of the amateur athlete. As soon as you sign that National letter of intent it changes everything. Unfortunately.
  11. Not to get in to----we walked to school uphill both ways---but your 80s schedule would have been heaven in the early 70s.
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