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  1. bison73

    Jim LeClair

    This makes me sad. What a great football player.
  2. bison73

    New NCAA Rules

    Absolutely. They are more worried about the adherence to the minutia of bull crap rules than rooting out serious problems. ex The NCAA made a female sports team reimburse th university for the water they used for a fund raising car wash while sport shoe companies are paying recruits to go to certain school. The disparity of those two issues is astounding.
  3. bison73

    New NCAA Rules

    Have you not read about the NCAA mens basketball investigations?????
  4. bison73

    New NCAA Rules

    College kids and supposed amateurs have been getting paid under the table in all sports since time immemorial. Heck the NCAA was making money off of the kids they were putting the screws to. What promotions are you referring to? Be specific.
  5. bison73

    2019 Season

    I agree. We flew in to Youngstown on game day. Then had to lay around a hotel all day in meeting rooms. It killed us. We were flat and tired. Got beat by a not so good YSU that day.
  6. You mean like the UND fans who post on BV???? Or you could make this venue private so you could immerse yourself in your own echo chamber.
  7. You need to learn the difference between BBQ and grilling.
  8. I think you replied to the wrong person.
  9. Ahhhhh No where in that article did it say they were moving up. Albany and NDSU??? Have a link????
  10. Please explain and be specific.
  11. McFooly is a tool.
  12. bison73

    We got lucky

    Half time adjustments?
  13. So no lifetime contract extension????
  14. The question is why are you still posting about this when you said you wouldnt??? Then again you said you wouldnt post again about FBS if an announcement wast made by a certain time and you still yammer on about that as well. Since you lied about that this really isnt that surprising.
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