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  1. Of course the chant has been going on for decades and I dont see it going away. Especially when you still have the pro sioux crowd.
  2. With all of the improvements all of these schools are making and your interpretation that means they are moving up can you give me the Cliff Notes version and just list all of the schools who are moving up?????
  3. Ok I said the chant wasnt directed at the Sioux. You said just a fraction opposed the nickname. Whats your point?
  4. I think I can say with certainty that the chant in no way was directed at the people of the Sioux Nation. It was soley directed at UND and those that continue to embrace the Sioux nick name. To think otherwise is nothing more than mental gymnastics.
  5. Strange. I didnt hear that chant. Of course I dont sit around many college types. But I do have to admit that that sentiment was expressed in many conversations before, during and after the game. But seriously why does it bother you? Youre no longer the Sioux. Youre the Fighting Hawks. Right?
  6. Recruiting is huge factor. Here is a little story in that regard. When Bohl was still at NDSU we went down to play Northern Iowa. They kicked our ass. As a matter of fact they embarrassed us with their physicality.. After that game Bohl said---we have to recruit a different player to be competitive at this level of play. Its alot easier to coach if you have the players to be competitive. IOW its not about the Xs and Os its about the Jimmies and the Joes.
  7. What we think of Sticks ability has no bearing on how successful Stick will be in the NFL. Many thought he didnt even have a chance to be drafted when the season started.
  8. But back to the game thread. You are better than you were in 2015. You tacked very well out in space. If you wouldnt have you would have gotten rolled. The only time there was missed tackles was towards the end of the game which happens to most teams we play after being pounded on by bigger players. The D sold out on playing the run all game. No half time adjustments. Terrible decision. That did not put you in a position to be successful unless the coaches figured you didnt have the talent to play it any other way. Either way It was baffling. IMO Bubba will not take you to the promised land.
  9. Wasnt it you who said NDSU would never win a Natty with Stick at QB or was it somebody else from this board?
  10. Just a nice conversation between him and some former players after the TM luncheon.
  11. We rotate a lot of our players especially when the game is in hand. Regardless of who the skill players are. But you take your comfort where you can find it. What ever makes you feel better.
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