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  1. Fine with me even though we are building a new IPF.
  2. If youve noticed --according to SV---any school and I mean ANY school who has decided to do ANY type of improvements to their athletic program , they are trying to move up.
  3. D&Bs food is atrocious. So I dont know how it would do. They would need a ton of middle aged gamers .
  4. Yes it seems that you do. May be you need a tutor?
  5. Just make it straight up. You either win or lose. Simple.
  6. Oh nice work. You couldnt wait until I got some bet laid down???? JFC
  7. Because the quote states UND will beat NDSU. If you are so confident then points should be in the offering dont you think?
  8. How many points you giving???
  9. Only beer I will be drinking is Non ETOH. But plenty of it..... Class reunion back in Wisconsin. Just got to the hotel. Will visit my mom tomorrow in Eau Claire then on to La Crosse-Onalaska tomorrow. Burnt out???? I really dont take this as serious as you must think. Have fun and be safe this holiday!!!
  10. But it did make me smile. Touche
  11. It doesnt fit their narrative.
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