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  1. Brandon Jennings was the 10th pick in the draft and didnt play a ton in Europe. A lot of leagues will take veteran guys who have played in europe for years already because they know the leagues//teams/coaches, etc. and because they dont develop guys like the NBA does, so maybe it is hard to understand for some people
  2. a lot of european basketball leagues have a rule limiting the number of americans they can have on the roster so yes it's pretty exclusive
  3. i think danielson will eventually be good enough to play at this level (and he's shown some flashes already). i just wish he were the 9th man or so rather than the 5th best player on the team
  4. I’m kinda surprised he isn’t playing more. I watched some of him over the summer and was impressed.
  5. I’m not trying to be message board guy here but I went to KU and know people associated with the program, etc.
  6. No idea about Stick but I have a pretty good idea of where Anderson ranked on the list of KU targets
  7. We’ll probably win 0 games per year relying on Scott Adams
  8. Disagree about the RBs but the rest is pretty spot on. I’m no football expert in terms of development and stuff but anyone who is in middle school could do better clock management
  9. He’ll never play a down there so maybe he’ll transfer
  10. im going to hope I’m reading this wrong or something. Getting to your playoff game less than 24 hours before kickoff is Mickey Mouse stuff.
  11. excited to see the type of offense they run. can't be any worse than last year.
  12. 32 points in 54 NAHL games as an 18 year old? seems like a curious offer, but who knows.
  13. I didn't see that they ruled he was eligible. I might bump them up a spot but I still don't really see them as a middle of the pack team. tough to pick against them given their history though
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