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  1. UNDhoops

    UND (9-15, 3-8) @ SDSU (19-6, 9-1) 2/9 4:15 PM

    replacing seales with a better point guard will be a huge boost. the young core is pretty good as well i think.
  2. UNDhoops

    UND (9-14, 3-7) vs NDSU (11-12, 5-4) 2/6 7 PM

    Jones should be fired immediately for not fouling when NDSU had the ball up 4 inside a minute, and then for taking a two instead of a three on the next possession, especially drawing one up for Seales who you know is going to take a terrible long two if it is there for him
  3. UNDhoops

    2018-19 Season

    zero chance regardless probably.
  4. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    weird that his case hasn't been filed yet. same thing happened to geno
  5. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    no. College ball buy games are 5 figures.
  6. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    I don't see that he's been charged
  7. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    I fail to see the problem
  8. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    You wouldn't transfer schools to increase the potential of you earning a living?
  9. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    can't say I blame either guy. Shanks isn't good enough to play on an ncaa tournament team and Bernstine is probably good enough to go up a tier. Plus I'm not going to kill a kid for taking advantage of the grad transfer rule. Sucks as a fan of UND I guess but good for the kids for having the rule.
  10. UNDhoops

    2017-18 Season

    This isn't based on much inside info but I think it will be colorado state.
  11. UNDhoops

    2018-2019 Recruiting

    i am officially old
  12. UNDhoops

    Coach Jones?

    this is where i am at too
  13. UNDhoops

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    seems like it would be smart to take a flyer on a guy like that rather than risking having to compete with every other team if he becomes a free agent (especially if you're not a chicago, toronto, etc)
  14. UNDhoops

    Sooooo Many Olympians

    our euros probably have less of a chance because they will be taking pros in europe
  15. UNDhoops

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    when i think captain someone who had a save percentage around .900 doesn't spring to mind.