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  1. gotta say, that would have been a great nickname
  2. a lot hinges on how well stewart plays IMO. if he is a good summit level point guard i think they can finish top 3 or so. i think the expectation should be top half
  3. i bet there are 0 rotation players in college basketball who shoot 50 percent on jumpers
  4. tough to tell from a highlight reel obviously but he doesn't look like he's half the athlete huff was (i assume that is who is being alluded to)
  5. doesn't look super explosive but guess he will get more explosive now that he's concentrating solely on basketball. if nothing else he looks like he will be a good catch and shoot guy
  6. fair point on the cost of recruiting but you'd be surprised how much recruiting of kids from europe is done via word of mouth. i think being able to establish a pipeline (or even a scenario where you get the benefit of the doubt from kids over there) can give them a huge leg up on schools in the conference.
  7. i think you're all selling jal short. he didnt look ready for D1 ball but once he adds some muscle i think he will be a solid contributor wherever he goes
  8. UNDhoops

    2019 Season

    everyone everywhere does it (just look at clemson last year). i don't think it's anything worth filling your diaper over
  9. there's a key word in there as to why that is unfortunately
  10. I'm relatively sure he was interested
  11. I'll preface this by saying I'm not 100% but a couple people have told me Sather
  12. i heard a different name from boschee. trying to get a second person to confirm
  13. i think you only have to release the people who pass the requirements of the position, so you'd avoid all of that assuming you tailored the listing properly
  14. theoretically they could just release the name of everyone who applied to avoid having to list the finalists i suppose.
  15. seems weird that they would name finalists rather than just naming who they hire
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