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  1. Station out of Fosston.
  2. Did Biden have anything to do with it?????
  3. The commentary was just abysmal. Couple that with a social justice propaganda message at every and any moment just didnt play well.
  4. Fact is UND is not fully funded for all sports. Or provide a link for when that happened.
  5. NDSU was fully funded. UND is not. May that is the disparity.
  6. Pickle juice for a quick fix. Also for waking up with leg and feet cramps.
  7. Some of his coaching decisions have thrown me. His recruiting will tell me a lot this and next year.
  8. There is no or ever was a cap on earned income for regular students. How did you get that out of my post?
  9. What Ive heard is they werent going to give him the usual 2 year contract. Just one year. IMO he was tired of being dicked with so he dictated the terms of his future.
  10. Yeah they always let a a pres they want to fire stay an extra year and then stay on later in another capacity?
  11. NCAA brought it on themselves. They refused to stop being their overbearing, self righteous, unfair ruling, prickish selves. The SCOTUS gutted them.
  12. Again you are not telling the whole story. When Fentanyl and Meth are combined it is much more potent.
  13. Fentanyl intoxication is hardly negligible.
  14. When the horses are running and they cant stop it you let them run.
  15. Coroners report also said he was in Fentanyl intoxication and heart disease that contributed to his demise. Also said there was no bruising on the necks exterior surface or interior.
  16. Did we beat you head to head?
  17. If you cant take opposing views dont come here. If the board owner doesnt want public opinion he can always take this venue private.
  18. Dont know. I was fishing all day, saw the score so figured I would stop in and take in the unbiased commentary.
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