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  1. dmksioux

    SH Game Day

    We should’ve buried them early. Lots of FB left but I’m not very optimistic right now.
  2. dmksioux

    SH Game Day

    Pretty sure his helmet had #2 and his jersey is #6. Announcer says it’s Schuster
  3. dmksioux

    SH Game Day

    So who’s our qb. I know it not evan holm
  4. Agreed, no need to make this harder than it is. We retired the old nickel, create a new one with the the hawk in place of the Sioux head. Easy peasy...
  5. Waste of ink maybe. Paper is recyclable. If it's truly costing the school that much money, raise the cost a buck or two. Not sure how wifi is in the arena this year, but historically it's been very difficult to access internet while at the games. Hopefully they improved it if we need to rely on it in order to access the game day program.
  6. My concern isn’t what they learned from the game so much as what are they going to do about it? They should’ve learned what needed to be done after the 2015 game. This game only showed that they didn’t do much to close the gap.
  7. I did not go to the game against Drake but did hear from my dad that game day programs are no longer being printed. Does anyone know if this is something that's becoming a trend at other schools around the country? I think it's a bad idea. I don't want to constantly be pulling out my phone to determine who's who and I certainly don't want to print the program at home prior to going to the game. This seems like a bad idea to try to save a few dollars... Oh and apparently I'm not the only one: https://www.grandforksherald.com/opinion/letters/4649229-Letter-Bring-back-UND-football-programs
  8. So has Western Kentucky, so what? I know WKU is FBS, but they are far from a football powerhouse, yet they attract some good QB’s apparently. Not sure why you need to seek validation on your rival’s message board. This is why so many get fed up with the Bison fan base. You’ve got a good thing going, be humble. You won’t be on top forever.
  9. Without much researching, Oklahoma for one. Also looks like N.C. State, Washington St, Penn St, Ohio St, and Western Kentucky have had at least two Qb’s drafted in the last 3-4 years. Didn’t dig enough to see if they were consecutive though. Those on here who think NDSU couldn’t play FBS have their head in the sand. Would they compete with P5 schools, no. But could they be a top G5 school, absolutely. They have a few big obstacles to overcome however and the two biggest are location and stadium. The only way they go fbs is if they can get get some of the other regional fcs teams to move up. NDSU runs their program like an fbs program.
  10. Well, in theory, we should’ve learned how far away we were in 2015, learn from it, get to work, and close that gap a bit by this year. Obviously that didn’t happen. I don’t mind that the games were scheduled, I’m more concerned that we haven’t appeared to close the gap much, if at all. Day by day isn’t getting it done...
  11. Not sure if this one has been shared but we will be playing at Valpo on November 17th. https://www.nwitimes.com/sports/college/valparaiso-university/trips-to-arkansas-saint-louis-highlight-valparaiso-s-completed-schedule/article_5cdefd70-1b1a-52be-a252-6863e82ed8cf.html
  12. Oh, there will be alcohol considering Brick and Barley is co-hosting and listed as the “adult beverage vendor” for the concert. I would also think many students will venture home for the three day weekend. Those that stay, may tailgate and then head to Johnny Holmes at University. Hope I’m wrong though...
  13. dmksioux

    2019 Season

    I received my tailgating tix but not my game tix.
  14. Looks like UM-Crookston will indeed be playing at the Club hockey level. Plan to join ACHA. http://www.kroxam.com/2019/08/21/umc-looking-to-bring-hockey-back-this-year/
  15. Ok, ignore my reply to the original question from Dagger.
  16. If you scroll up four posts on this page, you will see the practice schedule.
  17. Been preparing all camp to come out swinging...just like the football team!
  18. Jakobe Davidson Dave Chappelle as Rick James
  19. Collin Seymour A younger Nick Offerman (sorry the image is so big)
  21. I will not be attending. Hard not to make outside plans for the last “summer” weekend of the year.
  22. seems as though fundraising is doing well...sounds like we will find out this week. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4602738-UND-Alumni-Association-expected-to-make-announcement-about-fundraising-numbers-next-week
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