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  1. 18-9. NDSU. Game will be over before we can even watch any of it.
  2. Can’t even get the right game in tv…yeesh
  3. In other Summit League action, I saw WIU beat NKU by 2 at the buzzer with putback shot. Stat line of the game: Sims with 0 points, 2 boards in four minutes of playing time coming off the bench.
  4. Are bars allowed on the Bronson property being it’s a dry campus? Not sure how that would work. I seem to recall there was an exemption for the footprint of the Ralph and Betty so alcohol could be served there. Not sure how Suite 49 was able to do it.
  5. Agree that they should be on the bubble if we beat them as they will only have six DI wins. They do do have an FBS win but would also be on a two games losing streak and we’d be on a three game winning streak. Don’t know enough about the resumes of the other bubble teams mentioned. But beating SDSU could at the very least, knock them out and at least get us in the conversation.
  6. Tough shooting night. I like how Bruns and Mathews look. Norman and Tsotsne will contribute offensively once they adjust to the DI game. Lots of players still finding their role. Looks to be a tough year. The biggest question I had after leaving the game tho was how did we not have our cheerleaders at the game. First game of the season and no cheerleaders? Weird. Also, not a fan of the video for the player intros.
  7. VC is my hometown so I can verify this!
  8. Says they are open til 8:00 pm. Wonder if they’ll change that for game days or when their are other events in the ralph?
  9. dmksioux


    So anyone able to tell me how to watch the game on tv? EDIT: NEVERMIND. I see it's on Midco sports.
  10. You can’t rely on the refs to help you out. Need to understand the situation and make the right/smart play call. We didn’t and we only have ourselves to blame.
  11. Maybe, but the staff should still not have called a running play on third down there.
  12. Unreal. How do you call a running play in third down there. Another example of why Bubba is not a legit DI coach.
  13. I agree there has been a lot of unjust criticism. But some of it is justified. The fourth down call vs NDSU and the using of a time out coming out of a half before running your first play. Those are two very glaring mistakes that should not be made at this level.
  14. I ate there last night and can confirm the food and drink are excellent. As is the the atmosphere. Staff were great also. Definitely a bit pricey but you get what you pay for. It is a step or two above Sky's in my opinion.
  15. And if you’re gonna try to pin them, kick it to the corner instead of the middle of the field.
  16. I tuned out after the game on Saturday and haven't read anything until today. This team has too many unforgiveable mistakes taking place, and they all have to do with coaching. To me, the biggest one on Saturday was coming out of halftime and having to take a timeout before running your first play. I don't know how that happens. It shouldn't, period. Did any of the media ask Bubba about this? Unfortunately this coaching staff have a habit of questionable calls, use of time outs, undisciplined penalties. It is what it is and I don't expect it to change under the current leadership.
  17. Are you referring to the Cloud 9 lounge that’s part of Sky’s restaurant?
  18. At one time there was talk about the St. John’s building being converted to a boutique hotel. Not sure what happened but those plans were scrapped.
  19. I noticed a new sign for the Olive Ann hotel was put up in the parking lot next to the Edgewood building. Haven’t heard much about the project lately, but it appears they are planning to go forward with it still.
  20. Good game on Saturday, tough loss. Especially considering the three or four mistakes everyone’s already mentioned. Time fir the team to put that one behind them and get ready fir the Yotes. Only question left from the NDSU game is: “Will the pollsters count that as a ‘UNI’ type quality loss??
  21. I know the Combs concert was postponed from last year. Not sure on Church. I believe it was a new tour this year. So I'm sure it had to do with routing of the two tours.
  22. And don't get me started on the National Anthem. Not sure that it's the Alerus Center's fault but the singer starting before the color guard had the the flags displayed was pretty disgraceful.
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