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  1. Now I'm confused? Aren't they located in the West grandstand of Memorial now? Where would they move west to? Hyslop?|
  2. Is Marko Coudreau really that bad of an option to not even get a few minutes to spell Rebraca? It was tough watching Brown trying to post up up the defender yesterday.
  3. Beat me to it, was gonna day the same thing.
  4. Just out of curiosity, do they do garbage pick up for you in the alley?
  5. I can't say for sure it was the city who plowed our alley. It could have been a good Samaritan who happens to live in that neighborhood I guess.
  6. I live on the north end with an alley. It was plowed through once on Sunday and again on Monday. Not sure why they are missing your alley but you may want to give someone a call.
  7. Isn’t a lateral considered a fumble also? I haven’t seen the play, but if it isn’t clearly going forward, it should be a fumble.
  8. Lol, they made the final four one time in 1970. I guess Loyola-Chicago is a powerhouse in Bball then with a National Championship and another Final Four appearance?
  9. That is very telling. We need a coach who expects to win every game.
  10. I wasn’t. Biggest surprise is that we were outbid for a home game. That’s very telling where UND’s administration sits regarding commitment to build the FB program.
  11. Someone commented that the REA can't chip in? Is that accurate? Wouldn't investing in the football program a little bit help with their return? Maybe they did offer up some money?
  12. Anyone else having there B1G channel saying the game is blacked out?
  13. dmksioux

    2019 Season

    Here is this year's SRS rankings: https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/football/fcs/simple-ratings-system UND in at #23 EDIT: Looks like they still have the year wrong, but the date (November 24th) and UND"s ranking is changed so I assume that it's this years ranking.
  14. That was an old article. Nicholls hosted USD in 2017 which is what they were referring to.
  15. Anyone know if the REA threw some money into the bid?
  16. dmksioux

    2019 Season

    SRS rankings aren’t released until after playoff field is announced.
  17. Kennesaw State could be that team...if you look at their schedule
  18. In a season with 11games, I’d agree. With 12, there will be lots of bubble teams with 7 wins. Not sure UND gets in, but it’s gonna be very difficult for EWU.
  19. Looks like your a little late to the party.
  20. Yup, I have that in my post. JSU is not good this year and is no longer ranked.
  21. Who has EWU beat? Six wins over average teams. Only ranked team they've beaten is us and JSU who is no longer ranked.
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