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St. Cloud State at North Dakota (January 25 & 26)


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Hard to believe as it feels like we are in a one-step-forward one-step-back cycle, but UND is 5-1 at home since Thanksgiving Day.    They'd be 5-0-1 if not for the OT goal given up in the final seconds vs. Denver. 

#1 team in the nation coming to town and a sweep is pretty much needed for at-large survival.  With UND at home playing in front of a National TV audience tonight, the first instinct is a split but right now St. Cloud St. seems to be on another level.


FRI:  2-2 tie (UND wins SO)


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14 minutes ago, grinder22 said:

I agree, huge series to show where we are against the top dogs. True test to see if this team is capable of playing in April, hopefully we can get some consistency.

Friday: 5-3 Cloud

Sat: 4-2 UND

Would be nice if we would start winning again when we are on National TV, which we are on CBS sports on Friday.  Let's get the one tonight, and worry about Saturday tomorrow.   

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Senseless penalties need to stop now, as they only hurt the team moving forward.  I trust the coaching staff to drill power play setups during the week, and I remain hopeful that one day they find a format that clicks.  At least, that is my dream.  

5x5 this team can skate with JBSU, and we showed that against Duluth on saturday night, as well as absolutely dominating a gopher team in Vegas.  This team has the drive, and they have some motivated players (lines 1 and 3 have been outstanding).  

Move the feet, stay out of the box, backcheck like mad, and don't take a shift off.  Scheel will be there, a nd the points will come if we stay focused.  Waver from that, try to drive coast to coast and make it happen on your own, or make a lazy clearing pass that gets picked at the blue line...pay the price.  

UND 3-2 Friday.  We'll discuss Saturday tomorrow.


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1 minute ago, farce poobah said:

Nice stat from Brad's preview today:  St Cloud is 14-0-0 on Olympic Ice.

On smaller rinks?  Only 3-3-2.

We got this.  UND 2-1 and 2-1.

.....and throw in UND's record when they outshoot teams. :wink:

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1 minute ago, stoneySIOUX said:

Wow! Mind sharing your thought process?

Combination of expect the unexpected, and a team that has played up to its opponents.   

I'm assuming also that Nick Jones plays healthy, as he's been key to us having the puck a lot.  We need to not take needless penalties, and we need to get good goaltending.   I don't see us scoring more than 2, but I can see us limiting their chances.

And yeah, I'm wearing green colored glasses.


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