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  1. Siouxperior

    former players

    Jost with a nice one. https://www.nhl.com/avalanche/video/josts-tic-tac-toe-goal/t-277437098/c-59433103
  2. Siouxperior

    former players

    He just sat and watched his guy score. He gets lots of love from the TV crew but they weren't shy about lighting him up on that one.
  3. Siouxperior

    former players

    And Drake with a couple goals in that game.
  4. Siouxperior

    former players

    Wolanin got taken to the woodshed by McDavid. Ooops!
  5. Siouxperior

    Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    After all the wishing and hoping around here that the goofers wouldn't make it, you should check wiki for "double standard".
  6. Siouxperior

    Sioux Survivor 2017-2018 Game #16

    Wolanin, Jones
  7. Siouxperior

    2018 NCHC Frozen Faceoff

    I'll be in Vegas tomorrow at game time. Any suggestions on where to watch??
  8. Siouxperior

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Miami - FRIDAY Gameday

    Browser to tv has been fine. I mute that and synch the iheartradio feed for sound. Takes some fiddling much more enjoyable.
  9. Siouxperior

    Sioux Survivor Game #15 2017-2018

  10. Siouxperior

    NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    0-0, 1 min left in 1st.
  11. Siouxperior

    NORTH DAKOTA @ uno - SATURDAY Gameday

    Yep, on the laptop, hdmi to tv. Working fine other than their crappy production.
  12. Siouxperior

    Sioux Survivor Game #14 2017-2018

  13. Siouxperior


    I'll give you 100 for it.
  14. Siouxperior

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. CC Tigers - FRIDAY Gameday

    The only offense they have are shots from the perimeter, be it even strength or PP. You rarely see anything resembling how CC handled the puck from behind the net around front, across the crease and in the back door. There is no passing to an open guy, it's just put it on net and say a Hail Mary.
  15. Siouxperior

    former players

    Boeser out tonight. Having an MRI on his hand.