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  1. And another goal tonight for Tyson.
  2. For a real life look at the money in MJ, check out this story that Schlossman linked to a couple days ago. https://www.tsn.ca/ohl-investigation-finds-icedogs-signed-secret-deals-with-multiple-players-1.1301433
  3. You picked AIC over StC. That's worthy of an attaboy!
  4. Some full game videos from this weekend are showing up on youtube, including that crazy AIC win.
  5. Action shot... https://t.co/zaliXRcNUb
  6. What's the story with Wilkie? Is he done for the year?
  7. My only problem with it is that the team seems to score too few goals when it's on. I'm sure next year nchc.tv will have resolved this glitch. I have nchc.tv and fubo.tv (cbssports) primarily to watch Sioux hockey. They both work fine.
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