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  1. Thank you Blackheart for all the work you've put into this. I'm not through them all yet but I'll get there.
  2. I been waiting for this one. Thank you Sir!
  3. Good job. How did the bully turn out?
  4. Sioux vs BC, 2000 Championship game now streaming on NCAA Hockey facebook page. And will probably be available after. https://www.facebook.com/ncaahockey/videos/2843339669120695/
  5. Courtesy of a BU guy on USCHO, 1997 Championship game, Sioux vs BU https://drive.google.com/open?id=1S8PMcsZGHRPW9Up2SuWbf1j0tJQaf2Vs
  6. Yep. Goalie's skate raised it some and it looked like it wasn't flat to the ice to begin with.
  7. I'm relatively new to Sioux nation so loving these old games. This one had a Colby Genoway "goal" waved off after BC goalie Cory Schneider complained that there's no way it went through the goal opening. @ 6:20 left in the 2nd. And what a penalty kill, bunch of 5 on 3 time and BC went 0-9. Jordan Parise was great.
  8. That was the game streamed yesterday on NCAA hockey's Facebook page. Still available... https://m.facebook.com/ncaahockey/videos/275000860179038/?ref=page_internal&__tn__=*s*s-R
  9. This is my first time on twitch. The sound comes thru fine but the video is essentially a frozen screen that occasionally refreshes. Tried 3 browsers. Any hints??
  10. That's an excellent choice Stack. I'm gonna go out on a limb here. Senden scored in both Omaha games in Jan. He's got them figured out. And he's gotta be hungry for a couple more. Mark Senden
  11. Jackson Blake from Eden Prairie. Saw them play in the semi's. Definitely one of their key players. Put one in from behind the net. Edit... he's not "prospective". He is a recruit.
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