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  1. Ben Holden doing pxp, Ohio State vs Mich State on B1G network.
  2. Tim will keep you updated... https://www.iheart.com/live/961-the-fox-1681/
  3. UMD vs SCSU on ch 9.2 in the twin cities. UMD up 1-0 early.
  4. From a browser, make sure your not blocking ads.
  5. Roku app looks completely different today. They've totally changed the user interface. I was able to pull up yesterdays archived games. Trying to open "highlights" or "condensed games" sent me back to the roku main screen. We'll see what happens here shortly I guess.
  6. They re-enabled the auto renew after the schedule was announced. Mine auto renewed and I'm currently streaming the first game's feed.
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