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  1. Where are you staying?
  2. I am sure there will be long lines. The Vegas game was ridiculous. They advertised 12 bars but they included all the bars inside the casino. The lines outside were a good half hour wait. There were 3 bars outside for about 2,500-3,000 people.
  3. I probably asked but if I did I don't remember the answer - are you going to the game?
  4. Anybody a taker at $50 each? If not I will donate them to Nashville youth hockey.
  5. I don't think Climate Pledge Arena will sell a lot of beer. Domestic can $13. Premium can $14. Mixed drink $16. Water $7. Seattle pricing.
  6. All great results/scores. Did they not allow goalies in the DU game?
  7. Thanks for the feedback all!
  8. OK Siouxsports, I need some help. Here is the situation. Party of four. I hoped we could enter the arena together - tickets are on my phone. Problem is the CLEAR app. One of the people in our party doesn't have a smart phone, so no CLEAR app. So he has to go to a different entrance and show his vaccination card, but then doesn't have a ticket and has to wait (latest info says at least 30 minute delay) in line. His wife has the CLEAR app on her phone but it doesn't look like a phone will let you enter two people on the CLEAR app on one phone. So she could go with him if she loads the Ticketbastard app and I transfer tickets to her. She tried to enter his info on her ipad but that didn't work either (she has an iphone). So here is what it looks like: 1) Bite the bullet and I transfer tickets to her phone and they wait in the 30 minute line. 2) He bites the bullet and buys a smart phone and downloads the CLEAR app - not likely to happen. 3) We find someone that has two phones and loans him a phone and he downloads the CLEAR app. 4) All four of us go to the 30 minute line. 5) We say screw it, this has turned into a major pain in the ass and give away the tickets. Given that there aren't even mask requirements at nearly any place in Nashville, the requirements to get in the arena appear very draconian, but it's their ball so we play by their rules or go home. Suggestions?
  9. It's OK. Some of us have that problem from time to time too.
  10. I gotta disagree. That was THE WORST non-call ever.
  11. Tough loss but hopefully lesson learned - just have play 60 minutes every game. I think this is a good team but it will take a while to be a great team.
  12. lol- have you been watching college hockey for more than two minutes?
  13. Yeah I think a note to Fenton is in order. After eight years I would like to think that DU could put up something at least watchable. Maybe hire a couple high school kids.
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