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  1. The only poll I want to see the team ranked number one in is the one after the Frozen Four. Let another team have that target on their backs.
  2. In some ways the start to this year is similar to the first half of the season. They found ways to win, unlike last season when they found ways to lose. But they have not played as well as in the first half. The Friday game against UAH was in doubt until about 3 minutes left in the game. The Saturday game was in doubt until the third period. Last Saturday's win could have easily gone south if not for 3 (or 4) pipes that Omaha hit. So chalk it up to the mystical puck luck?
  3. Practically giving away those beers. How was the game? Pretty decent players?
  4. He is very skilled but makes some dumb plays, like the cross check he made last night. Reminds me of Luke Johnson - gets frustrated and ends up in the box.
  5. Thanks for posting the link. I just watched a few minutes. USA was up 2-1 when I started watching and it is now 5-1. Pinto with an assist on the last goal.
  6. Since the game will be sold out I could see that happening.
  7. I missed on lower bowl also. I can't believe all the seats that looked available last night were not available this morning. I hate ticketbastard.
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