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  1. I was leaning towards SCSU but reading a few posts that reminded me of their over-the-top stance on the Sioux name and their butt hurtedness when they weren't initially invited to join the NCHC has me reconsidering. I like the idea of keeping the trophy in the conference though. And I'm not a fan of an east coast school winning. Can they go about 8 OTs and call it a tie?
  2. And then he hit him in the back with his stick as he skated away
  3. My sister's neighbor's cousin's gardener said he going to Denver.
  4. That was not a good game for him. He is better than he played today.
  5. So now I have to root for SCSU. I think I threw up a little.
  6. I noticed that earlier. It also shows Ford at UND. Has there been an announcement that I missed?
  7. Wy wud u make a coment lik that?
  8. Pinto is an elite player. Not a lot of guys that can score like him and play a 200 foot (cough Caufield cough) game. Light it up in the NHL!
  9. There would have been torches and pitchforks here!
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