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    Fair enough, there is always a component of people that raise their hand during the initial planning process but are nowhere to be found when it's go time. However it's naive to think that a certain percentage of people aren't going because instead of fading away arbitrary rules/restrictions are still being generated (like Vegas opening up and then going back to masks). Maybe the rules change again and you need to be vaccinated AND have a negative test 72 hours before? Maybe children under 12 aren't allowed in at all because they aren't vaccinated? Maybe a new variant is identified that JnJ doesn't work against so they say only Moderna and Pfizer count. No one wants the goal posts getting moved again a week before they fly in.
  2. TheFlop


    Only if the event is cancelled. The Bridgestone Arena vax mandate in and of itself might not be the sole factor scaring people away. However it may have some people thinking "what's next?".
  3. TheFlop


    This. That is the point I probably didn't do it he best job of explaining. I honestly believe things would be very different with an impartial media.......but they latched onto this issue and (imo) are bullying whoever they can into compliance.
  4. TheFlop


    I always enjoy how people pick and choose when they want to enforce property/business rights and when they don't. Definitely happens both ways, but the pendulum is way overextended one way at the time being. I would say that I hope that the same people currently gloating because they are getting their way are just as accepting when the pendulum swings back the other way.....but my suspicion is they won't.
  5. TheFlop


    A guest essay in the Washington Post? Sounds unbiased to me. Come on be better than that.
  6. TheFlop


    At least one pharmacy that I am aware of has Moderna shots on demand so the timeline isn't an issue if someone wants to comply. The issue of whether complying should be necessary belongs in the thread that is closed.
  7. TheFlop


    Florida has basically peaked by letting it rip South Dakota style. The rest of the South is soon to follow. Not an argument of whether that was the right way to do it.....but the sooner the hump/peak passes the better chance things will be lightened up come Oct 30.
  8. TheFlop


    Sounds like a facility worried about liability. There is no way that a bunch of part time event staff will be able to tell real/fake cards or so the math. However, by at least putting forth the good faith effort they are hoping to avoid super spreader press.
  9. It will be like a Dickies was minus the horrible access.......
  10. The whole point of NDSU and UND are the physical experience they provide. Poor leadership that encourages students to come to campus only to be stuck in a dorm with 100% online classes (last year) or that enacts a mask mandate after students had already arrived will impact enrollment. You take away too much of that experience, students will just stay home and go online to a better and/or cheaper school than NDSU/UND. Maybe that is already happening.
  11. Has a player that was a captain one season not been "voted" back as captain the next season? Seems like it's kind of a default type of deal. And keep in mind the "friction" would have happened after he already had the captain-ship given to him.
  12. As for Weatherby's shot at playing in the NHL, is he really any better than a player like Poganski was? Seems like a similar decent AHL player that can't quite make it in the NHL type player but who knows.
  13. This. Whether it's taking a knee or jumping ship a month before the season starts, losing a me first player might not be the loss everyone is thinking it will be.
  14. Bingo. They were very open ended from what I recall, and especially in Bochenski's case I think it was worlds worst kept secret that he wasn't coming back even before he made it official.
  15. Road construction needs to have more timeliness incentives/disincentives built into the contracts. If you aren't a big enough/competent enough company to tackle a project like that and have it done in a couple months then don't bid on it or else you can expect to take a hit in the pocketbook.
  16. That's always a possibility. Though Sandy took the ridiculously small Kobe Roth from Warroad and turned him into a 2 time national champion and a productive college player. Makes one wonder what he can do with the higher end talent that Shaugs possesses.
  17. Service academies are extremely tough to get into. Miller needs an enlistment in the Army instead as that would possibly knock some sense into him.
  18. Ditto. Limited job market unless you want to be paid below market or develop carpal tunnel at one of the three big production plants.........artificially high housing costs due to two guys owning all the land around town and also including the two biggest realtors..........UND is still a big positive but Grand Forks needs more
  19. It's the world we live in now......one where a 5/4 majority flipping back to 4/5 matters more than actual results in the job.
  20. With the new Swedish goalie coming this fall, a sign that Kaleb Johnson never makes it to campus?
  21. Yep, I hope they just don't cut any corners or scale it back too much. West Fargo nailed it.
  22. If it's anything close to what West Fargo did it will be a home run.
  23. Sadly that is the direction things are headed. Pretty soon no one will be able to do anything unless there is 100% guarantee that nothing adverse could potentially happen to them once they leave their basement.
  24. TheFlop


    Berry was home tonight watching the guy that eliminated him two weeks ago so a little hard to argue he still had the better season....... none of the Frozen Four teams were flukes this year so someone has to lose.
  25. Wow, have never seen a weaker effort in OT than what Duluth just put forth. Dominate regular time, and didn't come out of the locker room for OT
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