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  1. What was the final LM Windpower positive rally? 145 positives? Based on doom and gloom predictions that should have led to what...10-15 deaths? And since only half of the employees were tested maybe double that to 20-30 deaths? You know why that didn't happen? Because that's not the easiest job in the world and it requires a certain level of health/physical activity for the most part. Once again proving the point that healthy people should have never been faced with this ridiculous quarantine. You had 800 employees in a petri dish.....almost all certainly exposed to Covid at some point there....and yet bodies aren't strewn all over the parking lot. This stopped being about stopping the spread of the virus at least a month ago if not longer. Lock down the long term care facilities..... impose the strictest controls on employees that work there....those with weakened immune systems are more than aware of the risks and that Covid isn't their only worry.....let the other 99% of the country get back to living life.
  2. Take the bad 2017-2018 flu season when 79k people died from it.......and add in the extra Covid-19 level of hyper-sensitivity in counting deaths which would shoot that number much higher .....and you have our current Covid-19 situation (minus the crashed economy of course). The doctors that keep refusing to take a big picture perspective of this virus are just as guilty as any leadership or media entity is in my opinion. 700 of your medical brothers and sisters just lost their jobs in largely unaffected ND and most of MN......but yet few doctors are willing to speak up against the ridiculousness of it all.
  3. For those that are obsessed with hating Trump, I hope you realize that the states that are solidly in his corner come November are already open. NY and CA can do whatever they want because their vote is already known. However, for Trump to win again taking states like Michigan and Wisconsin will go a long way. And the whiny b*tch governor's in those states are making it awfully easy for people to vote Trump when they see their leaders constantly moving the goalposts and making arbitrary decisions like visiting the Home Depot is fine but kids playing baseball isn't
  4. I could be wrong, but I don't recall states routinely stating flu deaths as one number (before the outbreak is even done)......only to significantly revise the number downward like Colorado did once it was determined how many people Covid truly killed. On an unrelated note, at least we don't hear of any flu deaths or pneumonia deaths since the Covid pandemic hit.
  5. I realize that and you missed the point....the point is that there hasn't been alot of effort put in by the "just one lifers" to differentiate 100 year old people that died of heart failure that happened to also be asymptomatic Covid-19 positive. So why the worry about gathering more detail about mail forwarding in NYC? It happened during the Covid-19 epidemic....must have been caused by Covid.
  6. Why break it down? Let's just go under the assumption that since it occurred during Covid-19.....that it was Covid-19 related. Isn't that how the body count nationwide is currently being figured?
  7. Ahhhhhh......getting a little sensitive now that you realize that the collateral damage of Covid is going to be multiples more serious than Covid actually was? Your tired old everything is Trump's fault is the equivalent of the ODoyle family chanting ODoyle rules as their station wagon goes off the cliff in Billy Madison.
  8. If roads statewide had be even closed this could have been prevented.
  9. What's it like to be afraid of your own shadow?
  10. https://m.startribune.com/cyber-exploitation-of-kids-surges-under-quarantine/570550402/ Even though kids are at virtually no risk of catching Covid......they get to suffer an increased rate of sexual exploitation because of being quarantined. Just one life.
  11. His estimate was closer than the national health experts in the media have thrown out there
  12. One other question, since all of the Covid models are consistently being changed and revised downward....and the economy only tanked due to those flawed models......does that mean MafiaMan gets his job back?
  13. Your posts are actually pretty good when you stick to comedy.
  14. Can you guarantee me that if I wear a Covid blocking mask that my elderly grandparents won't die of old age, cardiac arrest, won't develop Alzheimer's, and won't be severely hurt in a fall? Because if not, it seems like all this testing and wearing a mask crap are only saving them from a very small percentage of ailments that could kill them and it is coming at a very high cost to society.
  15. Just to be extra super duper I'm gonna wear a mask when I'm by myself safe is it too early to start talking about the 3rd wave? I like to plan ahead.
  16. To the just one lifers out there.....when comparing Covid-19 to past US war body counts, at least try and be accurate. During the Civil War, WW2, pretty much any war, the vast majority of deaths were in the 18-45/50 age range and were perfectly healthy individuals....otherwise the military wouldn't have let them join. How many perfectly healthy people has COVID-19 taken in that same age group?
  17. It was meant more for those that don't have one of the best 10 year old hockey players on the continent. A little different deal comparing local camps....full of local kids....versus invitationals that involve flying kids in from around the us and Canada
  18. East Grand Forks just cancelled their June hockey camps.........80% of deaths are elderly/long term care patients but the young people that are almost entirely unaffected by Covid keep paying the price.
  19. Unfortunately I find some of the Brits coverage of the US more objective than much of what is found in the US.
  20. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-coronavirus-real-death-toll-covid-29-cases-a9504911.html So assuming these numbers are even close to accurate, show me a Covid-19 death and I'll show you someone with heart disease or some similar condition that was too afraid of the media created hysteria to seek treatment........but don't forget the added bonus of a crashed economy.
  21. Just like with Covid.....the lives cited in your link could have almost all been saved if just only young and middle aged people had just stayed at home for the rest of their lives.
  22. Wild Hog was very poorly run. Too many owners, none of which had any restaurant experience, and because it was basically a hobby instead of their primary source of income they never seemed to put any effort into learning.
  23. I suppose it is alot to ask of a certain segment to objectively look at the Covid situation when they are still butt hurt about an election that occurred 3.5 years ago.
  24. I thought there were none today?
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