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  1. How many college hockey teams actually make money? That's what scares me.
  2. LM and Philadelphia Macaroni.......but been some big losses to like Wells Concrete. I wonder if that 600 jobs is a net number that takes that into account.
  3. Unfortunately it's gotten to the point where you can't have a talk about UND sports without also discussing politics......since politics is what is threatening to impact/cancel UND sports
  4. Unfortunately this is likely how the season will end, before it even gets started. College hockey can absorb the loss of the Ivy league schools but if even a few more pull the plug there won't be enough teams left to fill the gap. Ivy league players most likely won't jump ship because of the prestigious education they get there.......but high end recruits aren't gonna just sit around UND forever hoping that there will eventually be some form of a college season.
  5. Using the word systemic = an attempt to use stereotypes without being shouted down. If you want to make it in the US, you typically can regardless of your background. It's not always easy, but it is possible.
  6. Ah yes....the polls. Wait until November. The silent majority is waiting in the wings again, just like 2016. Once again, the Dems just needed to throw someone normal up and they would win with ease....and they failed.
  7. Lol, keep telling yourself that. He keeps doing what he wants when he wants and the left just can't stop crying. He's not always right but the inability of his opponents to be the bigger person is laughable.....and it's precisely what's gonna get him re-elected.
  8. Maybe different with sporting events, but with most of the big concerts that have been affected, cancelled = immediate refund and postponed = your choice of keeping ticket for the rescheduled event or getting refund. However with the postponement it can get tricky. You only have 30 days from the day the new date is announced to declare your refund. If no new date is immediately announced then the 30 day window starts 60 days after the initial postponement is announced. Would UND "postpone" the event until 2022 leaving alot of people's money in limbo for 2 years?
  9. Not necessarily just a past character issue....... the article alluded to the fact that he and his family/representation haven't been real forthcoming with prospective draft teams ( and that he hasn't come across well in interviews). It's ironic because he is essentially replacing someone that despite what some saw as underperformance, was a very likable guy (Tychonik)......who was pretty open and gracious even after he all but publicly announced that he wasn't good enough to get the playing time that he wanted at UND. Win baby win.
  10. I'd drop him but I realize that won't happen. I hope he still gets drafted high so there's a better chance of him moving on quicker. If it was "just" some name calling it could be chalked up to being young and dumb. Years of torment that included hitting a handicap kid? That's being wired differently.
  11. Is it possible to have much of anything well documented by members of a reality TV show?
  12. If the same hypersensitivity tracking data was used each flu season as has been used for Covid the results would be much similar
  13. Pete Haga has his food truck to fall back on. Just need to sell more bottles of water.
  14. Agreed. Bochenski doesn't win without David peeling off some of Browns left/downtown/artsy-fartsy votes. Still might not win, but that is his path to victory.
  15. All the more reason to question the legitimacy of the WHO. I'm sure the doctor that spilled the beans in the CNBC article has paid a price for not sticking to the narrative.
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