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  1. $30 a month or over $100 for a year? Ouch lol. Hope that YouTube stream gets rolling
  2. 7 years is more than enough time to provide either results and/or excitement. The results haven't been there by any measure you want to employ. The excitement by and large hasn't been there for most of the second halves of any of his seasons. Attend the next UND home game and try saying with a straight face that a change isn't needed. D1 isn't the participation ribbon league. At some point you have to produce.
  3. So because you found one other school that waited 15 years for a coach to get results UND should too?
  4. Lol.....that's good stuff. Even if they run the table 3 losses isn't a guarantee for playoffs. And frankly UND hasn't shown any indication a running of the table is coming.
  5. Depends on what you want from a football team. Continued 6-5 to maybe 8-3 type seasons with unimaginative play calling and early playoff dismissals then Bubba is your guy. If that is all that it takes to keep you happy nothing wrong with that, but then don't wonder why you can sprawl out over as many seats as you want at home games because no one is there.
  6. And just like that UND football guarantees the last 3 home games will be half full stadiums at best. Gotta move on from Bubba.
  7. A loss here necessitates a change at the top. Just like with Mussman, every year you hold on hoping for something different is a year longer it will take the new guy to potentially fix it.
  8. TheFlop

    The Yotes

    People will be happy just to see Bubba's team on the other teams 39 after last week.
  9. Hopefully UND has beefed up their lines. The last games that UND has played NDSU despite what any "listed" weights have shown, the eye test has made it clear NDSU has different type athletes than UND does in the trenches.
  10. Lol......that's good stuff.
  11. Anything 10 or less is like printing money. Surprised it's that tight.
  12. TheFlop


    Me too. I think everyone would love to get back to going to games without all of it. Problem is that some people are obsessed with keeping Covid a current thing and not trying to accept that it isn't going away and moving forward.
  13. TheFlop


    Ok. Of course you aren't. Medical experts have been flip flopping from day 1 so I get to clarify one statement. CDCs own website talks about human to animal transmission occurring though at the current moment the risk of spreading from animals to human is "low". Or aren't we listening to the CDC anymore?........of course if animal to human transmission potential was really that "low".....none of this would have happened assuming the lab leak theory is wrong.
  14. TheFlop


    Soooooo you do realize that Worldometer is basically a Wikipedia like site? You really think that is more accurate than a state public health department's official data?
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