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  1. The majority of the money that the Boardwalk took was from unofficially forgiveable flood loans if I recall correctly.
  2. Distractions are never a good thing. There are enough unavoidable distractions that will pop up over he course of a season that there is no reason to add an avoidable one early on, which is unfortunately what a few players decided to create. Still too early to panic but due to the non-standard season they don't have the leeway they used to have to figure things out.
  3. Yeah it's annoying because Scheel can let in a softy and most games will still turn out ok. Kierstad can get his pocket picked late deep in his own zone in the 3rd and often things will still be ok. Unfortunately they both happened in the same game last night and most nights neither of those will happen.
  4. League titles? Sounds like something St Cloud State would say. Natty's or bust #gfhockey
  5. Weatherby has to put that away in OT. Also in SO all 3 UMD players got a shot off. UND's first two players didn't. Tough to score that way.
  6. They are going to need a few white guys there so Antifa can be blamed if things get out of control.
  7. Surprised Schlossman hasn't chimed in yet with an article pointing out that those that didn't lock arms or put a hand on the kneelers shoulders must not support racial justice.
  8. The vast majority of hockey players haven't even had a black teammate.
  9. Why not? Since we are opening this up to individual expression instead of keeping it an actual team sporting event..... With all of the individual causes being pushed let the players go out there 1 on 1 to decide the game. Why even have a team?
  10. I think another thing that is lost in this is the precedent it sets. Why not fake hurl during intros to protest world hunger? Why not skate over to the color guard and grab your crotch in protest of US wars in the Middle East? Give the middle finger to any police you see in the stands to protest police brutality? It's their right to free speech right?
  11. It's amazing the number of people that think freedom of speech means freedom from consequences. Due to the current political climate it would never happen, but JBD and Weatherby do have the freedom to do what they want during the national anthem......but since they are representing UND, Brad Berry would also have the freedom to bench them for a game because of it.
  12. I'm not saying that UND doesn't have mostly high character kids (now that Miller is gone)....but don't think for a second that there are many kids from blue collar families suiting up for the team today. That is just naive. Even at the lower levels hockey is now a sport that poor kids can't touch. To hit the elite levels and play in all of the extra camps and leagues that every UND player played in, you don't have alot that came from families where both parents were slugging away for $30-40k a year.
  13. This. Although we all know that racism doesn't exist in Canada (cough cough), I doubt he would do this before a WJC game being hosted in Canada.
  14. 1) Insist that people don't ignore your views but that you shouldn't have to listen to theirs? Nope. 2-5 already happening with pro sports. People have described UND hockey as basically a pro sport. Be careful what you wish for.
  15. Was reference to NDSU. Maybe I misunderstood you were referencing a different school. But in NDSUs example, players represent the team, players choose to engage in activity that people aren't happy with, donors aren't obligated to donate if activity makes them unhappy, football team gets punished with less money.
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