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  1. I'm not a huge fan of newly opened anonymous Twitter accounts throwing out accusations. But combined with some of the other speculation out there (and coaches handling of him in-season) it is at a minimum interesting. Rather specific and quite a bit different than the usual traitor-like comments that people like to throw at transfers.
  2. It was men against boys tonight. Can flip that tomorrow, but like the post game said, this is a team that has to bring their lunch pail with to win each night. They aren't talented enough to have much margin for error.
  3. That's right, my bad. I forgot that a barely above .500 career record and making the playoffs 3 out of 8 years is good enough for some fans.
  4. Bubba would have had to actually make the playoffs first
  5. Boy would another $500k loan that gets "forgotten" about for the next 20 years and only needs to be partially repaid come in handy about now.
  6. Keep being happy with a stale old coach that will guarantee the program is never anything more than a game over .500 team and a 1st round exit from the playoffs.
  7. There was a time when 5-6 and losing to all of the Dakota schools would be considered a bad season. Reminds me of the SNL skit Lowered Expectations.
  8. UND players need one more score to take the game out of their coaches hands at the end.
  9. With a few breaks could have been closer to 50 yards.
  10. Looks like a late arriving crowd today
  11. God heard talk about a glass roof so he could see the game today ......so he made it snow to cover the view.
  12. A horrible play call is the difference. 100% right call by officials unfortunately. Don't bail Freund and Bubba out.
  13. Are you for real? How does Freund/Bubba keep doing this?
  14. You get 3 streams too so you could always split it with 2 buddies to defray the cost.
  15. Just wait until people don't even bother stopping by........
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