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  1. Service academies are extremely tough to get into. Miller needs an enlistment in the Army instead as that would possibly knock some sense into him.
  2. Ditto. Limited job market unless you want to be paid below market or develop carpal tunnel at one of the three big production plants.........artificially high housing costs due to two guys owning all the land around town and also including the two biggest realtors..........UND is still a big positive but Grand Forks needs more
  3. It's the world we live in now......one where a 5/4 majority flipping back to 4/5 matters more than actual results in the job.
  4. With the new Swedish goalie coming this fall, a sign that Kaleb Johnson never makes it to campus?
  5. Yep, I hope they just don't cut any corners or scale it back too much. West Fargo nailed it.
  6. If it's anything close to what West Fargo did it will be a home run.
  7. Sadly that is the direction things are headed. Pretty soon no one will be able to do anything unless there is 100% guarantee that nothing adverse could potentially happen to them once they leave their basement.
  8. TheFlop


    Berry was home tonight watching the guy that eliminated him two weeks ago so a little hard to argue he still had the better season....... none of the Frozen Four teams were flukes this year so someone has to lose.
  9. Wow, have never seen a weaker effort in OT than what Duluth just put forth. Dominate regular time, and didn't come out of the locker room for OT
  10. Duluth has dominated this game.
  11. This. Thome is a pretty good goalie that has shown he can hang at this level. I hope to be proved wrong, but I think Johnson becoming a starting D1 goalie is far from a sure thing.
  12. It's almost as if people have been completely shielding their immune systems in a lockbox for the last year which has made it not as proficient as normal fighting off even basic viruses like colds..........
  13. Good question......but I assume if that was the case MN wouldn't have had a news article about 89 fully vaccinated people testing positive for the virus. It would just be a given that anyone vaccinated will test positive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.wdio.com/articles/minnesota-breakthrough-cases-infected-covid-19-after-fully-vaccinated-6053179.html
  14. Shut it down. The athletes are just getting messed with at this point anyways with all the testing requirements. Fully vaccinated people are clearly still getting tested (and popping positive) close contact this close contact that and they would have a high likelihood of getting any playoff game ripped out from under them anyways. As Gunny Highway said in Heartbreak Ridge "Don't give the ***** the satisfaction". Any player that has any chance of signing a rookie free agent/tryout contract with an NFL team would be crazy to play right now anyways. They get hurt and they wouldn't be healed by training camp.
  15. Yes. They actually know which kid at WBL was a positive. The lawsuit broke down by player the actual amount of time that each Hill Murray player spent next to that kid during the game and most were less than a minute. Beyond ridiculous. Honest question though, is there any chance some gamesmanship was involved in the Hermantown and Hill Murray DQs? I'm sure WBL is getting sick of seeing private school Hill Murray keep them out of the tournament every year.....and frankly high school hockey players are not known as frequent testers.......same could be said of Hermantown and all the schools up that way that are sick of Hermantown sandbagging in class A. Just a thought.
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