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  1. That's kind of what I thought. Bread seemed so dense that you could hardly taste the filling ala Subway style.
  2. Still good, but definitely not cheap anymore unless you catch a special. The booze is still reasonable though.
  3. Did Red Pepper tinker with their bread again?
  4. Nailed it. The announcer at the UND games sounds like an auctioneer trying to cram as many announcements/ads in as possible anytime play stops. Not sure how much of that is mandated of him and how much it's him liking the sound of his own voice.
  5. In 5 years UND will either be like the 1997 team that won with a bunch of skilled midgets or else they will have two forward lines filled with Dixen Bowen clones.
  6. Only one of the Panzer kids so far......need to get Jay's kid committed too. Then there is an Ulmer kid a few years younger yet....gotta lock him up too. Then the only other thing needed is hope that college hockey bans any players over 5'10" and 175 lbs. Then UND will be set for success in 5-6 years.
  7. UMD lost 2 non conference games all year....UND lost two to Canisius .....the gap is larger than people want to believe.
  8. Once again, to be objective one should really look at Sandelins record since the Amsoil opened up. Since then he has been lights out. The old DECC was a horribly outdated facility. Sandelin proves that a good coach should be able to win with nice facilities.
  9. Hey, at least UND played the national champion close in a regular season game two years in a row.........
  10. My condolences to Jdub and Teeder.
  11. Sandelin building up quite the resume since the program got a decent facility. Has done so while dealing with some early departures.....so maybe early departures aren't the excuse that some on this board would have you to believe.
  12. Kennedy and his baseless claims of sexism and racism did way more harm to UND than this silly forum. Try again
  13. Was wondering who would get pushed back another year with Michaud coming in. Isn't Rizzo high end enough where that might not be something he wants to do?
  14. Senden came in good, now let's see if he continues to develop. Kierstad is a defenseman so don't change the subject, by most accounts the Dmen on this team have not been the issue. Guch has performed as expected. He came in expected to score some but 10 goals as an older sophomore is solid but not setting the world on fire. That being said I like Guch as a 2nd line scorer type option.
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