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  1. TheFlop

    2019 Season

    2 home games in November when weather can be dicey.....those could be some real ugly games in terms of tailgating/attendance with the annual Bubba nosedive having already started.
  2. TheFlop

    EWU Game Day!

    This is Bubba's 6th year.....and anyone that believes this program is much ahead of when he took over is delusional. A change is needed. Get ready for another season of 1/2 empty Alerus Center as UND muddles through another 6-5 season.
  3. Keaton Thompson was an early cut at Wild camp. https://www.nhl.com/wild/news/wild-reduces-camp-0918718/c-300191296
  4. If that's anything but a photoshop job it's an embarrassment to UND.
  5. One school believes in continued excellence......and the other believes in continued mediocrity. The gap is just as big as it was in 2015. Bubba needs to go if UND ever wants to be more than a 6-5 or 7-4 team.
  6. JJ needed 30 carries in this game to have a chance to win. He's a beast and by far UNDs best back.
  7. Too many points. 20 point game for sure but NDSU will take the foot off the gas in 2nd half like last game.
  8. That's kind of what I thought. Bread seemed so dense that you could hardly taste the filling ala Subway style.
  9. Still good, but definitely not cheap anymore unless you catch a special. The booze is still reasonable though.
  10. Did Red Pepper tinker with their bread again?
  11. Nailed it. The announcer at the UND games sounds like an auctioneer trying to cram as many announcements/ads in as possible anytime play stops. Not sure how much of that is mandated of him and how much it's him liking the sound of his own voice.
  12. In 5 years UND will either be like the 1997 team that won with a bunch of skilled midgets or else they will have two forward lines filled with Dixen Bowen clones.
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