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  1. No but the guy that sold him the heroin knew a guy that knew a guy that heard about someone with 4 underlying conditions that died from coronavirus after having been denied admittance at 3 different hospitals because they were full and out of ventilators. Better put it in the Covid column.
  2. It seems a little desperate how certain officials are now trying to pump up the number of deaths by estimating how many are happening at home without being reported. For every unreported death that Covid caused at home.......how many people on their hospital deathbed for other other ailments are being classified as Covid because that was the last malady they happened to be diagnosed with?
  3. 5G.....just to stay on topic......someone asked me if I would take the Zith/Malaria drug combination given that a non-medical person has been it's biggest proponent in the media. The short answer was yes as long as my doctor said I was a good candidate. The longer answer would be given the evidence of it's effectiveness that is out there, I would take it even if the cover of the package had a photo of Robert Kelley, Mark Kennedy, Redneksioux, and Pete Haga holding hands together.
  4. https://nypost.com/2020/04/05/ny-coronavirus-patients-being-treated-with-anti-malarial-drug/ 4,000 people in NY being treated with it. Doctor's starting to believe in it?
  5. Must be having some trouble with the death count not growing as exponentially as some predicted (5G and non 5G related Corona cases of course). https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/coronavirus-death-toll-americans-are-almost-certainly-dying-of-covid-19-but-being-left-out-of-the-official-count/2020/04/05/71d67982-747e-11ea-87da-77a8136c1a6d_story.html
  6. Amazing how many people are afraid of taking a 360 view of this topic.
  7. Or maybe the mods could deal more with the 2-3 members that can't debate with logic and instead go on over-emotional rants instead.
  8. You call that staying on topic? Lol. Anyways once again there is a certain group of people that are unwilling or incapable of taking a big picture view. People die everyday. On one extreme end, a complete hands off approach would have led to a significantly larger number of people dying. On the other end, a complete totalitarian approach would have been to wrap every persons residence is plastic wrap, punch a few holes in the top for air, and not let them leave (hint, we are alot closer to this option than option 1). You don't collapse the economy and potentially society for 1 person. You don't do it for 2 people.....where is that line? Keeping in mind that there are many maladies in the US (flu, obesity, diabetes, you name it) that kill a large number of people EVERY year, not just once every 5-6 years. Think of how many obese people you could save by leaving restaurants closed? Or closing down Pepsi and Coke? You can take targeted preventative measures without collapsing everything. Does stay at home guidance make sense for dense areas like NYC and Minneapolis? Probably. Does it make sense for Nimrod, MN? No. Does it make sense to shut off visitors from nursing homes during this (like happens during other respiratory disease outbreaks)? Probably. Meanwhile at least one hotline is announcing a 300% increase in suicide calls....and the money related stress issues will far outlast corona......https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/mar/26/mental-health-experts-fear-coronavirus-anxiety-may/
  9. Unfortunately many of the same people that tell you not to specialize.....are the same ones renting summer ice on a regular basis for their own kids. I agree that this can often lead to burnout, but that seems to hit more as they progress through middle school. By then, how many potential late bloomers already quit because they got discouraged that the A teams were already predetermined each year by.....you guessed it....the kids that skated year round while the potential late bloomer was playing baseball.
  10. China is only reporting people that test positive and that show symptoms. Since many people have mild to no symptoms those people aren't being reported which causes underreporting. Regardless of which side of this issue people come down on in the US, not believing what China says on this should be pretty universal .
  11. If the 78 out of 80 France number is correct that is huge....since it's not like they are giving the cocktail to people with zero symptoms.
  12. Keep telling yourself that. Just like last time there is a large but silent majority.
  13. Liberals (not all, but many) that won't give Trump credit for anything, and that have been complaining for the last 3+ years, thought that Covid was finally the ticket they had been waiting for to end his chance at re-election. The MSM jumped on board too and tried to turn what admittedly is an issue that warrants attention.....into an all out the world is ending panic situation that is all Trump's fault. The ironic thing is that it's going to backfire and instead it will guarantee Trump's re-election. Since they have already established that the Covid issue is all Trump's responsibility.....when the actual deaths nationwide are much fewer than experts predicted....Trump will be able to take all the credit. War time President's typically fair well, especially successful ones. Between that and the Democrats somehow once again not being able to put forth a viable candidate after having 3+ years to find one, you are looking at another 4 years of Trump. Making something a bigger deal than it needed to be makes overcoming said issue seem equally as big.
  14. I found it interesting that Trump put a number on what success might look like when he said if we keep the death count to 100,000 it was a success (leaving himself open to criticism that anything over that by default would not be a success). Yes his mouth gets out in from of his brain on a regular basis........but I'd be betting on the under right now.
  15. Another interesting development....Dems now apparently getting on board with border security. https://news.yahoo.com/rhode-island-police-hunt-down-211405349.html
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