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  1. UND trying their darndest to get fully online.......test baby test baby 1-2-3.....test baby test baby 1-2-3 .......another mass testing event today. They wanted me to pass on the word to Oxbow that they appreciate his full tuition paid this semester. Without his support all of this testing would not have been possible. https://und.edu/covid-19/testing
  2. Good for them. https://www.inforum.com/news/education/6681877-Fargo-students-parents-rally-against-distance-learning-We-should-be-in-school
  3. Romney is still sour grapes over not getting a chance to run again so I take anything he says with a grain of salt. I don't blame McCain for sticking up for her husband.
  4. If I was gay, and was going to be dropped out of a helicopter wearing a shirt that said "I'm really gay" I'd wanna be dropped outside the front door of the Blue Oyster Bar on Freddie Mercury tribute night rather than Poland or Saudi Arabia. Actually would prefer being dropped off out of a little Prius......but if a helicopter drop is the only way.....
  5. The election has definitely played a role in how it has been covered. I'm also generally supportive of medical professionals on an individual level but once those professionals become part of a larger group I am not blind to the potential conflicts of interest and politics that can come into play. The medical professionals that I've spoken to on a local level in ND (no, I haven't talked to Oxbow, but others) have all been pretty consistent in indicating that it's not something to take for granted, but as long as hospital capacity isn't an issue (which it isn't) it isn't something that should freak even moderately healthy people out either.
  6. I wasn't clear with my large gathering statement (my bad). I meant it in terms of there are no large events at Alerus/Fargodome/Civic Center....Grand Forks races were restricted in attendance...no large college sporting events minus the Bison scrimmage against UCA, schools have spaced kids out/cut attendance at extra curriculars (even though those same students pile into parties on weekend).
  7. Admittedly I might be the wrong person to ask about that. If you were contact tracing ebola good Lord would I be all on board with it. With Covid I've taken the attitude (and I am far from alone) that there is a good chance that any given person that I run into during the course of the day has it and could be contagious. I don't believe in imposing all sorts of complicated restrictions on asymptomatic healthy people. By this time the public has been educated, large gatherings have been stopped for the time being, whether the person in line with me at Hugo's has been contact traced or not has no bearing on how I am proceeding these days. If someone feels safer at home, I support that decision....and frankly they should be glad that the healthy are letting it run through them out in society because it's becoming clearer and clearer that some level of herd immunity is the only way the US will get back to normal.
  8. Within reason, yes. Keep certain limitations like no 10,000 person concerts, keep some social distancing efforts, etc, but by and large if people have learned anything yet it should be that this thing is going to go through the population. All that March - July/Aug did was delay the inevitable. Ask around, it's becoming easier and easier to find people that know they had it, describe it as a cold maybe even as a flu, but they stayed at home and didn't seek treatment/testing. I would love to see antibody test numbers......I think it's ripped through alot already.
  9. Almost no one gets rich off of W-2's. Barring some sort of change to a consumption tax (which has its own issues) you will never truly have people paying their fair share because of loopholes that will always be found.
  10. And yet barely over 100 non nursing home deaths in nearly 7 months.
  11. It doesn't excuse it, it does show a broken system, and maybe Trump is one of the worst examples (maybe not), but if someone thinks that any candidate that makes it to a presidential election is going to be much different when it comes to finances that person also believes that a thin piece of old t-shirt over their mouth is also gonna keep them safe from an aerosol virus. By the time you become a presidential candidate, you are no longer pulling in your money via earned income. Pick your candidate based on policy....don't be naive enough to think that when it comes to finances that you and 99.9% of America have anything in common with either candidate.
  12. So since over 1/2 the deaths are in Nursing homes just over one nursing home patient a day is dying in a nursing home in ND....who would have ever thought. Stay hunkered down in your bunker.
  13. 234 deaths coming up on 7 months now in ND ......over half in nursing homes....where even before Covid 1/2 of the people die in 6 months or less, most schools have been back for a month. We are witnessing the "solution" to this "problem" as we speak.
  14. Looks like a clean suit. Hayduke must not have crapped his pants due to his being outside yet when this photo was taken.
  15. Drive by Mike contributing nothing as usual.
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