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  1. The facility isn't perfect, but it's more than fine if the product on the field is good. Unfortunately UND is stuck in a rut of thinking that a guy that has never won a college playoff game in 10-11 years of being a head coach is the right guy to turn the team into a power.
  2. Shotgun Sally's in Grand Forks has always had spotty service. I've never been to a place that can have 4-5 bartenders moving around like they are busy but no one actually getting served drinks.
  3. Atta boy Bubba......keeping the Southern Illinois to UND coaching pipeline intact.
  4. #1 Pump the brakes on the Scheel is the best goalie in college hockey talk. He's good, but a long ways from great #2 UMD 11-3 in last 14 games against UND. Make no mistake about it, the road to #9 still goes through Duluth #3 Thome needs to start tomorrow and a win is more needed than UNDs record indicates.
  5. Yes. Look at all of of OC and DC picks. Not a one has been a threat to him due to ineptitude (Rudolph) or inexperience (Freund and Holinka).
  6. Bubba doesn't want to feel threatened.
  7. And who is responsible for getting them?
  8. No, was too busy watching a team that punts when it is late in the 4th quarter of a playoff game and they are down multiple scores.
  9. A young coach with creativity......wonder what that's like
  10. JMU with an even more feeble 1st defensive effort than NDSU
  11. Problem is that for every Montana St there's been 2-3 Idaho States under Bubba.
  12. Lol ok fan police. You should be in charge of UND Football advertising campaign....."Middle of the pack keeps Bubba coming back"
  13. A UND fan? Yes. A fan of the philosophy of the football team where they keep doing the same thing and expecting different results? No. Despite being second fiddle in town UND football has enough going for it where just being average should not be the expectation year after year.
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