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  1. Understood, and that might be true, but I think it would be FAR from the best spot for somewhat looking to get top six minutes. That's not to say I want to turn away any significant talent that wants to play for SCSU, just that I don't know why SCSU would be in the market for another scholarship defenseman for next season. Then again, if Kuster stays as a walk-on and Ahcan leaving opens up a scholarship... who knows.
  2. Actually, Huskies are pretty set at D next year according to my handy recruiting chart. • Kuster would be a redshirt senior next season, but he graduates this spring. He could also transfer for grad school and play right away. • Ahcan could leave because he'd get a great pro deal. Also, he's doing just fine in school, but he's not one of our academic studs. • Ziemer could get cut or delayed because he's one of Motzko's old recruits and he's not performing all that well in the BCHL. Even without the three above, there would STILL be seven defensemen who all deserve significant playing time. So in theory they could add another defenseman, but there's not that much of a need.
  3. If one of you heard a similar rumor going the other way, I'd want to hear about it. I figured I'd pay it forward.
  4. Out of respect for the player's privacy. They should be free to contemplate their decision without us rubes chiming in. If I knew it was 100% certain I'd absolutely say who it is. Of course, it's not 100% until the player has told both coaching staffs, which hasn't happened to my knowledge. If I learn that has happened I will break the news here first.
  5. Not confirming or denying anything about any particular player, but LOI's are void if a college decides to defer a recruit for a year. They are enforceable if the recruit decides to delay himself. Typically, a coach will commit a kid with the understanding of a "year of juniors". So, the kid skips his senior year of HS and signs his LOI while in his first year of juniors. Towards the end of the season the coach says "we'd like you to play a second year of juniors." Well, the kid doesn't want to wait, so he doesn't self-defer, so his LOI is unenforceable unless the coach brings him in.
  6. Someone who was debating between SCSU and UND before he committed to UND.
  7. Heard a rumor you guys might be losing a recruit to SCSU. Seemed like an odd fit to me, so I’m not sure how reliable it is. In theory, source should be very connected, so we’ll see.
  8. You seem like the pleasant sort of UND fan that doesn’t give his team’s fan base a bad reputation.
  9. They won’t make SCSU play UND first round in Fargo, so you have the power to send us east. That doesn’t bother me, just thought it was interesting.
  10. Thanks. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to GPL to enjoy some fresh schadenfreude.
  11. I can guarantee that the Huskies won't half-ass the series against UMD for many, many reasons. I'll be in attendance and I expect to see some very good games.
  12. Obviously I'm not a fan of UND, but I wouldn't mind their help clinching the NCHC title for SCSU this weekend, so I hope you beat UMD. Frankly, I kind of hope UND makes the NCHC tournament in St. Paul so that it's not dull as hell. So... good luck I guess? In contrast, I LOVED the old WCHA tournament when the Gophers didn't make it. I showered in schadenfreude before heading down to 7th Street on game day.
  13. He'll be committed somewhere before the fall signing date. Everybody is interested in him, but he'd be taking a big gamble to pass up on a guaranteed scholarship offer from a decent program in order to hold out for an offer from his dream school. UMN, UMD, SCSU and others all know this too, so my guess is that his dream school will likely oblige with an offer soon. That's not suggesting I know what his dream school is. Like most recruits, he might not know that until he's made a bunch of visits.
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