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    Sioux jerseys - Contact me if you have something you'd like to get rid of.

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  1. Big A HG


    Not fake, just an alternative option that Adidas put out as a replica style jersey. The jersey doesn't quite match the actual on-ice design with the striping and small details, but was a cost effective option for many. Adidas owned Reebok at the time.
  2. Big A HG


    I'm pretty sure I have a 52 with tags (my spreadsheet says I also have a blank white with tags). Just moved so have to dig out the jerseys. Wasn't looking to sell, so the price would have to be right.
  3. Big A HG


    Sioux-jersey.com.... I originally built the site for some friends and myself. We were struggling with a way of organizing all the jersey info that we wanted to be able to quickly recall. The site in its state that it was in wasn't too terrible to manage. I had already put in most of the hard work of creating so much content for it after spending hours and hours researching. Most of the actual work was done by me in the end I suppose, but I had a lot of help along the way as well...particularly from a good friend of mine (hey Tim!) who made it fun and kept me going. The site would never have gotten that far without him and definitely many others as well. There were two reasons it got deleted...neither of which were because I didn't want a site. I really wanted to keep it going. The first reason I deleted it was I wanted to make it better. I have pretty high standards for projects like that, and I felt it was in need of a makeover with more content. The vision was ultimately an entire history of Sioux hockey, not just jersey-related. The second big reason I deleted it was because the site was built using Flash. It was great to get the site off the ground, but was limited in its future. Apple was dropping support for all flash websites, and flash has slowly been dying, or is dead already. I was ready to rebuild in HTML5 and integrate all the cool new information that I wanted to incorporate to flesh out the idea of making it all-encompassing Fighting Sioux hockey history. But, I was struggling to really get motivated to do it. One day, in hopes of inspiring me to rebuild, I just decided to delete it. That was that. I may have tinkered for a bit to get it going again the way I wanted, but ultimately ran out of desire. In the end, things like family, career, and getting burnt out of Sioux hockey jerseys all are some reasons I haven't gone back. Despite all the people who fondly remember the site, I remember seeing the analytics, and outside of the tournament held to determine the best Sioux jersey of all-time, the views didn't justify the work (the site never had an ad and I never made a penny from it....I covered all expenses from day 1). Then, in the end, having done so much work recreating old logos and artwork, only to have it end up on mass-produced, counterfeit, Chinese junk, I really don't think you'll see it again. I'll always look back on the project fondly. I learned a lot, made a lot of fun friends, and had some great opportunities like working endlessly on the REA Jersey Hall for virtually no pay. I still have [almost] all of the content from the website saved, so never say never!
  4. In the end, everyone can point fingers all they want as to what can make it more fun, but it's the butts in the seats that have to cheer, make noise, and give it more of that party atmosphere. When someone is trying to cheer, don't stop 'em or ignore 'em, join 'em (obviously belligerent people are exceptions). The more people join, the more fun it can be. When someone tries to have fun, everyone gives them the death stare or ignores them, which discourages anyone else from trying to cheer or have fun. I will point one finger at the cheap DJ soundtrack that gets played every time I'm there. Zero creativity and the kiddie songs have got to go.
  5. Some would argue they don't play it enough. (It's played at some point after every UND goal)
  6. I don't care what you all decide on to improve atmosphere, just so long as it stays quiet enough I can continue to discuss beet and tater prices during the 2nd period.
  7. Big A HG


    I believe it was from the December 13, 2003 game against Duluth.
  8. The easiest way is usually rooting for any team we've played against all year with the exception of the ones we are fighting for a bubble spot with.
  9. Big A HG


    I might have an extra, but have to check. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow sometime, PM me.
  10. Before the game starts, make sure you login and turn off the live scoring option. Otherwise, you may see the score before starting at the beginning.
  11. OK, thank you for the clarification. Is there a good location to see the finances of where all the money goes?
  12. Good call on Stanford. They are quite good in just about everything it seems.
  13. Wisconsin is about as well-rounded as it gets for athletics. They struggle to win championships, but seem to have consistency at getting near the top: NCAA TEAM SPORTS SINCE 2010: Men's Ice Hockey - 2010 Nat'l Runner-up (down a little lately, but can't argue their storied history in the sport) Women's Ice Hockey - 2011 Champions; 2011-2012-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018 Frozen Four Appearances Football - 2-3 record in five BCS bowl game appearances (came up just shy of making BCS Playoff in 2017) Men's Basketball - Nat'l Runner-up in 2015. Also made Final Four in 2014. Men's Soccer - Made Round of 16 in 2017 Women's Volleyball - 2013 Nat'l Runner-up, four total regional final appearances That's a pretty impressive collection of teams...but, only one championship to show for it.
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