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    Sioux jerseys - Contact me if you have something you'd like to get rid of.

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  1. Big A HG

    UND - Washington Game Day Thread

    I don't catch many UND football games these days, but the few I've watched in the Bubba era, the offense is schemed about as well as any rural high school football team. It's so predictable. With that said, I think UND played much better than the score indicated, or Washington just didn't play well at all.
  2. Big A HG


    I think I only have 52s.
  3. Big A HG


    I have the logo as I spent hours of time researching and recreating it. The logo in the picture used is reasonably inaccurate due to whoever digitized it, but the actual art wasn't too bad. After more hours of research, I was able to fine tune some things even more to come up with an improved version for the Jersey Hall project at the Ralph. There was never anything to base the colors off of, so I tried to come up with something that presented as reasonably accurate, but in essence a total guess. It turns out, while in production, the actual crest was found by a fellow member here (I'll let him take credit, or remain anonymous if he chooses), but it turns out the colors were incredibly inaccurate. The Ralph chose not to have the colors changed to the accurate ones for internal reasons. I do have logos of both the Big Chief and Sammy Sioux, but I tend not to share them after having someone start profiting off of a logo in the past that I spent a lot of time on.
  4. Big A HG


    Looker has stated publicly that he has, and will have, his eyes set solely on Hennessy's job when the time comes. I think Looker is awesome at the PA stuff, but having heard him call women's games on the radio sparingly, the energy wasn't there that Tim brings. Tim is the best in the business, so it's like trying to replace Michael Jordan...you just can't do it. When looking at it that way, Darin might be just fine.
  5. Big A HG


    It was, but no longer.
  6. Big A HG


    Beauty! Glad ya like it.
  7. Big A HG

    Spring Sioux Jersey Sale

    I don't really want to move any of my jerseys, but it's time to make some space in my closet and let someone else enjoy some of them! Once these first three sell, I'll move on to the next few. 1950s-60s Sioux Baseball Flannel - size Large - $225 This flannel jersey is an awesome recreation of what the school wore a half-century ago. The jersey is actually made of authentic flannel (not like your winter flannel), felt lettering and numbering, and ribbon striping, which is accurate to the period. I have one of these (not this one) that I've worn to events such as to the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks and always get a few comments and plenty of looks. This one is #10 and size Large. 1954-58 Sioux Hockey Jersey *4-Star Style* - Reggie Morelli / Mac Gibbs #16 - size Medium - $500 This custom knit jersey is an authentic recreation of the originals worn in the 1950s. They are wool knit with twill lettering and numbering. Details such as double-elbows and thick, durable shoulder yokes are seen. #16 was worn by both Reggie Morelli and Mac Gibbs during this jersey era. 1949-50 Sioux Hockey Jersey - Ralph Engelstad #23 - size Large - $175 - SOLD PENDING PAYMENT This sweater is an authentic recreation of the jersey that Ralph Engelstad is famously seen in while wearing #23. It's a classic white jersey with green numbers front and back. This is a period authentic style knit jersey with mock turtleneck collar and double-elbows. Please PM me if interested. First come, first served. USPS priority shipping is included in the above prices. Continental US buyers only please.
  8. Big A HG

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

  9. Big A HG

    2018 Bracket Challenge

    I'm very sad that bracket was put up on Wednesday when I left town. If ND wins, would have tied for the win.
  10. Looking for preferably 3, but will buy 4 if I have to. Must be Friday, must be lower bowl vs Union.
  11. Big A HG

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Miami

    I rarely trust public WiFi. Knew a guy awhile back who could access more information than you cared to know at a BWW once. Even saw, with my own two eyes, him getting on their network and messing with their receipt printer. Not trying to scare anybody, but use public WiFi at your own risk.
  12. Big A HG

    NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    It's been a long time for a number of you on here. I'm a newb still in comparison to some!
  13. Big A HG

    NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    Forum leadership didn't do jack with the trolls of the past and the whole forum became a pissing match about everything....lost the point of coming here. I think most still lurk on occasion, but what's the point of posting anything anymore. In fact, wasn't it outed that one of the Forum mods actually had a second troll account himself?
  14. Big A HG

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Click that thing and pick your TV/Device.