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  1. So UND might get "dispossessed" of Alex?
  2. I don't care what you all decide on to improve atmosphere, just so long as it stays quiet enough I can continue to discuss beet and tater prices during the 2nd period.
  3. Big A HG


    I believe it was from the December 13, 2003 game against Duluth.
  4. The easiest way is usually rooting for any team we've played against all year with the exception of the ones we are fighting for a bubble spot with.
  5. Big A HG


    I might have an extra, but have to check. If you don't hear from me by tomorrow sometime, PM me.
  6. Before the game starts, make sure you login and turn off the live scoring option. Otherwise, you may see the score before starting at the beginning.
  7. OK, thank you for the clarification. Is there a good location to see the finances of where all the money goes?
  8. Good call on Stanford. They are quite good in just about everything it seems.
  9. Wisconsin is about as well-rounded as it gets for athletics. They struggle to win championships, but seem to have consistency at getting near the top: NCAA TEAM SPORTS SINCE 2010: Men's Ice Hockey - 2010 Nat'l Runner-up (down a little lately, but can't argue their storied history in the sport) Women's Ice Hockey - 2011 Champions; 2011-2012-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018 Frozen Four Appearances Football - 2-3 record in five BCS bowl game appearances (came up just shy of making BCS Playoff in 2017) Men's Basketball - Nat'l Runner-up in 2015. Also made Final Four in 2014. Men's Soccer - Made Round of 16 in 2017 Women's Volleyball - 2013 Nat'l Runner-up, four total regional final appearances That's a pretty impressive collection of teams...but, only one championship to show for it.
  10. 4-1 UND tonight. Undecided on tomorrow night.
  11. WHOA WHOA WHOA....where did I ever say that "novelty sales alone are enough to fund non hockey sports"???????? That's so absurd.
  12. Just the salary of the staff needed to run a.... -hockey, basketball, and volleyball complex capable of hosting both events and practices (includes management, security, hourly workers, maintenance, etc.) -ticket office open daily to handle tickets for all athletics -retail merchandise store ....while only asking for $375k in return is a GREAT return on investment for UND. This doesn't include anything beyond just employee salaries and wages that UND gets out of the deal.
  13. I'm not sure there's a better way for this to work, but here's how it currently works: - REA takes 52% of football ticket revenue. Based on what I've read in this thread, lately that equates to about $375k per year. - REA asks for nothing else from the university. This football ticket revenue is just UND's way of paying for use of the arena each year. - Because REA is using a percentage of football ticket revenue and not asking for a flat fee, REA is doing UND good because UND isn't hand-cuffed to a defined amount that they may not be able to pay. The more successful that football is, the more goes to REA. The less successful football is at generating money, the less goes to REA. If the contract said that UND is required to pay $375k each and every year while REA takes 0% of football ticket revenue....but football fans don't show up....where does UND pull the extra money from if the program is already strapped for cash? CLIFFNOTES: REA gets 52% of football ticket revenue. UND gets use of an arena for hockey, basketball, and volleyball events and practices. UND doesn't have to manage ticket sales as REA is also handling that. REA uses the money generated to keep the arena in tip-top shape and puts some money away for projects and unanticipated expenses each year. REA sells merchandise for UND (likely the top grossing UND merchandise retailer). REA then gives back all additional revenue to UND after they pay for upkeep and put a little away in savings for things like this. Sounds like UND and ALL of the athletic programs make out quite well thanks to REA on a $375k or so annual expense.
  14. I never said it would be screwed. But, the landscape of our entire athletics department and its facilities would look quite different....and all-in-all, not for the better.
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