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  1. So what is the measuring stick of who "can or should be playing high school hockey"? Only kids that have a shot at playing at the next level?
  2. Not very good. I can see UND being hurt in the short term by all the 5th year players at other schools but will be in better shape long term as the recruiting classes mature.
  3. I was leaning towards SCSU but reading a few posts that reminded me of their over-the-top stance on the Sioux name and their butt hurtedness when they weren't initially invited to join the NCHC has me reconsidering. I like the idea of keeping the trophy in the conference though. And I'm not a fan of an east coast school winning. Can they go about 8 OTs and call it a tie?
  4. And then he hit him in the back with his stick as he skated away
  5. My sister's neighbor's cousin's gardener said he going to Denver.
  6. That was not a good game for him. He is better than he played today.
  7. Sounds like he has one in his mouth.
  8. So now I have to root for SCSU. I think I threw up a little.
  9. I noticed that earlier. It also shows Ford at UND. Has there been an announcement that I missed?
  10. Wy wud u make a coment lik that?
  11. Pinto is an elite player. Not a lot of guys that can score like him and play a 200 foot (cough Caufield cough) game. Light it up in the NHL!
  12. There would have been torches and pitchforks here!
  13. In the FWIW department, I thought Bast played his best game of the season last night.
  14. I was at two of those games. Very painful.
  15. Bemidji was the best team on the ice in their game - LSSU definitely is not even close in theirs.
  16. Exactly what is the NC$$ testing protocol? And if there is one positive test is that team done?
  17. I picked them to win the regional so I'm 0-2 after one game played.
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