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  1. Older relatives: "If I receive a ticket transfer, am I hashtagging"?
  2. Post a picture. Would like to see it!
  3. If we are getting rid of Miami because they are aren't very good.....let's get rid of CC too...
  4. Does it matter? Just tackle the guy with the ball.
  5. Sanderson- Frisch will be the top pairing. After that it will be a competition to see who pairs with Kleven.
  6. Yes .....they wouldn't have been shutout.
  7. I doubt UND would have offered if Thome had stayed.
  8. Cruikshank is no longer listed as going to BC on CHN.
  9. They were in Scheels....and her leather pants on Saturday night were fantastic!
  10. Their ceiling isn't very high.
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