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  1. 29-22-28 16-18-Gaber 8-14- * 10-19- * * Ness, Keane, Budy, Rizzo
  2. Anybody want to encourage Brad to release the 20-21 schedule. I have travel plans to make. @siouxforce19
  3. Yep....just start your post with, not a political post but an observation, and you will be ok.
  4. Yep....and Pat Sweeney should still be doing UND games.
  5. I doubt it's because of the corona virus.
  6. Hopefully the Corona "epidemic" is as weak as that analogy.
  7. If we don't win the National Championship this weekend, I'm going to lose it.
  8. CHN has made the correction on their pairwise rankings. USCHO and CHN now match.
  9. @jimdahl also has Maine at 15.
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