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  1. If this was possible, we wouldn't have a dumpster fire.
  2. Thanks for the info....keep us updated.
  3. iluvdebbies


    I've never had one take longer than 7 weeks I don't think.....10 weeks is a long time to wait. Their work is worth it though.
  4. iluvdebbies


    Usually about six weeks.
  5. Lots of sarcasm in that post
  6. But if Starman is named head coach...... they win the title in their first season. #bigshow
  7. iluvdebbies

    The Herald

    A little over $8 a month to read articles as soon as they're posted. Way better than a paper delivered the next day.....or later!
  8. iluvdebbies


    I think 2009-2010 was the first year of the Reebok jersey. They did also wear them in 2010-2011.
  9. iluvdebbies


    I think he was Captain the first year of the Reebok jerseys, (green numbers).
  10. iluvdebbies


    Ben Blood. Jason Gregoire.
  11. We know for sure he wasn't at the fan luncheon.
  12. Virginia has the date to beat, June 10.
  13. iluvdebbies


    .... it will most likely need a "C".
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