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  1. I would like to see No Maas over Dogs, Purple Cows over St. Cloud. Natty to PCs.
  2. Would have been nice to watch my nephew play against GFC with the 75% rule in force at Purpur yesterday.
  3. Coach where's the timeout with 17 seconds left?
  4. Like I told Coach Gene Manson last year, you have 2 shooters on the team (Borowicz and his grand daughter Maggie). If they are not both on the floor, this team will struggle to score from the perimeter.
  5. Moody left and I don't see any shooters added to this team. 0, 1 , 4 and 21 are very athletic but none appear to be a threat from the perimeter.
  6. Sather better come up with a better offensive scheme of his tenure will be short.
  7. I thought Mismash had a monster game.
  8. I'm calling the Ralph tomorrow and requesting a 60 day extension to pay my ticket package. Anyone else feel the same way??
  9. No extension of time for UND season ticket renewals? Really???
  10. If JBD and Pinto returns with Guchi and Kierstad, losing JT is an acceptable casualty.
  11. Memo to NCAA. Postpone tournaments (Men's and wowen's Bball and hockey, and others) for 30 days. Then conduct 4 team tournaments with top 4 seeds (like FBS football) to produce a champion. I ran this by Tim Hennessy at the grocery store just now. He said they cancelled the whole thing and doesn't think anything or idea will change their decision.
  12. Watch for UNO to take some cheap shots (like CC, SCSU, WMU) at Pinto tonight. Frankly, I'm tired of it; especially when Pinto is caught with a retaliatory hit on the opposing player and gets a penalty.
  13. I don't like his coaching style at all. His best outside shooters are on the bench too often when trailing the opponent. Borowicz, Manson and Keplin need to be in the game.
  14. How about the XFL team called the St. Louis BattleHawks? Is there such a thing as a BattleHawk? Sounds like the mystical Fighting Hawk; but a much better logo.
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