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  1. How do you keep Frisch and Caulfield out of the line up? Both were very good last night.
  2. Take someone from the SU staff. After seeing the score against ISU, I think it's time to make a change; mid-season.
  3. When the Bison win the next 4 FCS championships with this new QB, they need to move up to FBS. I know Darrell won't agree with me. Nobody will come close to beating them this year. Talk about a reload. Lose 24 seniors and your head coach and don't miss a beat.
  4. At least no nickname and just UND is unique which is > the postal code and white dove.
  5. Going to just North Dakota would be the correct choice.
  6. Good, his train wreck is over at UND.
  7. Still looking for Samberg, Wolf and Perunovich to leave as well.
  8. Cupcake, then Kelley, then Kennedy. Let's get it right this time. Someone that can relate to our ND roots and culture; no politicians this time. And in the meantime, don't bring in Ed for a 2nd time. His legacy is the piss poor white dove we have as his choice for the "need to get it right logo" to overcome the generic name we chose.
  9. Add to my list: Mikey Anderson and Sandelin.
  10. Potential ED's left to go? Achan, Schuldt from SC, Mitchell from DU, Perunovich, Samberg, Wolf, Tufte, Shepard from UMD.
  11. Our situation is no different than the other traditional powers that haven't made the tournament the last 2 years. Rodents, badgers, BC, BU, ugly helmets are on the same down cycle as UND. I say this will change next year for us. We will have home ice for the NCHC 1st round. St.Cloud, Duluth, Denver all will be depleted with graduation and ED's. We will be better with no ED's and good talent coming in. MM, Guchi, Hain, Weatherby will all be better next year. If Yon, Bowen, Adams and Smith can score a bit more all the better. Defense and goal tending will be very good. Berry will get back some job security next year.
  12. Which NHL team will throw a $2 million per year Hak contract to move Sandy to the next level?
  13. I expect Bucci and Barry will be bragging up Makar again tonight. If he plays like he did in the 1st period UMass has a chance. If he turns the puck over like he did in the 2nd and 3rd, dogs will win easily tonight.
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