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  1. OHL bans body checking for this season due to coronavirus.
  2. Donald pulled his money from Florida....the RNC is now paying the bills there.
  3. Let me put it another way. There is only need for one thread of dipshittery, on this site.
  4. Here's my advice for Mitchell Miller. Don't even think of leaving UND until you have a degree. Be a good citizen, student and teammate. Then go out and see what kind of pro hockey career you can have.
  5. USA Hockey must be Siouxsports hockey fans too.
  6. Wouldn't it be "nice" if Brad Miller thought the same way about this too!
  7. Would also give Jackson Keane the fourth year he lost.
  8. Milestone day here on Siouxsports. Goon has just passed downvote darell in career negative reps. Congrats!
  9. Caulfield will get first chance, on the right side, with Pinto.
  10. There will be more in classroom teaching, in North Dakota, than online. So do adults.
  11. C'mon ....medium is the smallest size outbreaks come in.
  12. If this was possible, we wouldn't have a dumpster fire.
  13. Thanks for the info....keep us updated.
  14. iluvdebbies


    I've never had one take longer than 7 weeks I don't think.....10 weeks is a long time to wait. Their work is worth it though.
  15. iluvdebbies


    Usually about six weeks.
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