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  1. To be fair...Chucko was two points shy of having a pt/gm NHL career.
  2. Yeah he should just stick to Covid.
  3. I'm not sure it's necessary. The last home game, pre-covid, against UND the attendance was 3476.
  4. Come on people. You can't have a nickname thread, beating a dead horse, without saying "at least we're not the *" *Sundogs
  5. Rahm was asymptomatic. If only there was a way he could have avoided contact tracing and having to be subjected to mandatory testing.
  6. Stecher assist https://twitter.com/UNDmhockey/status/1400544091717390343?s=20
  7. Pinto with two assists so far tonight...JBD in the lineup as well.
  8. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/snapshots-the-senators-will-give-jacob-bernard-docker-another-opportunity-players-not-paying-much-attention-to-standings
  9. Nowhere is the backup QB/goalie loved more, than at UND.
  10. UND finishes top two.....book it!
  11. Duluth just announced they have 4 seniors coming back
  12. Craig Haley predicts us playing the Bison....winner plays SDSU/Holy Cross winner
  13. Just to be safe.....take them both!
  14. Older relatives: "If I receive a ticket transfer, am I hashtagging"?
  15. He's not in the lineup is he?
  16. Post a picture. Would like to see it!
  17. If we are getting rid of Miami because they are aren't very good.....let's get rid of CC too...
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