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  1. I'm not sure it's necessary. The last home game, pre-covid, against UND the attendance was 3476.
  2. Come on people. You can't have a nickname thread, beating a dead horse, without saying "at least we're not the *" *Sundogs
  3. Rahm was asymptomatic. If only there was a way he could have avoided contact tracing and having to be subjected to mandatory testing.
  4. Stecher assist https://twitter.com/UNDmhockey/status/1400544091717390343?s=20
  5. Pinto with two assists so far tonight...JBD in the lineup as well.
  6. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/snapshots-the-senators-will-give-jacob-bernard-docker-another-opportunity-players-not-paying-much-attention-to-standings
  7. Nowhere is the backup QB/goalie loved more, than at UND.
  8. UND finishes top two.....book it!
  9. Duluth just announced they have 4 seniors coming back
  10. Craig Haley predicts us playing the Bison....winner plays SDSU/Holy Cross winner
  11. Just to be safe.....take them both!
  12. Older relatives: "If I receive a ticket transfer, am I hashtagging"?
  13. He's not in the lineup is he?
  14. Post a picture. Would like to see it!
  15. If we are getting rid of Miami because they are aren't very good.....let's get rid of CC too...
  16. Does it matter? Just tackle the guy with the ball.
  17. Sanderson- Frisch will be the top pairing. After that it will be a competition to see who pairs with Kleven.
  18. Yes .....they wouldn't have been shutout.
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