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  1. Louis Looking forward to siouxczech29's next pick.
  2. Tickets for the UMD series at Amsoil are now on sale.
  3. Pinto had shoulder surgery and may be out for the season. https://twitter.com/TSN1200/status/1465725322289111046
  4. And: Coverage of the two-game set from Grand Forks begins at 6:45 p.m. on Midco Sports on Friday, November 26, and continues Saturday, November 27, at 5:45 p.m. Both games can be seen on Midco Sports channel 32 in SD and channel 622 in HD. The games can be seen in the Twin Cities area on Comcast channel 999 and Mediacom channel MC22.
  5. Best video on YT! Time to rub more salt in the wounds!
  6. Oh, you mean in this article here where the caption actually says it's from last season?
  7. I was there last night. Probably 40% of seats with butts in them. And yes, wrong uniform.
  8. If them's the rules, no prob. Give 'em hell boys!!
  9. Couple tourney games on this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/zoso264green/videos NCHC.TV used to have a better selection of 15/16 games but there's a couple out there. The old games section has really gone downhill.
  10. Seeing some green on the Broadway webcam https://www.webcamtaxi.com/en/usa/tennessee/broadway-nashville.html#
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