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Favorite former Sioux player


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I never truly appreciated what we had with Nelson while he was at UND. How beautiful would have it been to see him play another year with Kristo and Knight.


I've only really followed the Sioux since I first came to UND 5 years ago. My favorite players have been Malone, Trupp, Kristo, and MacWilliam in no particular order. If my arm was twisted I would have to say Malone is my favorite former player.

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Cary Eades.  


He used to grin before he nailed someone on the boards.  Swear to God, it looked like total evilness coming from him.  As much as we talked about Archibald, Eades was intense. I'm not saying that is all there is to hockey, but I dug the intensity.   



*I just read the heading, didn't read the first post about "last 10 years".  I'm sticking to this answer... 

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