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  1. Scheels owns its space.
  2. 3rd as a soph and 4th as a junior. In his senior year, 1966-67, UND lost in the first round of regionals. Here's an interesting tidbit: In 1966-67, the NABC DII All-American 1st team included future Knicks Jackson, Walt Frazier, and Earl Monroe.
  3. Here is the link to the interview. Some interesting comments.
  4. The line Pitt says was not in Michael Lewis' book. Here is a BBC podcast that tries to fact check it.
  5. Samuel Tilden had over 50% in the 1876 election, maybe the most controversial in our history.
  6. Seventy-eight Wisconsin has over 90. Those are just the rowers on the website roster. They may report more. According to this Omaha W-H report, Wisco reported 176 members on its women's rowing team in 2018.
  7. lawkota

    Montana St GDT

    I thoroughly enjoyed that football game.
  8. lawkota

    2019 Season

    I think Pryor deserves a ton of credit for developing Griffin and Dooley into 2 of UND's best players ever. And he struck gold in 2016 with the transfers in of Merseli, Tepavac and Vail. Beyond that, not good. Some numbers to back up what @Dustin stated: Not including the current group of newcomers, Pryor had 4 recruiting classes, bringing in 26 freshman and 6 transfers; 18 of those 32 left the program early, 11 after their first year. Not a single 2015 recruit completed her eligibility. 5 of 9 2016 recruits completed theirs but 4 of the 5 were transfers. Ashley Brueggeman is the only freshman recruit (out of 11) in Pryor's first 2 classes that will finish at UND. And look at the talent that has left - Courtney Place, Fraase, Taliyah Flores, Sid Mattson...... I know there is turnover in volleyball because of the ability to play right away elsewhere but goodness.
  9. The Ivy League schools are FCS so..........you are wrong.
  10. 5 of UND's 14 Dorms not being used this year That seems like an awful lot of excess housing.
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