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  1. The Ivy League schools are FCS so..........you are wrong.
  2. 5 of UND's 14 Dorms not being used this year That seems like an awful lot of excess housing.
  3. Her older sister has transferred to NDSU, will be eligible next year. Marie Olson
  4. The Ralph uses R-22. They have quite a bit stockpiled according to this article from 6 weeks ago.
  5. lawkota

    2019 Season

    2019 Volleyball Roster is up Once again, a whole bunch of underclass turnover. The departures of Williams, Flores and Rautio have already been discussed. Also losing Alivia Fraase, Megan Larson and Maggie Smith. The only players returning that played in more than half the teams' sets last year are Nieukirk, Rutten and Brueggeman. Very young team - only 4 juniors and seniors, one of which is a newcomer
  6. They retired Mark Johnson's jersey that night.
  7. Penguins swept by Islanders swept by Hurricanes swept by Bruins.... Potentially good news for haters of Boston.
  8. lawkota

    2019 Season

    Seems he is headed back to Texas. I'm too lazy to look for the posts but a couple people on this board have long speculated that this was coming.
  9. lawkota

    2019 Season

    Pryor resigns as coach.
  10. It's instagram. And I'm pretty sure that it is real.
  11. lawkota

    2018 Season

    Pryor adds an Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator. Jeremiah Tiffin They coached together at Baylor. Does anyone know if this is an addition to the staff or are one of the current assistants leaving?
  12. I had not seen that. Thank you. Interesting that beyond Phase II of the HPC, there are additional facilities proposed: an training addition to the Betty, turning Memorial into an "Athlete's Village" and an attached athletic dining hall.
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