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  1. siouxkid12


    The REA doesn't get to pick the logo, the university does. The university wants to have unity across all platforms and there is no reason that the REA and the hockey program get to go down a different path because they have an entitlement mentality.
  2. Pretty sure the Lamoureux twins were not involved in this lawsuit. Also, I am pretty sure that you are the one who brought the Lamoureux twins into the discussion.
  3. I think most thought it was on the chopping block, I just don't think anyone thought that they would've done it.
  4. This was a terrible lawsuit. Whoever the lawyers were in this should have known better, especially when the University brings in a lawfirm that specializes in title 9 stuff. Did the university execute it poorly, ya but if it would've been dragged on we never would've seen it go away.
  5. Isn't that Rice girl 0-2 in lawsuits? What a waste of time
  6. siouxkid12


    Quick way to end him selling it is to contact learfield and give them his information. There’s another guy on one of those groups that is continually making illegal Sioux license plate covers. $&@t like that pisses me off
  7. siouxkid12


    I called him out on it. His only comeback was personal insults. not a very intelligent person.
  8. siouxkid12


    CCM probably did/does make a 48. However, the siouxshop knows what sizes sell and what ones don't sell so they didn't order any of those in that particular size.
  9. I will admit that Kennedy had some faults but I am able to over look them due to his honest assessment of the University as a whole. He made a lot of tough decisions and I believe he put the University in a better position for the future. KEM is just a spoiled B^&*( who doesn't care about the betterment of the University as a whole.
  10. She should just stop donating her dads money then. I can't stand how she feels that she can dictate how a donation is used.
  11. Tact goes both ways and Kennedy was given a bad deal to start out, he made cuts that were not friendly to some and it hurt their little feelings but would you rather be strung along or just cut off quickly? There were a lot of people and things that did not help UND out any longer and they needed to be removed, it sucks but its life. It also didn't help that you had a donor with daddy's money, running to the paper every time something didn't go her way.
  12. I could care less how she voted, the fact remains that she lost the confidence of the people of ND, why should they trust that she will represent UND?
  13. If she gave a damn about the state she would still be a senator
  14. Sorry but facts do not care about feelings. The fact of the matter was UND was in a lot of trouble. The past presidents kicked the can down the road as long as possible until a man with "no tact" came in and cleaned it up. Did he upset people? Sure but the people he upset are the ones who have been complacent and were able to get away with everything (this includes donors with dad's money). Maybe Heidi would be an okay choice as interim president but history suggests that is probably not the answer.
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