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  1. its worth what you are willing to pay. in reality, i would say 350-400 is not unreasonable.
  2. No I understand it isn't their fault. I just have a couple jerseys I need to send in and idk if I could wait that long
  3. When you work in sales that's what everyone is looking for. Sales companies don't want someone who is going to sit and wait for it to come, they want someone who will go out and get the sales and close.
  4. dang, it took that long to get them back?
  5. I dont know who Ken Towers is/was and I haven't eaten at the moon in 20+ years. As for Al pearson, I have heard of him but again never took a bus of his to an away game. That doesn't make me any less of a fan, I just dont know either of them well enough to discuss them. Get off your high horse and quit whining!
  6. If it were true then yes but I read a different article that the kid released and he was upset that people were cheering him on for being drafted. To me it seems like if Miller is successful at anything in life, it would be considered taunting to this kids family. If Miller did everything he was supposed to by the courts and has not screwed up since, I see no problem giving him a 2nd chance. No matter what Miller does in his life, it will never be good enough for this family but at some point Miller deserves to move on from his past mistakes and become a better person.
  7. They didn't do him dirty, they just ran out of salary. If Vancouver offered him a contract he would've had to given them a discount and he is worth more than what they were going to offer and they knew it.
  8. They are legit but not what the team wears.
  9. Nike or Reebok and size? The price range you give is what they cost at retail when the authentics first came out so if you have an opportunity to purchase an authentic at that price, I wouldnt haggle, just buy.
  10. I know a couple weeks ago they were receiving packages but were not working on anything, that might have changed now. I would suspect you wont be seeing them for awhile yet
  11. what you want to know? It is a legit replica made by K1 but it isn't exactly what they wore on ice.
  12. From my understanding the guy who ran it (good guy by the way) just got busy with stuff. His handle on here is Big A HG, not sure if he visits SS that much anymore.
  13. The fact that they tie the national championship banners on the shirt bugs me more. To me, the "black flag" diminishes their accomplishments. I hope someone from the siouxshop is reading this forum and sees how stupid these shirts are and they reevaluate what they did.
  14. This is the worst thing that they could do. UND fans would be bashing the crap out of any other school that did something like this. They need to pull this shirts and not even sell them. They are dumb and anyone who buys them should get ridiculed by their own fanbase
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