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  1. The fact that they tie the national championship banners on the shirt bugs me more. To me, the "black flag" diminishes their accomplishments. I hope someone from the siouxshop is reading this forum and sees how stupid these shirts are and they reevaluate what they did.
  2. This is the worst thing that they could do. UND fans would be bashing the crap out of any other school that did something like this. They need to pull this shirts and not even sell them. They are dumb and anyone who buys them should get ridiculed by their own fanbase
  3. siouxkid12


    are they made in Canada or are they made in Indonesia?
  4. I have that old ND sign that was used at WDAZ in the studio.
  5. siouxkid12


    Don't we raise our banners with two cables and hang them from the rafters?
  6. siouxkid12


    You send in your own jersey..
  7. siouxkid12


    Its called Exclusive Pro Sports in Illinois. It's about 70+ bucks a jersey but at least it is done to on ice specs and looks good. Authentics at the sioux shop orders the jersey kits from EPS and just heat presses them on.
  8. siouxkid12


    Well thats not true.....
  9. siouxkid12


    Somone should drop a line to UND about this website
  10. How good are all of those players? Just because you are a black WR does not make you good. The color of your skin does not make you a great player, you are either good or you are not. Christian McCaffery is white and he is one of the TOP RB
  11. You ever watch the New England Patriots?
  12. Sorry it was implied when you said our WR were too slow/white. White people are not fast? c'mon dude, you're better than that
  13. There might not have been personal attacks but did you need to say "black" WR? Seems unintelligent and lazy...
  14. What kind of dumb question is that?
  15. siouxkid12


    That's why I am thinking these are made in indonesia. which means they are not what is worn on the ice, even though its a size 52 or 56 and has a fight strap.
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