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  1. i was fortunate to get one before they sold out.
  2. I have a couple gamers of the early 90's ones that I wear regularly.
  3. They will have special patches on the jerseys.
  4. nice pickup! do you have more pictures of it?
  5. Doesn't the NHL own the North Stars logo?
  6. siouxkid12


    These sports teams can ask for them all they want. I just don't want to hear complaining from them if attendance starts to dip and revenue slides due to people not wanting to go due to these hassles just to get in. Also, people got a long this past year without sports. I think they have seen that it is possible to spend your time and money elsewhere.
  7. Augustana has been saying they are going full fledge D1 for a long time. I won't believe this until a team is on the Ice
  8. siouxkid12


    Hold the phone here. I never once said Berry is a terrible coach and Sandy is better, I am just pointing out facts. I also am pointing out that Hak never got a pass and neither should Berry. I am sorry you don't like what I pointed out and that it probably hurt your feelings but the fact remains, Berry hasn't been consistent in his short tenure. Does that mean he should be fired, no it sure doesn't. What it does mean is they have work to do and Berry would be the first to tell you that too.
  9. siouxkid12


    math must not be your strong point...
  10. siouxkid12


    Never did I wish they would leave. However, it was going to be a given that Kawaguchi, adams, kiersted and mismash were going to leave because they were seniors. Pinto is a 32nd overall pick, he wasn't going to stay (especially since they tried to get him to leave last year).
  11. siouxkid12


    how is that a dumb post? are you afraid of facts?
  12. siouxkid12


    I'm not saying Berry is a terrible coach by any means and yes regular and postseason titles do count for something but they have to figure it out.
  13. siouxkid12


    How can you say that UND was the best team in college hockey the past 4 years when I just laid it out the last 4 years? They don't even come close to being the best team in the last 4 years. I never said Berry should get fired but he needs to find out what worked when he won it in 2016, when they could score at will. With tournaments being 1 and done, you need to bring your A game every night (no matter the circumstances) and the past 4 years UND hasn't brought their A game every night.
  14. siouxkid12


    you're using OT as an excuse for not scoring in the first 58 min, they were not fatigued then.
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