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  1. I saw this on one of the game worn facebook groups and asked the guy some questions about it but he didnt understand what was wrong with it. it would need to be stripped. if one could get it down to 100-150 bucks, it wouldn't be bad.
  2. I have one of them...very nice picture
  3. Myabe but it would depend on whos on it. I have an older gemini one with Stafford, Parise and Murray on it that just sits in my closet
  4. The one on poshmark?
  5. https://fightinghawks.com/galleries/MHKY/8
  6. I stick to game used jerseys only. too many knockoffs out there that are just hideous
  7. the team has 1 black, 1 green, 1 white jersey each season and that includes the post season also. specialty jerseys are one offs and usually do not have their names on the back, that way the university can sell them right away. LOA were never given until the 02-03 season. so if you have a jersey from 02-03 till now, it should have an LOA from the University. If you do not have one with the jersey, it could devalue it a little bit as some collectors want that LOA from UND. They very well could've sold one without the neck tie lace but it all depends. Out of curiosity, which jersey are you
  8. Yea I should've mentioned that but I was referring to how he got on the UND hockey team. Didn't friend of his beg the GM of the Rangers to give him a tryout?
  9. No he did not have a scholarship. If I remember correctly, Gino, Dean and John needed a body for practice and they allowed him to skate with the team. His reward was getting to play in a single game against BU.
  10. its worth what you are willing to pay. in reality, i would say 350-400 is not unreasonable.
  11. No I understand it isn't their fault. I just have a couple jerseys I need to send in and idk if I could wait that long
  12. dang, it took that long to get them back?
  13. If it were true then yes but I read a different article that the kid released and he was upset that people were cheering him on for being drafted. To me it seems like if Miller is successful at anything in life, it would be considered taunting to this kids family. If Miller did everything he was supposed to by the courts and has not screwed up since, I see no problem giving him a 2nd chance. No matter what Miller does in his life, it will never be good enough for this family but at some point Miller deserves to move on from his past mistakes and become a better person.
  14. They didn't do him dirty, they just ran out of salary. If Vancouver offered him a contract he would've had to given them a discount and he is worth more than what they were going to offer and they knew it.
  15. They are legit but not what the team wears.
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