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  1. I have a friend who bought a lower bowl ticket for Saturday's game against Omaha and needs to sell...Would like to get face value or make an offer. SEC 101, Row R, Seat 13
  2. Spread offense all night if the Kats are smart...
  3. Dumb penalty! Defense did their job and now we need to run it down their throat!
  4. Worst 3rd Qtr of the season? I can’t believe we are still in this after that boondoggle...Run the ball with 3 backs and destroy their damn D-line! We outweight these guys significantly! We can own the line of scrimmage!
  5. Wow....call time out as the coaching staff! WTF!
  6. Jesus Christ! Why do we abandon the run every time before the other team stops it! This is turning into the Playoff again! Run the damn ball until they stop you!
  7. I'm thinking when you take the blow-outs out of the calculations for offense last year, you will see how anemic it really was...no doubt the defense had a terrible year with injuries as well. After 4 years of picking your own players, I don't think the excuse that the OC is running a diminished scheme so his team can handle it works for me...Rudolph hasn't shown anyone he has the coaching capabilities to set UND on the right path offensively yet and I think if he has the same 'Scheme' this year with no better results most of the trouble will fall on Bubba's head...gotta win or you have to mov
  8. I'd say the most likely scenario is a 5-6 or 6-5 season...Too many variables for the season with the O-line and the defensive secondary/LB core to get a strong feel on the close games. After a 3-8 season, I think its unfair to expect an 8-3 season out of the gate. I hope I'm wrong, but that's my simple thought process...For a 100% confidence, I can say the tickets are bought and the tailgating bus has the tires checked, propane full, and coolers inspected and we are ready to go on the first game!
  9. So there is no way in H#ll that baseball is going to be a sport again at UND other than intramural?
  10. I'm wondering with the move to the Summit, what would it take for UND to bring back the baseball team other than a $20 million endowment?
  11. Wow...the costs must be astronomical!
  12. What I don't get is how DeLorenzo gets to stay on at UND...He was part of the Kelly growth program which caused UND to crazy on building replacement (utilization rate is so low they are now destroying buildings) and expanding our athletics programs to 21 sports (U of Wisconsin Madison had less programs at the time!). Add on the fact that an across campus survey showed him with the lowest scores in trust and integrity...so what gives?
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