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  1. I'm not blaming SME. I'm blaming the university. They have been wiping their asses with money since the beginning of this process years ago.
  2. That's not what I said. If they support it they support it. You don't have to hate the new logo. I'm sure there are athletes out there that like it. I don't. Neither does Gage. And I appreciate that he is being honest. To question Gage's intelligence and leadership because he doesn't like a logo and said as much is quite childish.
  3. I appreciate honesty. I appreciate that if Gage hates the new logo that he didn't hold back. The criticism of someone having an opinion is why we never hear athletes saying anything of substance. I'd much rather hear someone be blunt about how they think an awful logo is awful than hear him spit out some company line or cliche. Athletes are people and they have opinions. If they can't say what they think and are forced to toe some company line (like it seems some of you want) then why should anyone care what they have to say. They would just be parrots and I don't care to hear parrots talk.
  4. You missed the part where the university handed money to an out of state agency to give us the pearl of wisdom that when teams change their names they usually go with a color or a bird or a color and a bird. Then wasted more money on another out of state company to design the blandest logo possible. All of this while the state is in a budget deficit and students are getting their tuition jacked up.
  5. There was nearly a fight between a couple of my drunk friends over this. One was celebrating the win after the goal to make it 4-1 and the other was still convinced we would some how screw it up, especially if he started celebrating too early.
  6. And the Friday game was an extremely good game that we just happened to lose. Happens when you play a good opponent. Then Saturday can be attributed to Nick and Drake possibly not having there legs completely back after just returning from injuries and the difficulty of playing in the high altitude. That weekend didn't worry me at all. I was frustrated, as I am sure most were, with the Wisconsin game. That was just a fluke. The one game that really angered me during the season was the Friday against Omaha. I felt like we lost to a really bad team (and I was saying this at the time) and it was because we played bad. The only time all season where I was frustrated with the team. That's a pretty impressive season when only one game can stick out in your mind as being particularly bad.
  7. Rough year for the Twins so far. The weird thing is they have not been playing all that much worse than they did last year when they were in the hunt until the end of the season. Luck just hasn't been with them like it was last year.
  8. Well the game was fun this year. Here's hoping I can still end up on the podium.
  9. Oshie had a hell of a playoffs. Sucks that Caps got knocked out. He probably would have been the leader for them for the Conn Smythe if they had kept going.
  10. I've only followed the team closely since the 2010-2011 season (Pony Express senior year), so I have a very limited ability to judge. For me the list would consist of Knight, Kristo, and Drake.
  11. Jordan Schmaltz made his decision at the end of May last year. I'm expecting a similar time frame for Nick.
  12. There were 18 Big 10 games that started prior to 5 Central Time throughout the entire season. I did not include exhibition games or tournament games. Wisconsin played 1 at Michigan State. Minnesota played 2, one at Penn State and one in Minneapolis against Penn State. Actually 9 of them involved Penn State with 8 of them at Penn State. Ohio State hosted 3 afternoon games. Michigan State hosted 5 of them. So if we were in the Big 10 it would be probable that we play an afternoon game at Penn State each year and possible at Michigan State or Ohio State. It would be very unlikely for us to have an afternoon game against Wisconsin and although next year against Minnesota will possibly be a Sunday game, it would also be unlikely to play an afternoon game against Minnesota. If we somehow ended up in the Big 10, we would rarely/never play on a non Friday/Saturday and we would rarely not play a evening game. I can't predict the future, but I would say it would be very very unlikely that any of our home games would be affected. So basically our schedule would be no different than any other year other than who is on the schedule.
  13. I didn't leave it out. It was one of the 11 games I counted. UND just happened to play one series at a Big 10 school and it was on a Sunday this year. Wisconsin played 14 series at a Big 10 school and not once played on a Sunday. The reason I pointed out that we played more Sunday games than Wisconsin was to highlight the fact that the Big 10 rarely plays on days besides Friday and Saturday. And when they do it is usually an out of conference game and its usually because of a home college football game. College football is over around Thanksgiving. Not many conference hockey games are played before Thanksgiving. So that means that the games affected by Big 10 football games are more often out of conference games than not and if we were in the Big 10, we would rarely if ever be affected by it. I don't think we will ever be in the Big 10 and I'm unsure whether I would want us to be. There are plenty of reasons to not want the hockey team to join the Big 10 if invited, but playing on weird days just isn't one of them. It rarely happens. Saying it does occur, contrary to evidence, over and over again does not make it true.
  14. The major could be scratching your butt and watching TV and it would it be difficult to graduate in three years with the way college courses are set up.
  15. Last year the B1G had 11 total games that weren't on a Friday or Saturday (excluding games over Christmas break) and every single one was on a Thursday or Sunday. Of those 11 games, 2 involved Minnesota and none involved Wisconsin. Seven of those games were non-conference games. We played more non Fri/Sat games than Wisconsin this year. So the talk about games on weird days of the week would have little to no impact on UND. What do you think a Big 10 tournament in St. Paul with UND, Minnesota, and Wisconsin would look like? I think it would look similar to the old Final 5 days. The Big 10 would quickly realize that the most money would come from hosting the tournament in St. Paul and permanently keep it there. And the NCHC tournament would look just about as bad as the B1G tournament if UND would fail to make it there. Ideally we would go back to how everything was prior to Penn State starting but that's never happening. I don't know if the B1G or NCHC is better for UND but week day games (not true) and poor conference tournaments (NCHC is bad too) are poor reasons to not want the B1G.
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