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  1. I havent recieved anything from them yet. That's why I was inquiring.
  2. Anyone else still waiting on there Ticket refund from Ticketmaster?
  3. Dump it in the corner dont put it in net SMFH
  4. Pretty goals make highlight reels ugly goals win games
  5. Shoot the puck and quit driving in and going to the corners whenever you do get it in the zone crash the net they usually have scored when they crash the net
  6. No doubt that's what I was thinking also
  7. Anyone getting tired of getting it into the Western Michigan end then just passing the puck around. Shoot the biscuit and get the rebound 13 shots on net is pathetic
  8. Need to work on defence and having a guy back to break up the breakaway game they play.also gotta take a shot and get the rebound instead of 3 persons have to touch the luck before a shot on net. Also got to get a little physical not goonish but physical and move there bodies from out in front of the net. If nothing else its gonna sound bad but the goalie might have to pit some lumber to one of there guys to keep them from running him over whenever Duluth has the puck since they charge the net 8 out of 10 times
  9. I'm blaming our Captain for not firing the guys up
  10. Let the 3rd stringer start we are gonna be 7 games up on them tomorrow
  11. Is it me or is Scheel moving slower across the crease
  12. The boys gotta start throwing pucks in front of the net and getting rebounds instead of passy passy
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