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  1. Can't understand a word either one is saying
  2. Oh yeah....how about that Rocko Grimaldi guy ? Not bad for a little guy
  3. PS....Pandemics Suck
  4. Glad to see Bemidji take out Wisco
  5. I enjoyed this game - starting to feel better & missing Hockey
  6. I have not been coming here as much the last year - crap like this makes me know I have not missed much
  7. What are they kneeling about ? NATIVE Americans Lives Matter ? ? ?
  8. Yeah really Sad - the attitude https://www.facebook.com/groups/2254379582/permalink/10158261622389583/
  9. This just popped up on this excellent site https://www.facebook.com/groups/2030822207183428/permalink/2456031061329205/
  10. Not really mentioned but GF was Jealous not having a indoor Football Arena & Yes the animosity between N GF & S GF is real GF needs jobs or Something to bring in people other than what L S S gives us GF hoped to have growth at least similar to Fargo back then & then & still today envied Fargo (Look at needing a new Hospital) ? ? ? UND hasn't exactly boomed in enrollment There has always been a sense of the City - UND - Engelstead Arena not really thinking things thru & doing things to Promote GF together but with the Flood & other things like Columbia Rd Overpass - Greenway - things could be worse - Maybe the Fertilizer Plant or the Drone place at the GFAFB will boom at some point ? Or something else ? We need Something.
  11. Love Weston M gets a reaction from everyone a head taller than him
  12. If they could just get rid of the Zebra's out there - I think the players would love it & I'm not really sensing anyone really wants to fight
  13. Racehorse Hockey & it seems both teams are ok with this - It's like were not going to listen to these coaches
  14. After watching last nights game - I'm tempted to watch this game I recorded instead https://www.facebook.com/minnesotawild/videos/168893201067486/
  15. I like listening to Hennessy - Hope he never retires
  16. It would be so Cool to see Ralph's Wife & Daughter get Fired up & want to restore what Ralph wanted & Wish some how the Native Americans could be in the Forefront with them & find some way that it could be possible.... SIOUX FOREVER !!!
  17. I watched the Canada USA Game - Amazing Fast Skilled Hockey - Pinto played well - really enjoyed it
  18. Does anyone think the new President will ever consider another name change ?
  19. Destroy the Packers - This is our NFC Superbowl - then the rest of the NFL Should be worried - Zim has said all year 'We have not played our best Football"
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