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  1. That Cole Smith one-touch shot actually hit the outside of the post while going five-hole. The replay showed it, I think. It was a great setup and shot, just missed. Gotta hit the net. Definitely correct shot selection, versus Tychonic later on the same type of play, who caught the pass waited and then shot right into the goalie's breadbasket. They need more one-timers/quick plays, as others have mentioned.
  2. More facial hair?
  3. Because Duluth clearly wins with their high-flying offense
  4. Offense had 19 first downs. If UND doesn't shoot themselves in the foot driving down the field a few times, they have a much bigger cushion in the 4th. So while they didn't finish drives, they did give the D a break often. And that D vastly exceeded predictions here on this board. Holding MSU to one TD all game is pretty amazing.
  5. Guess it's iHeartRadio for now...good first stop D!
  6. I just have a black screen on Pluto so far.
  7. Typical elitist UND fan, lol . We played two against Canisius in Buffalo...
  8. One year we play two in Bemidji, one year play two at Ralph, one year home and home...I believe.
  9. After the beating in Pocatello, the mental toughness of the team was rightly questioned. When they went down 17-7 at the half against CP, that could've gone the same way. The fact that they clawed back, injuries and all, to win can give us a little hope this week. I remember a couple years back when MSU just destroyed UND running up the middle with their 250lb rb. Not sure they have that guy this year, but they know UND is susceptible to the inside run, based on film.
  10. SiouxTupa

    Cal Poly gdt

    I actually really enjoyed that color guy. Yes, he was a homer, but they all are. This guy gave UND a lot of praise, and got down on CP when needed. He doesn't pull punches.
  11. Kato gave us one bad one too, Blaisdell's.
  12. Seems likely we'll see a 2-1 game tomorrow night.
  13. Makeup call, don't like either one, but oh well
  14. It's pretty telling that the most successful lines are the lower lines tonight. Even matchup will do that.
  15. Adams looks a lot better this year, particularly with his strength on the puck. Hopefully he can pot a few more early on for the confidence. That line has big potential.
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