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  1. UND definitely figured something out against the Mav penalty kill. They've torched em the last couple weekends. Hopefully that continues.
  2. Schuster seems to be a good game manager, like Studs with a better arm. The 2nd half adjustments were shocking both games. 3pts allowed 2nd half this game...against that team? That's nuts!
  3. Guess it's a good time to get a dud out of the way. Better kick it up a notch tomorrow.
  4. As much as I think Scheel is our guy, Thome earned a start and Scheel didn't for tonight. Defensive lapses aside, when you need a save, you need a save. Even the 2016 team gave up grade A chances at the end of the season, and not much else. Goalie has to be dialed in. I'm confident we've got two guys who can get the job done when on.
  5. I saw it in real-time during the game. He did get tackled just prior, but that's too much for retaliation. There was only 12 mins left in the game. I wonder if there wouldn't have been a suspension if it was in the first. Either way, it's a bad play he shouldn't have made. Oh well.
  6. Stupid play, don't cross check guys in the back of the head. That's bush league. Want to go after someone, do it to their face. Deserves a game, looks bad on every re-watch.
  7. If you go to the nchc.tv website from the phone browser and start streaming a game, is there's cast button in that video window? That's really lame that the app functionality seems to have decreased. A cheap Roku fixes the issue quick, but shouldn't be necessary with proper phone casting, which we had last year.
  8. Android, Pixel 3. Last time I cast with the app was last season, but it did work.
  9. There's an NCHC.tv Android app that works great, casting and all. Use same credentials to get logged in. I haven't used it this year, and they did change to Sidearm Sports rather than Neulion, but I would be surprised if that feature went away.
  10. What would've been the harm in actually running the jet sweep? First time in the game.
  11. That taunting call on Kett was bs. Unless he used some colorful language, tons of guys do that "first down" motion.
  12. Wind has to be messing with those deep balls.
  13. First part of the 3rd was all MN, but UND really clawed back and stood firm. Good sweep!
  14. I thought I read somewhere that UND is the heaviest (or largest) team in the nation. If true, of course they can play a heavy game.
  15. Announcer: "College coaches' toughest job is filling out those bottom two lines" Berry last year: "Hold my beer"
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