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  1. Why not take a timeout on their 4th down in the red zone? ...or at all?
  2. 6 for 6 on UND's last TD drive when they needed to pass, and mostly weren't gadgets...
  3. Reminds me of Brock Nelson in that way. I thought Brock leaving after his soph year was too early. But they have a lot of the same traits, so maybe Pinto becomes a mainstay in a Sens rebuild.
  4. There are so many ways to get it on the TV with ESPN3. It's not ideal, but it's a manageable problem.
  5. If you are a Midco internet subscriber (even if it's internet-only, like me) they provide ESPN3 as well. You have to authenticate as a Midco subscriber, though.
  6. I agree, but at the same time I'm really glad they are turning that "allowing the first goal" stat on its head. It will be important for them to not have that in their mind going into the NCAAs. Maybe the deciding factor in this one is that SCSU was never able to extend their lead, whereas UND immediately made theirs a 2-goal lead. Extending leads was a problem in 2018 and 2019, not so much this year!
  7. Only played about 40 mins of that one, so they should have plenty left in the tank for tomorrow. They found a way after allowing the first goal, and that's HUGE going into the big tourney!
  8. Two thoughts on Budy: 1. Disciplinary scratch? 2. Scratch because it's Denver? (Least likely of the two) He definitely benefited from his linemates, and that's why I don't have much concern for Hain being there instead. But a full on scratch is surprising.
  9. UND definitely figured something out against the Mav penalty kill. They've torched em the last couple weekends. Hopefully that continues.
  10. Schuster seems to be a good game manager, like Studs with a better arm. The 2nd half adjustments were shocking both games. 3pts allowed 2nd half this game...against that team? That's nuts!
  11. Guess it's a good time to get a dud out of the way. Better kick it up a notch tomorrow.
  12. As much as I think Scheel is our guy, Thome earned a start and Scheel didn't for tonight. Defensive lapses aside, when you need a save, you need a save. Even the 2016 team gave up grade A chances at the end of the season, and not much else. Goalie has to be dialed in. I'm confident we've got two guys who can get the job done when on.
  13. I saw it in real-time during the game. He did get tackled just prior, but that's too much for retaliation. There was only 12 mins left in the game. I wonder if there wouldn't have been a suspension if it was in the first. Either way, it's a bad play he shouldn't have made. Oh well.
  14. Stupid play, don't cross check guys in the back of the head. That's bush league. Want to go after someone, do it to their face. Deserves a game, looks bad on every re-watch.
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