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  1. Maybe she should take some advice from Brett Hextall. I enjoyed him when he and Mario did Brad Miller time.
  2. If she has Hextall blood she should be able to speak in a complete sentence also with all the chirping Hextalls usually did.
  3. Imagine her and Greasy Drunk Melrose in a booth together
  4. Nails on a chalkboard. Hope she doesn't do the frozen four.
  5. He probably blocked you both because your creapers
  6. Are the games going to be televised? and if so what channel?
  7. Is anyone going to the Desert Classic down in Glendale AZ this weekend. Its Duluth vs Mankato at 4:30 MT time then at 7:30 its ASU vs Clarkson. Then Saturday Its the 2 losers and 2 winners.
  8. On the PP I think they just got to get it to the net and look for a rebound instead of wasting g the whole PP playing catch.
  9. Are you gonna start a fire Shaw thread like the old Fire Hak thread
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