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  1. Save some for Denver - I'm seeing nothing but Potential
  2. Did they say Guch with all 3 assists ?
  3. I'm feeling like we have many wanting to take the next step & maybe skip a step or two & be Exceptional - The Talent / Abilities are there - I can't wait ! But the PP has to get Alot better - the shots are there, just need some to go in
  4. Guch is Tough & playing very well
  5. & both Refs standing right there
  6. I guess when we get a PP someone should go out & get some kind of penalty so we have a 4 on 4... (give me a Suite & I'll be the PP coach)
  7. I was really hoping they would bring in a coach to solve the PP - last yr it was a major reason we missed the playoffs
  8. Great idea the white tape - last yr I said move them a couple feet to the metal posts that hold the glass (stansons ? sp ?) All I could find was Supports
  9. I still hate those DAMN microphones or what ever they are on both ends near the faceoff circles - hang down about a foot on the glass - It really many times looks like the puck - I tried last yr to email everyone I could think of & got NO Response ?????????
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