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  1. I think winning regularly & getting in the playoffs & then the F4 & winning it all is alot more Fun than last yr - But I'm a 40 yr Fighting Sioux Hockey Fan & a 50 yr Vikings Fan (I still have hope our Hockey Team can be Fun) & every few decades the Twins can be Fun - Bottom line "You can't beat Fun for a good time"
  2. I'm still looking - my wife is having knee replacement
  3. Never been there but want to go - this might get me there
  4. I Love The Ralph but Love Winning & at least competitive & being in it until the end I hope we never have another year like last year - 2 or more like last year will be disastrous for the Ralph No improvements to the Ralph are going to help this !
  5. If anyone has one For Sale please send me a Message
  6. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=902088193479373&id=747432502278277
  7. Do you think most of the people that go out to the concourse between periods are students or Alumni ?
  8. Maybe the NCHC & WCHA should merge ? Or split up the PIG10
  9. I think a huge majority of people at the Ralph that have season tickets are not Big UND Fans - or ever went to UND - They like Great Hockey & when we are in the top of the conference standings the Place Rocks - another year or two of so-so hockey & the place will be 1/2 empty or more - I hope it never happens But wishing Fighting Sioux goes away, I doubt will ever happen Something is not right with Recruiting How full has the Arena been & how is the atmosphere at Duluth & Denver been the past few yrs ?
  10. It would be more Fun for me if there was reasonable priced parking closer to the Arena & lower prices for food & drink & A National contender Team every year and/or Consistent scoring & top of the League PP & PK - The people running the video boards & music have never been Great & have gone downhill in recent yrs - A top Arena should have top amenities & product - We are spoiled & want even better - Oh & Bring Back Fighting Sioux The closest thing ND will ever have to Pro Sports needs to be as close to Professional as possible & then some - but I'll give it more thought
  11. Thanks he is 13 & has a little brother Bryce Mattern (nick name Bruce ?) That is awesome at 11 Not just because they are my grandsons either they have had any & all available training in Fargo & GF & have played since they could walk - live in West Fargo - Chase is also straight As
  12. How do we tell ESPN that Melrose should only do color between periods- then everyone could print out his picture & throw it in the toilet & piss on him between periods
  13. Maker not scoring but he is really good
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