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NDSU @ The UND 10/14/2023


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19 minutes ago, CMSioux said:

As UND 360 has said, if you are not appreciating what we have in QB Tommy you are misguided. While he may not win many awards he brings so many intangibles to the team. He is a winner and with our O line starting to develop combined with the play calling, UND is back in the top 10 and the best team in the state. Enjoy him while you can.

No interceptions this year. UNI's Theo Day has 8TD's and 8 interceptions.

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10 hours ago, forksandspoons said:

UNI is a good team at home. Hopefully the players turned the page today, because that will be an extremely tough game 

Agreed, this will be tough. So much of this is mental preparation and fortitude. Maybe have Dale Lennon speak to the team again? 

All I can say is if the same team we saw on Saturday shows up mentally the same way in Cedar Falls, IA, then UND will be in good shape. But, we all know UND football has been different (in not a good way) outside of the Alerus Center.  

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12 minutes ago, The Sicatoka said:

I agree, they already have 3 losses and will be playing for their playoff lives.  Time to move past the Bison game and onto UNI.  I am a bit worried about this game after the huge emotional win on Saturday.  

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9 minutes ago, SiouxFan100 said:

Need to throw out as memorable is the nine minute plus drive we had to close out the 3rd quarter well into the 4th ending with a touchdown. Beautiful 

NDSU's drive to make 21-17 was eight or so minutes. That was a big part of what had me worried. 

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5 hours ago, Dustin said:

I personally like the “Skokna game.”  Had 3 touchdowns including the kickoff return to set the tone. Gave the  “horns down” right the face of a Bison defender in the end zone. Talked about wanting to rehab his injury so he could beat these guys. I mentioned earlier how happy I am for Tommy and Bubba, and i should have mentioned Skokna too. 

Not sure if it's just me or not, but it feels like Skokna just seems to be the heartbeat of the team.  You listen to him talk and it sounds like he is ready to run through a brick wall for the team on a moments notice. 

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