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  1. So my family & I purchased Peterson Porch seats when they became available. We really had a desire to have seats in that area. But, the way I read the sentiment here, is that we should be ashamed that we did and really aren’t all that welcome.because we chose seats in that area
  2. It’s simply our nations rules for those here on a respective visa. A non student athlete attending a school in the states is subject to the same restrictions as a student athlete on the same visa. I mean every one seems to want to bring litigation in regards to the NCAA, so I guess anything is possible, but in this instance litigation would need to be brought by a non-US citizen against the Government and its laws. It’s definitely different, at least to me. Now, if student athletes are deemed employees eventually, then maybe international(s) could enter under a work visa? Thats a hypothetical, I haven’t even considered until I typed it. It’s a wild world now.
  3. I’ll be interested to see if a player like that signs on. They may, but international players have to be so very careful of making anything, due to their being here on a student Visa, as opposed to a work visa. Violate the terms of the visa, and you could find yourself headed home.
  4. We’ve been off Midco for awhile, but I really don’t think this a Midco thing as much as it is a Twins, Bally Sports thing. The Twins, selected to work with Bally Sports knowing that it is a company that is navigating some serious issues.
  5. This isn’t just a Midco thing— this also is a Comcast/Xfinity deal as reported yesterday, effecting viewers in the Twin Cities, and other teams & their markets as well, like the Tigers & Braves. The fact that Bally/Diamond Sports are going through a bankruptcy, there was always a chance that this was going to happen. The Twins chose to continue despite knowing that there could be collapse from this Bally house of cards and its relationships to cable providers. It’s a mess… I’m trying to figure out if I’m going subscribe to Fubo for the season. As of right now, I’m leaning no. But we will see when the withdrawals start to set in.
  6. I believe since the schools are in the state constitution, it would be up up to a vote of the people. Don’t have to worry about the governor or their position. its about collecting enough signatures and winning a vote. Communities of significant population will most likely resolutely vote against as those institutions are considerable economic drivers in their communities like Dickinson, Minot, Valley City, Wahpeton, etc.
  7. They had their guys provided my Midco, like Brian, it sounds like people like Brian& Jody, may still have that option to do contract work, but they may tell them to go pound sand as well, or Brian&Jody may find other jobs that wouldn’t allow the flexibility to do the contract work. So then they would seek out others Might be an opportunity for your big moment.
  8. Quick question for those that really dive into this at this time of year. because of the pair wise predictor/calculator- if everything is entered as the weekend goes correctly, there is essentially no surprises to the selections come Sunday? Because the numbers are what they are by Saturday night, as well as the auto-bids, so The field will be known Saturday night & even the seeds? Would the only real unknowns come Sunday morning be which region teams get sent to?
  9. Why? It’s TV, the picture is right there. How much play by play does one need, if the picture tells the story?
  10. Actually, UND did have the MBA program that he was pursuing, it’s just that it was offered as a remote online program. However, within the rules of an International Student Visa, is that said student must be in X amount of actual classroom time. So, in addition to him wanting to challenge himself at a different level, Iowa’s MBA program also offered in class time. UND has since made alterations since this circumstance came up, although rare. Just a quick clarification on it- either way in the end he still ended up at Iowa, and did quite well. I was happy for him
  11. Where’s Chaves? Where’s Fenton? Where’s Bo? Where’s Brown? Where’s Polovitz? Where’s Clifford? Where’s Faison? Where’s Patty? Where’s Matt Larson?
  12. Fair point. Appreciate the clarification. My question is, after last season. What would you have done differently as AD, overseeing the WBB program? Let’s worry about- this season- in about a weeks time, but give me the 10 cent tour of what would have been different if you had been doing the evaluation after last season. Do you give the coach some leash knowing they have some young pieces on this roster, because every coach is going to be optimistic about what they have coming back & what they have returning. Or Do you just bring out the axe, even though the team had what I would say is an ok, although not great season, last year. Acceptable but not ideal(especially down the stretch) is how would look at last season. But perhaps us having the season that the team did last year, has hamstrung the program, because it caused too many to look at things as glass half full, which certainly has been anything but the case, this season.
  13. Yes, it definitely looks like a department that only is concerned with hockey. After all coming out of cost cutting with no dollars this is a leadership team knowing that things have to happen in order to facilitate better facilities & homes for several programs not named hockey- so they came up with Public- Private funding mechanisms to get things going on MV1, FPHC & now MV2, that to me, just doesn’t sound like a hockey only approach. If it does to you— great. It doesn’t to me. I would assume that’s ok too, but problem not as we all have to be of the same thought around these parts or else
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