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  1. the green team

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    I think if it was the Herald's decision, they would continue to print a Monday Herald and continue to have a standard deadline. So calling the Herald in Grand Forks, personally I don't think will move the needle. Heck, they'll probably agree with you. I would say complaints would have to go much higher than that...to where corporate is. Honestly, WDAZ TV continues to be whittled down as well as they now get news/sports etc every weekend from WDAY in Fargo. Even Friday nights now, they will have some sports package from Fargo. It's the same company. I also, wonder if we (meaning business owners etc in GF) are somewhat to blame. Have we bought enough advertising in the past with the Herald/WDAZ etc. Maybe, maybe not. Each business has to determine their own budget and has to find it's own best ways to reach eyeballs and ears etc, that works best for them. And the fact of the matter is, people who actually get a copy of the paper of is actually down. I still do, but my wife almost never reads it. She goes online. I've rarely seen my kids grab one, as they too just go online. They think I'm old and weird for when I do read an actual paper so that's nothing new.
  2. the green team

    UND - Sam Houston Game Day Thread

    The GF Herald is no longer printing it's paper in GF. Corporate decision. This isn't a Wayne, Tom or Brad decision at all, but with a now 7pm deadline, every sport now in this region, high school, racing, or UND Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball etc...coverage will never make the next day "paper" edition. I just read the stories on the web. I will be honest, I don't utilize the print edition like I used to. I do have some great headlines that I've framed from previous championships won- in the man cave...so that is the one thing that will be a major disappointment in the future, if/when UND wins championships. A person like me, would go out buy that next day paper and frame it, now it doesn't look like that will be possible. Other than that, I've just had to get more into the routine of going online to read the stories, which typically are there even before a print edition anyway.
  3. the green team

    UND and the Big Sky could go FBS

    I'm not convinced UMKC, would be coming back. They are in a city that cares about the Chiefs, Royals, Sporting KC, not to mention the split between KU and Mizzou. Actually, it's a great school if your pursuing academics, plus it has med school, but they just can't get anyone to support Roos athletics. The community or even the school community isn't interested in following for that matter. My feeling is that if they ever move again, it will be to drop down, either D2 or NAIA. In my humble opinion, I can't count on them.
  4. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    You're right. That's a great story of the scheduling challenges of a school not in a Power 5. A person can probably multiply those struggles in the case of North Dakota. Maybe not in the fact that we make anyone nervous...not this year anyway (maybe a couple of years ago that was the case) But definitely in other factors. When I asked an assistant several years ago about the budget paying to bring in a team he smiled and said "what budget?" (humor but a lot of truth in that statement). I don't envy our staff when trying to line games up. That really has to be a very unnecessary headache each an every year the staff, although it appears their not alone in their struggles in trying to try to put something/anything together year to year. At least Loyola has some budget to try buy a game, I'm fairly certain that's a luxury UND doesn't have. There's always hope. Maybe someday.
  5. the green team

    UND Athletics, Hornbacher's introduce new relationship

    It's certainly a unique situation here in GF. I have a colleague who owns a similar type of business in another city in the U.S, and their University is also a Learfield School. The difference that I can decipher with my conversations with him is that this school he partners with for some things owns all of its own facilities, so being a Learfield which represents the school, it (Learfield) sells everything. Every sign/scoreboard/ad in every building. Makes it a one stop shop for him. Here in GF, I tell him it's a little different where we have to deal with multiple entities for our business.
  6. the green team

    UND Athletics, Hornbacher's introduce new relationship

    The Alerus Managment (Spectra), has their own sales team. My business has been approached about various inventory pieces. All those items within the city's facility is theirs to sell. Not UND Athletics (Learfield/UNDSports Properties), and not REA, as they each have their separate sales teams and inventories.
  7. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    Wasn't it sometime in October last year? It's almost comical when a men's schedule is finalized. 3 days later, their playing games. I joke, tongue in cheek, as I've been told by a number of people in and around the program over the past several years just how challenging scheduling non-conference games has been, since making the move to D1. I unfortunately think that this scheduling and getting a schedule out to the fans in an early fashion, will always be a significant obstacle.
  8. the green team

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    National Championship winning QB?
  9. the green team

    2018 Season

    Keaton also didn't have a receiver essentially the last 2 years that had enough speed to drive safeties away from the line of scrimmage. Also, Keaton in his career, had some fantastic designed TD runs. We've also, had some dreadful drops at times (at Bowling Green, Carr, makes a very good catch, but drops the conversion). should an interception count against a QB when it hits a receiver in the hands and is dropped or deflected and picked? That happened more than a couple times over the last few years. (Last year GM 1 v Utah) I agree that Keaton often did what he could within the framework of the offense. I really don't want to get in this argument of offensive philosophy, but in regards to mentioning that all these Big Sky teams spread it out and throw it, and that Santiago should easily have been an all league player the past few years at RB, that may be true. Let's keep in mind 2 years ago North Dakota was the team on top with it's balanced, if not at times vanilla attack. And last year Weber State proved that in the end they most likely were the class of The Big Sky with a very similar offensive approach of being physical, limiting mistakes, etc... and you combo it with solid defense, that's a formula that seems to be effective. Maybe it's not always the most aesthetically pleasing offense, but I just want to win. When North Dakota wins I'm happy. Whether it be with 2 special team scores and a defensive score with no scores from the offense or if/when the offense were to put up 5 TDs. As long as they win. In the end, I'm with you, as the numbers seem to indicate, offensively North Dakota hasn't been nearly as bad as many of us think. Would some improvement help? I would certainly think so. And hopefully we'll see it this season. If the Fighting Hawks are to lose at any time, I reserve the right to blame everyone
  10. the green team

    2018 Fall Camp

    So reading the tea leaves, from the Herald takeaways. It sounds like it won't matter who is behind center, or running the ball or for that matter calling the plays, if the O-Line doesn't take a step forward. Not the end of the world, right now as there is still time to get that sorted out. Sounds as if Vrede will add depth to a ILB unit that was decimated a year ago, and that's great to hear. Clearly, the D is ahead of the offense,which often is the case at this time of year. I hope we have a huge year defensively. I love to get loud when UND is on D, at the Alerus Center.
  11. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    I'm guessing that Valpo or Illinois St. would be the potentials for Home&Home arrangements over this year and next. No actual facts. Just conjecture.
  12. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    I don’t understand that logic of (better overall crowds). When there’s been doubleheaders in the past there have been plenty of people thta leave after the women’s game and some that arrive for the Men’s. I can’t blame them. Our family could very well be making that choice. And for those that buy single game tickets and would have gone to both anyway. Now they just have to buy one to get both.
  13. the green team

    2018-19 Season

    I’m going to fall into the minority and say I absolutely loathe doubleheaders. My family and I just don’t have the interest to hangout at the venue for 5 plus hours. I actually liked the mirrored scheduling of the Big Sky. We did go to more Men’s games than Women’s, however we always knew that one or the other was going to be home one week to the next and with a single game we would get out at a decent hour. On a purely superficial note, doubleheaders to me, shout D2. Wasn’t that what we were trying to leave behind. And on an observational note, considering how in recent times our athletic department has to be mindful of every penny, a single gate (doubleheader) cannot be all that enticing as compared to having seperate gates? Not really surprised how The Summit probably wanted to make a statement and put all our potential big ticket games on Wednesdays. I expect we will see some similarly interesting things happen when we join The Valley for Football. I’m excited to get to a few road games now that we have rejoined our former NCC brethren, and rekindling some rivarly spark. The schedule however leaves a lot to be desired. And doubleheaders, I was hoping for the most part, they would remain in an era gone by. I’m still hoping for that to be the case.
  14. the green team

    2019 UND Recruiting

    Always a fan of players who also wrestled in H.S. That can be a useful skill when it comes to football. Plus,there is almost a singular focus that wrestlers seem to be able to have in their training, and here's hoping those tools will translate into a player that evolves into a solid contributor here at North Dakota.