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  1. I agree with you. Living, working and owning a business in GF, I've gotten to know the most devoted sports fan to the "sports have no business at a University" people. There isn't an incoming president, alive or resurrected from the grave, that will want to stir up the hornets nest that would start on campus. My perspective, since the cuts...the anti sports segment have remained incredibly silent as they saw that there was a shared sacrifice (athletics had to cut too), as the evidence proved that segment incredibly wrong, where they incorrectly believed that Athletics, could do whatever they wanted. Trust me, you will never hear anyone from that segment of campus admit that they were wrong. That is not in their operating procedure. But their silence will suffice in this instance. So, I don't think you'll be seeing additions of any programs in the near term unless there is a grove of money trees discovered. No President would want to wade into it. IMHO
  2. Faith Dooley, Sydney Griffen, Chelsea Moser and others that were the key in the Big Sky run were all Hardee recruits. Last year when the roster was entirely built with his players...didn’t really do a lot for me to be perfectly honest. So I was often scratching my head when looking at what was out there. Good Luck to him.
  3. I'll be perfectly honest. I've never been interested in attending any spring game. There is absolutely nothing they could do to make me want to go. I am a passionate fan on Saturday's in the fall, and will go to all the games and stay to every bitter end, maybe do some tailgating etc... I've even gone to a few road games over the last 3 decades. But it's spring and I like many of my neighbors who I attend games with, we are glad to be out of winter, and can think of a million other things to do with our time than go to a spring game, like open up the lake place or yard work or just about anything. I don't think that should make us bad fans. I certainly understand that to the most devoted rabid fan, a spring game is the nourishment that they require. I can very much respect that. But I have no interest in taking it in, and if I'm going to be honest, I think there are far more of fans like me, who love gameday(s) in the fall, but just don't find any sort of spring game/practice whatever, as a draw at this time of year. There is no amount of give aways or free stuff or tailgate food competition that is going to lure me out. So my advice would be for marketing to emphasize what will really make a difference to this team, and that is to focus their limited resources to the games in the fall. Yes, for certain schools spring football is some sort of draw (it wouldn't be for me, even if I cheered for them)...but my guess would be that it would be far far fewer than the majority. The reality is, the fan base on Saturdays will grow with one thing, and one thing only: wins. Not what was done on a day or night in the spring. I'll see everyone August 31st.
  4. MJHL to be in Grand Forks next year gfhockey replied to gfhockey's topic in Community No haven’t listened to Tim since swygy passed away. December 28, 2018 This is odd. You've stated that you don't listen to that show. This statement would seem to indicate otherwise?
  5. My understanding is the coach's asked him to take one as they felt it would greatly benefit him, but Jal declined and wanted to try play.
  6. I think Eikens should have the potential to be an immediate contributor. Saw his frame at a game. I think he has a more mature body for a guard/wing in The Summit. I would like to see if they can get a really high end point guard. I'm not convinced that Marlon should be on the ball as much as he is. He didn't have to be last year, and I don't think he was in high school. Atelbauers wasn't a point guard in Latvia, from what I understand. I don't think it's a conversion that is coming easy for him. The question is, do they think Panoam is a point guard at the level needed in The Summit, in future years? I'm not sure that he is. Hopefully, I'm wrong. I am probably in the minority, but I like Walter, he probably isn't a starter. But he does a lot of little things and he has shown the ability to stretch teams with an outside shot, can put it on the floor and get to a pull up or runner. He just needs to be more consistent, that of course is the knock. Ideally, find someone who is broader than Walter, who can start, and then let Walter come off the bench to add his little details in a reserve role, would probably be the best fit next year. After reading the last several pages...I really know I'm in the minority. Has it been a great season? Absolutely not. Not by any stretch. But there have been some games decided by 1 possession, like Omaha and SDSU at The Betty. There were the 2 NDSU losses that really were served up on a platter by poor shooting by Stewart and Seales in the loss in Fargo, and nearly everyone in Grand Forks (heck UND couldn't make anything right next to the basket in either of those games) Plus, this team has had to cope without Avants out for an extended stretch. Is he perfect? No. But they have far better chances with him than without. I think this team has shown the ability to make the extra pass, that they can defend at times, which I find encouraging. Not a perfect season, but there are parts of this team, that I see could put something together, not this year, but next if most return (that's never a given in today's game). This team has not nearly as bad to watch as the 14-15 team. That was a bad group, that didn't like playing with each other. 15-16, I could tell something was brewing and of course there was the following year, that I didn't miss a game (which I rarely do anyway). I'm just not a "sky is falling" person when it comes to this group. It must improve, but I think there are some pieces here...but we also need a couple of pieces.
  7. More than likely a great many people who currently work at UND will be looking for work in the near term. As another round of serious cuts seems to be inevitable. It never is a fun process, and in visiting with a neighbor who is employed on campus, it sounds like if the last round was fun for moral, this next round could be a real kick in the groin. It's beyond belief that not a single one of the people who will most likely soon be in the swath of the next round of budget cuts couldn't do this exact job for less or around the same money and not have to have a commuting budget. And the dollars of paying someone who actually lives in the region, most likely Grand Forks, but maybe out of town...Manvel, Thompson, maybe even Hillsboro orMayville (who knows where a person hangs their hat), wouldn't it be nice to have those dollars would be spent in communities that need it like the ones I just mentioned? That's part of the reason I like having the University in Grand Forks, as the people who work and live here, utilize my business...and not just some businesses in North Carolina. To me, it is unfathomable in just how again no one in Twamley, can seem to see the poor optics of something like this. It shouldn't surprise me...but somehow it still does.
  8. The formula was designed and discovered during Ag research down there...it was a eureka like discovery when they found what served as a tranquilizer for cattle, also served as a workout recovery product for the student athletes. Now with this coming out...I heard the East Germans are on line 1, and very interested in how the program all works. Seriously, forget the NCAA people in Indy for the time being. This investigation should be starting hard and fast by their Athletic Compliance Department...that is why they are there. However, my understanding over the years has been that that area of their department has had more than a glass completely full of yellow kool aid approach to things. Which would mean they more than likely won’t be all that interested in finding answers to this ordeal. I would be shocked if proven otherwise.
  9. I actually don't disagree. Needs do change. And in the end, if that was the end of the golf course 2 years ago, although sad, I made my peace with it. My kids played there quite a bit up until the end(Because it was easy to get there) , but things and needs change. But now the University will be greatly having to re-invest to get the course up and running. Their own decisions are to blame for that. They could have operated it as a golf course for 2 years right up until they poured concrete for the first bit of "vibrancy". Things may have in this instance...not necessarily the "need"..but things changed and now with a tough state budget outlook coming...UND looks like they will be having to sink an unnecessary amount of money just to get things up and running, when if they just would have kept in running until the apartments went up, they would have been laughing all the way to the bank. Sure hindsight can be 20/20 but I tend to believe that there was absolutely no sight used when this initially went down, by several high up decision makers on campus. Unfortunately, one of them is now retired. She should be called back to respond to her ineptitude. Heck she should have been fired for the REAC embarrassing debacle, and then she would have never been around to lead the point on these misguided decisions.
  10. I belive it’s incredibly disingenuous to try to say that Ray Richards was hemorrhaging money. To my knowledge there was some years that they finished 5k to 15k in the positive after everything was paid. Which was then siphoned away by Twamley. And there was some years that it finished behind 5K to 15k. Then Twamley would be like”where is our money?” Honestly, it could’ve been a lot worse, considering some of the other golf courses out there. In fact it seemed to me that the course was trying to be as good of steward as possible, by not costing the University huge sums. Let’s not forget the 80s and 90s when the University was actually raking anything the golf course made to pay for a U PD position. Please explain how that even makes sense? We don’t know if the GFCC loses money, we wouldn’t know...unless your are member and get a year end assessment indicating you need to make up the difference. And there have been some years I have gotten one... so yes we’ve been short at years end. And we will never know about Kings Walk, as the Park District can supplement if need be. So it sounds to me Ray Richards within the context of what it was adding tothe university was a nice perk. When talking to a former University employee, he said... in today’s day and age it’s important to have things that add to the experience. What does your university that others around you, may not? Maybe not all students and faculty will play golf, but some do. Other institutions manage courses across the country, it can be done. And it appears to me that it was being done. Sadly, this is an optics nightmare. But secondly, these people who have been making these decisions, seem so utterly inept at business acumen they should inquire about enrolling in some remedial business courses, at the business school. If they applied at my business, they wouldn’t get an interview as their track record in this instance has been alarmingly bad.
  11. I agree with this. I desperately want to see him take a step. I think he will. Rebraca did not have a great game, but I think he will come around too. Definitely need him to. Maybe, the round about point I was going for initially is that even some of our leading scorer’s will need to continue to lift their games if this team is going to take a step this season. Who was the player/individual on bench not dressed on Saturday? New player? He wasnt there at the beginning of the season.
  12. Moody was 7 for 20. Not great if you ask me. So far in games against division 1 competition, that is considered a good game for him, in comparison to previous games. Add in that he gets lost on D a lot. when you go empty you on one end, and because you give up an easy one on the other end because you don’t get to where you are suppose to be on helpside defense(for example) isn’t contributing to a plus/minus that is going to look all that great.
  13. I know that Moody is a fan favorite but at 6 for 16 is dreadful efficiency. And he’s a liability defensively often times when I watch. Seales should play at the 4 and never get the ball unless he is around the lane. He is a useless player on the perimeter. Teams know he is dreadful at shooting the 3, so they defend him to drive which is easy when a player essentially is one dimensional. First half D was really not good. granted they hit some tough shots but must be tougher to play against. That was the game. Listened to the pre-game show, and the UND assistant that had the scout essentially said that every time Avants would catch in on the block expect 2 or 3 defenders to run at him. That’s exactly what I saw. Got to pass out of it, which he did, but that’s also why we aren’t getting a lot of points out Connor on a day like to day. Also have to make the shots. UND was dreadful at that in the 1st. I think it finished 18 assists in 25 makes which is very respectable, just think how many more assists there would be if they make 1st half shots Quiet bright spot today...Walter. Marlon played hard, but I get frustrated seeing too many of his perimeter shots hit the side of the rim. Not sure what Atelbauers did to get in dog house but I thought he looked alright at Kentucky so he can’t be terrible. Also, Igbanugo was a positive as well, they said in post game his last several practices were excellent. Good to hear that if you practice well, you can earn your time. I don’t want to cheer for a team that just gives guys their spot. Earn it. And Igbanugo did.
  14. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/education/4549094-biggest-cuts-great-depression-north-dakota-budget-proposal-calls-higher-ed Let the fun of cutting continue. Must not have cut nearly enough the last go round.
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