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  1. I have been very lukewarm on Marlon for much of his career. But I do tip my cap to him for a good portion of the non conference season as he seems to at least to this point be making fairly good decisions. 8 assists to 2 turnovers. If he is able to bring a lot of these performances with him into Summit League play the team will have a good shot at beating some of the preseason expectations at the very least.
  2. Disagree. He was our best player on the floor on Sunday against Campbell. There is more to the game than making shots which he has to do, no doubt, he was finding ways to effect the game in other ways, but he has a lot teammates that are giving the ball away at an epic rate that are costing the team several possessions. Everyone has to improve, Billy included. I just think that assessment is harsh
  3. Did you see them lose to Florida Gulf Coast yesterday?
  4. UND has been fortunate in its recent history to have teams that had a number of players that relieve pressure. For example, the Jamal Webb, Aaron Anderson, Troy Huff team, all three could come get the ball if a team was taking one ofthe others away in the backcourt. And if any of the 3 of them was being pressured on the perimeter in the front court...those 3 would drive that defender to the hoop. Same could be said of Hooker, Crandall, and even Bernstine. Now, the way I see it is that a team will take away Stewart in the backcourt but everyone is trying to get the ball back to him, because we don’t have too many good ball-handlers, and we get into our sets way late in the clock. And it’s even worse if we haven’t got him the ball early in the front court. We just don’t have many guys that handle pressure particularly well in the above mentioned situations and it’s causing serious problems. Not sure there is an immediate easy answer other than get better at handling the ball against pressure. But our team is kind of is what it is, at this juncture
  5. Middle-outside...is not a setter...yet
  6. Maybe he’ll do push ups, after TD’s?
  7. She’s not a setter. In high school she’s an outside hitter. She may be coming here as a setter but their will be a fairly steep learning curve I’m sure for someone who isn’t asked to set on a regular basis.
  8. I know I'm very much in the minority. But I love early games. Noon, 11am- the earlier the better. I guess, I'm used to some of that Big 10 start times where one of my kids went to grad school. But probably around here- I bet that attitude would only be shared with 1 out of every 1000 people here or so. I'm a weirdo
  9. I'm looking at the calendar of Midco "properties" and was a hectic day for them. I believe they had UND-Montana State on a Midco, NDSU-SDSU at 230 on another Midco, USD-SIU at 4 immediately following UND-Montana State and UND v BSU in Hockey following NDSU-SDSU.
  10. This is exactly the challenge. It's absolutely a no win situation. Especially when someone considers how reliant UND is with student fees towards athletics in the division 1 era.
  11. It did if they wanted the game to be televised
  12. The Denver Match was a rescheduled match due to weather. Once a match has postponed its up to the 2 institutions to figure it out. Denver wanted to get in on Monday Night, play Tuesday and get home Tuesday night. If they play Tuesday night. They miss school on Wednesday...potentially 3 days of school. The way it was scheduled was that they really missed 1.5. Out of class time matters to every school and every athletic department. This was very apparent when they tried get that match rescheduled due to weather.
  13. How about the coin toss they won in Huntsville last year. Just wondering what they chose in that instance?
  14. and Ratelle is a strength and conditioning disciple of? Whom did he work with to change his body?
  15. the green team


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