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    Jeepers, I don’t worry about their announcers. I listen to our radio broadcast on the app and just turn down the tv. Takes care of that.
  3. This is the harsh reality. But it is one none the less. People who live in surrounding communities that I work with and would consider friends and acquaintances are a perfect example. I use to visit with these people on the concourse at Alerus during halftimes frequently in the early 2000's. These same people who I run into for work today, have been heading to Fargo on Saturday's and only started doing so within the last 5 or 6 years. That's just a product of these people some would say "bandwagon jumpers" just want to identify with the most successful program of the time. There is enough of them that it definitely can effect the numbers. Let's just say I know of 4, off the top of my head. If others know of people like this...it can start to add up in a hurry. And if UND Football starts getting really good again. I would expect to see many of these people back. That's not how I operate, but how a fair amount do and it can have an effect.
  4. Don't they play enough money games already as compared to their peer institutions within the conference? If anything they may play a couple too many, imho. Those are important for experiences for players---just like it is for the Northlands or Mayvilles when they come here to play, but you also have some games at home. Also, I'm not sure that all the money from those games, goes directly to Men's Basketball. Don't get me wrong, some does. I visited with the former staff at functions. I may be mistaken but I think a portion goes into the general Athletics budget to help fund all the sports. I'm sure there are others on here, way closer to it and have more knowledge of it than a few of my brief visits at different events.
  5. NSIC has very few non conference game availability. They are such a large conference they start playing conference opponents as early as November & December. Curious as to what type of $’s NSIC teams would command to bring in. I’m assuming considerably more than NAIA or DIII’s.
  6. The only problem is that since this program has been division 1, that has been a common refrain. Yes, the plan may to have better scheduling, but it will never work out that way. Even when there is conference v. conference scheduling (Big Sky v Summit, Summit v WAC, Summit v. Horizon) other teams can just buy it out and not come here which will leave us with a steady diet of Nothland/Mayville State/Crown/Presentation Colleges. And maybe a 3 for 1...which if you ask me is ridiculous unless it’s a real big timer. -UNI doesn’t qualify for me...at worst 2 for 1 with them. Non appealing home non conference contests is what I’ve come to expect and to be quite honest, I have made my peace with it. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to go to games. It’s the reality of where we are. Promising in the future schedule really means nothing. nearly all schools have the ability to buy things out...except us. That’s the reality of where we are at, for the foreseeable future. I hope I’m wrong...but I’m guessing any school that says they will come here in 2 years time etc...will be nowhere near the schedule when we finally get there:
  7. I was listening to 1440 guys the other morning & Ralston said people have been asking him about a finalized schedule. From what he said- was that they were very close to the finish line...when things had a substantial wrench thrown into the non-conference schedule. The way I read it was that it wasn’t going to be great for the good guys. He said he felt bad for all involved working on it...as I took it as mostly out of their control. He also said that Chaves was looking forward to addressing it the next time he would be on to give a detailed look behind the curtain. That’s why he didn’t get too detailed then. Sounds like the scheduling woes could continue, if I read what he was saying right. Curious to see how things shake out.
  8. It was good to see a game out that we seemed destined to give away. There have been the Idaho States and others where you left the building so completely deflated. I wasn’t leaving euphoric, but maybe I left with a wry smile, knowing we survived. Sometimes a team just needs to do that in the season. Two things that I noticed. Our snaps to our quarterbacks in the gun, are all over the place. Typically low, but really not at all consistent. I think it at times as had a negative effect in the timing of certain plays...especially rpo’s. That has got to be a concern moving forward. Secondly, I’ve noticed with our QB’s that when they miss with a pass, they miss high a lot. Zimmerman, did early in the game and so did Schuster. I understand we tall receivers and up in the air should be where they have the advantage but often times these where even too tall for our WRs to get. Missing high too much is going to eventually end up being a deflection off our receivers hands and an INT. I see it in all levels of football all the time. I’m going to enjoy the win. I’m still excited, because I still think this team can get way better. Of course last year the team didn’t really get better as the season went on...it may have even regressed. But I’m an optimist, I’m hoping this team can keep on improving through finish line. If they do that, it should put them in a pretty good spot at seasons end.
  9. The reality is...like so many. They have to find the money. And the way I read that piece is the dollars are not anywhere close to being there. It looks like they’ve released renderings to spur interest, but who really knows? I don’t think they are anywhere close even dreaming of FBS. They just want to remain relevant in the FCS facilities race. Raising necessary funds can be hard for any institution and it seems to be no different in this instance.
  10. I agree that there has to be a product and they have to market it. So you your saying "the product" is the "team", and the team had better win games...because that is the thing that is marketing NDSU's product. Everyone wants to be attached to a winner. That's easy marketing. When my businesses are winning, everything is easy. That's what it boils down to me. If UND had just won 9 championships in a row...everybody is going to want to attached or associated with it... the marketing takes care of itself.
  11. Why is this a UND issue and not a Minot radio/community issue? From my understanding... the stations in Minot all have and had and continue to have an opportunity to take UND Sports, they are apparently choosing not to. That's a programming decision or a belief that local businesses in the community won't spend money for the local commercial breaks they are given to sell within a broadcast to build revenue from those broadcasts. A couple of my companies have used UND radio not only the network- which is sold out of GF, but we've also bought time on a few of the various local stations that carry the games in various markets that we do business in, because they have inventory in every broadcast too, and that's how the local station like a Devils Lake etc...can make some dollars on it. If people call the stations and say they want UND Football or Hockey, or even better-- potential sponsors go to them...enough requests stations would most likely consider it. It's a dollar and business issue for the station/market. I've asked these very questions at sponsor parties I've attended...and get very forthright answers from those involved. From my business perspective this really seems to be a Minot issue. It sounds as if the option has been and remains there if Minot stations want it. You can't make a farmer plant a crop that he doesn't want to plant...just like you can't force a radio station to take something they don't want to take. My only question is why isn't businesses in Minot with perhaps UND ties, coming up with the sponsorship dollars in a market like this? When I'm traveling in the east I tend to utilize the Eastern North Dakota stations, but I have turned to the app more to listen the further west I get.
  12. What is considered a successful offensive game for Danny's O against this defense? X 1st downs, X points? Or Other factors? What would be considered not good enough/needs improvement or a disaster? Curious about peoples personal benchmarks going into a game like this of what woulld be deemed as successful, a step in the right direction, needs work or this is a disaster.
  13. If we are at Montana and at EWU, who is our home game in the Summit/Big Sky agreement?
  14. Mike's is still a staple for our family. Several times a year
  15. Haven't been there since the winter months. But the couple of times I was there this winter, I thought it was clean and good. Good tasting beefy broth, and it was perfect when I was once slightly hung over and 2nd time I was fighting a cold.
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