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  1. It’s the George Costanza— assistant to the traveling secretary
  2. I expect Northern Iowa to move up into the top 5 in next weeks poll
  3. the green team

    UND @ ISU

    Thought Zavalny was good today. Takeaways were good. Ball security will need to continue to be emphasized. I think the line will have to take a step. Seeing Tommy eject a little bit was good to see that growth.
  4. I think the 19-20 season the ACC distributed 497 million- about 33 million per institution.
  5. I think Baylor has issues if it ends up that the Big 12 dissolves. I don't see their values as meshing with those west coast PAC 12 schools (at least its past reputation) and its not really a Big 10 candidate. They along with K-State, Texas Tech & TCU must be the camp that is desperately hoping to keep this thing together. Kansas, Iowa State and OK State may have slim opportunities elsewhere. If any or all 3 of those hit the road, the previous 4 mentioned will certainly be up a creek without a paddle. This will be a wild ride to watch.
  6. Not only can Tommy make that throw in is sleep. So can Danny Freund, Sam King, Quincy Vaughn, Trey Feeney, Kevin Feeney, Harrison Feeney, Cam Miller, Zeb Noland and Zeb Miller
  7. Dukes has proven they can make the plays in the big moment https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=skMjcxjrOA8
  8. This I don’t know. I’m guessing no. The NCAA likes to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed as much as possible before post season events. That is why March Madness opening rounds and regional final venues are determined well out. Same with hockey regionals etc. My guess whomever is the chair of the comittee has all the bids on a spreadsheet and will get up tomorrow and have a meeting at like 8am with ESPN for game times and venues. Then release that time out to the institutions-where one will get to the planning as the host, while the other’s administrators and FB staff will immediately go to work on travel arrangements in short order. While a post season is going on, I can’t imagine the NCAA saying—-well now you have until 4p Sunday to get your re-bid in. Then we’ll go through them, and then we’ll organize times with our television partner (in this case, espn). If you were a team with any chance at the playoffs a month ago and had an interest in hosting...then you submitted at that time, whether you made it or not.
  9. The bids for all rounds have been submitted prior to the start of the playoffs. They don’t finish one week and rebid. Every team has put all their chips on the table for all rounds well before the field was even selected.
  10. I don’t think the FCS playoffs will ever move the needle as far as revenues are concerned to the NCAA. If anything, I’d imagine it’s more about trying reduce the hemorrhage of money than anything
  11. I believe it will become permanent in August. Then Hockey, FB, M&W BBall and Baseball will all be in line with all the other NCAA Sports that have essentially always had it. VB, Soccer etc.
  12. DAE was a Jones staff recruit. Again, the other sports in college sports have had the 1 time transfer, no penalty, for some time now. Now, Hockey, Football, Basketballs and Baseball it seems are going to be moving to that model August 1st. If you ask coaches of other sports, that already live in this world, it’s really no big deal, as it’s always been part of their reality. Now, because these sports are moving to this, as they are the most visible at most schools, it’s going to seem so foriegn or even shocking to all of us unfamiliar to it. I’m not sure in 3 or 4 years you’ll see it at this level again (could be wrong in this hypothisis) but I personally think it will always be there but not at this level (in regards to numbers) in a few years, and that’s across the nation. For some student athletes, they will find that the grass isn’t necessarily greener, and maybe some will. With this now the norm, to echo what is stated above...it really sucks, when a staff maybe gave a periphery guy a chance, maybe your staff had to do a lot of work just to get the individual admitted (this is a scenario, that can apply anywhere). And then that individual becomes a very solid talent- bigger schools or representatives will be whispering in that persons circle ears. That will be the reality. What happens is that you have to continue to recruit the players on your roster. So, recruiting of the individuals within your own locker room continues even while this person has been on campus for years. But student athletes across the nation in last several years have been trying to crack open a system “they feel” only favors the institution. This is an area where it appears the walls are starting to coming down, and to us observers it seems crazy. I’m curious what things will look like in a few years in regards to the college landscape.
  13. Doesn't she already have a full contingent allowed by the NCAA? Mo, Eves, Young- Director of Ops Morso? I don't think she can have more than that by rule? Maybe, I'm wrong.
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