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  1. River should reach 48 feet which would be top 6 Flood in GF I believe. Levees are 60 feet in GF; flood walls are 63 feet. Theoretically, you wouldn’t have to throw a sand bag within GF unless it approached 60 feet. Even a record flood of more than 54.5 feet would not require sandbagging within city limits of GF as long as it doesn’t near 60 feet which is inconceivable as the RR valley is flat; the river would be 30 miles wide at that level.
  2. I have 4 tickets for sale Sec 104 on the isle; its the final row of lower bowl against the suite wall. Seats are directly behind the net UND shoots on twice. Bathrooms and beer stand directly below for quick access; its where the live band plays in the concourse . $40/apiece. 701-739-5623 call/text. Both Nights available.
  3. He will play in the USHL starting next week and next year with Fargo; we will find out then against real competition if anyone of those big four missed out. Maybe the kid finds Northern Michigan a better fit for him and would rather play there and be a top 6 guy. You never know. Hate to say anyone is missing out or dismiss one school over another without knowing the inside scoop.
  4. Kittson County Central was the #4 seed in Section 8-A and even though they barely beat Mayville a couple times (one game was 9-7) I would like their chances against Hutch
  5. Jamestown would be the #5 seed in the MN - A tournament (Not a joke)...This is an embarrassment to hockey.
  6. I have 4 tix together for Friday night vs CC in 104 on the isle right behind net UND shoots on in 1st and 3rd. $40/ticket - text 701-739-5623 if interested
  7. Exactly...he’ll help you score one but give up one too and that one was a huge momentum changer! Play defense!!!!
  8. Which is why many teams underestimated the attendance to rat hole money from the NCAA; at least that was the case in the old D2 era...not sure if they can pull the wool over the eyes of the NCAA like they used to.
  9. I was using sarcasm...I agree with you 100%
  10. The REA did not throw any money in and would never do so.
  11. OK your right...we got screwed again...we are the victim again...our AD and entire UND staff is incompetent again. (sarcasm)
  12. Let's look at this from Nicholls perspective if they would have had to come to UND to play us... They were ranked higher than us, they went on the road and beat a good team and rival to win their conference, they had a better record than us, they put in a competitive bid to ours, and they would have to go back to North Dakota and play again the following week if they beat us. Put yourself in their shoes if we were hosting them. Make sense a bit now? Can you still defend us hosting?
  13. The fact that the winner of our game plays the #1 seed NDSU identifies either us or Nicholls as the #24 seed. They were ranked ahead of us and won their conference; therefore we are the #24 seed and last one in.
  14. If that is true, 90K was a pretty good bid by them and close to how much we could muster. 8000 at what I would guess would be an average of $20 a ticket is $160K in revenue ...you cant give it away as you have expenses to host as well
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