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  1. I attended a men’s breakfast at my church this morning wearing a UND sweatshirt. One of the men asked if that was the school that kept winning the championship. I told him no, it was the other North Dakota school and we talked a bit more about football. He asked if that was the D3 or NAIA championship, since he knew UWF won the D2 championship. He was shocked to find out that it was actually Division I. Funny.
  2. I can post the “plumbing” plan tomorrow.
  3. I am a contractor on the Gulf Coast and get invitations to bid on projects along the coast. I saw the Nicholls Athletics Building get posted today. After UND played there recently, I thought there may be some interest regarding this.
  4. Is it just me or does Mankato remind anyone of UND 20 years ago, top notch hockey and a football team on the edge of a D2 championship. Nice to see our local team win it this year after failing two years ago.
  5. I had jury duty this week. Due to the jury pool waiting area being cooled to the mid 60s I had on a pullover that had UND Hockey on it. No logo, No Sioux. I walked out of the vending area and was greeted with a “Go Sioux” from a lady passing by. Made me smile. The name lives on 1600 miles away.
  6. I see Sica's point. Saigo led the charge against the Native American nicknames with the NCAA. St. Cloud State had protests whenever UND played there due to the Sioux name. Not that the demise of SCSU football and athletic woes are exactly connected to the actions from 15-20 years ago, but....karma.
  7. Kind of nice to see how opposition views the coverage that UND hockey enjoys. Thanks Brad and the GF Herald. I also liked this line..
  8. Nicholls ran the ball up the middle all day without being stopped, both with and against the wind. You would think UND might at least make some changes when Nicholls was going into the wind. I can’t blame the missed catches or Ketts fumble on coaching, but pretty much everything else I can. Not adjusting, poor clock management, punting with 6 minutes left. I was shocked when he did that. Two play later Nicholls was right back where UND was when they punted. I also got a taste of the reason that I have watched less football over the last five years. The arrogance and attitude of the players on the field. Not really the UND players, but the Nicholls State players. It carries over tho the fans in the stands. That really turns me off from watching football.
  9. The guy three rows up was not pleased about illegal downfield. He was already talking smack about the PI.
  10. Yeah, he looked in pain when he walked over to sideline.
  11. Why the no huddle by Nicholls. Stupid.
  12. Wind at back and fell that short
  13. Wind is brutal. FG would have been tough
  14. Been ugly thus far. UND will now have wind at back.
  15. I don’t see that on their website. https://www.nicholls.edu/culinary/
  16. Had dinner with a Nichols state grad tonight, my wife’s step brother. He graduated from their culinary school and is now one if the best young chefs in New Orleans. Backward on their athletic facilities, but pretty good school for culinary arts. Heading down to Thibodaux for the game tomorrow. Go Hawks!!!
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