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  1. I was passing through MSP earlier this month on the way back from GF. We stopped at the Whole Food in Edina to grab some lunch for the road, as we were tired of fast food on the trip. We walked in and saw all of the chafing dishes, salads, sides... were empty. All they had was soup. I asked a couple of employees who were walking by what was going on. They said that they can't anyone to come to work. Their kitchen typically has 40 people working. They had 5. Add your assumptions as to why, here....
  2. I posted this link earlier. http://www.wiz1.net/schedule I have hit a couple of the links for current contests and the links seem to be working. UMass/LSSU game is listed. The UND game will likely be listed when it get closer to game time. All times are GMT+1
  3. A few years back a friend told me about a website that has links to sporting events from all of the world. He told me to be sure I had a good ad blocker, because it can cause some problems. I pulled it up to see if there was any college hockey on it and it does list Wisconsin and Bemidji State on it. Try wiz1.net. I haven't tried to hit any of the links. I am at work and don't need the aggravation this afternoon, if I start getting popups.
  4. Didn't UND get hosed on a call at the end of that game too. The face off should have been outside the zone with less than 10 seconds left, instead they had it inside the zone allowing UNH to get the miracle goal.
  5. With the financial issues that a lot of the schools are going to have to deal with, I can’t help but wonder if there will be changes in the NCAA requirements on the number of sports schools will be required to carry. The college presidents need to become involved in that conversation. I know Title IX won’t go away, but maybe reduce the minimums.
  6. Not sure what this means, but it sounds important.
  7. Yeah, the guy in row 6 left Louisiana at 4 in the morning, got to Pensacola at 8:00 and waited until 3:00 to get in and get his seat. When I walked in at 4:30, he asked if I was somebody. I said no, I am a nobody. I just know someone. He said he was a nobody too. We all had fun. https://www.pnj.com/story/news/2020/10/23/donald-trump-pensacola-president-urges-panhandle-voter/6007713002/
  8. We were in row 5. My brother works for the RNC.
  9. Got to see Trump in Pensacola last night, along with Gov DeSantis and Rep. Gaetz. Great rally. Had a blast.
  10. Asymptomatic spread of coronavirus is ‘very rare,’ WHO says I am shocked, shocked I say.
  11. In my post above where I point to traffic being blocked, that is a bridge that when blocked, diverts traffic to a 60-90 minute detour depending on traffic. The protesters have been blocking 17th Avenue a few days in the past week and is low impact, as there are other options to get around. It is also a rallying point as Graffiti Bridge has been used to include their message. I had no problem with that. They knew what they were doing trying to expand their protest to include blocking the bridge. I do have a problem with that.
  12. This kind of civil disobedience? Police investigating after protester carried across Pensacola Bay Bridge on vehicle's hood Sorry, you don’t have the right to block traffic and disrupt peoples lives. By the way the bridge is 3 miles long. The cloudiness is the fringe of Cristobal.
  13. In a rush to discredit Trump the media went wall to wall with coverage on the medical experts reports saying HCQ was dangerous. The two major studies that were done have now retracted their findings. How much wall to wall coverage will this get? https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=250&v=Gnq7MQMLcVU&feature=emb_logo
  14. I think I heard lawyers were going to pay for it.
  15. So what you are saying is all 100 lives matter, so.... "All lives matter".
  16. As Sica is fond of saying.... follow the Benjamins.
  17. My boss is forever saying “don’t know, don’t guess”. It only makes things worse. Look at what it has done to our economy.
  18. Piece regarding CDC recommendations for schools. Kids and Teachers Are Going to Need Therapy if Schools Follow the CDC's Recommendations for Classrooms Source from CDC Glad we homeschool our kids.
  19. There should be zero reason to shame those who don’t wear one, as well.
  20. A while back Trump caught hell for saying something about disinfectants being used internally. It struck me this morning, as I was doing my vitamins with a water/apple cider vinegar chaser, that I was kind of doing what Trump was talking about.
  21. I had an inspection yesterday at a nearby base. The inspection was outside. I walk up with no mask and was told by the GC that everyone had to wear a mask. I asked, "why", the inspection is outside, breezy, sunny, etc... He said that base General wanted it that way. The General saw a contractor not wearing a mask and removed him from the base for three years. I walk up to the area that I was to inspect and everyone there had on masks, except for the Government employee. I had to laugh.
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