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  1. Dukes has proven they can make the plays in the big moment https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=skMjcxjrOA8
  2. This I don’t know. I’m guessing no. The NCAA likes to get all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed as much as possible before post season events. That is why March Madness opening rounds and regional final venues are determined well out. Same with hockey regionals etc. My guess whomever is the chair of the comittee has all the bids on a spreadsheet and will get up tomorrow and have a meeting at like 8am with ESPN for game times and venues. Then release that time out to the institutions-where one will get to the planning as the host, while the other’s administrators and FB staff will immediately
  3. The bids for all rounds have been submitted prior to the start of the playoffs. They don’t finish one week and rebid. Every team has put all their chips on the table for all rounds well before the field was even selected.
  4. I don’t think the FCS playoffs will ever move the needle as far as revenues are concerned to the NCAA. If anything, I’d imagine it’s more about trying reduce the hemorrhage of money than anything
  5. I believe it will become permanent in August. Then Hockey, FB, M&W BBall and Baseball will all be in line with all the other NCAA Sports that have essentially always had it. VB, Soccer etc.
  6. DAE was a Jones staff recruit. Again, the other sports in college sports have had the 1 time transfer, no penalty, for some time now. Now, Hockey, Football, Basketballs and Baseball it seems are going to be moving to that model August 1st. If you ask coaches of other sports, that already live in this world, it’s really no big deal, as it’s always been part of their reality. Now, because these sports are moving to this, as they are the most visible at most schools, it’s going to seem so foriegn or even shocking to all of us unfamiliar to it. I’m not sure in 3 or 4 years you’ll see it at thi
  7. Doesn't she already have a full contingent allowed by the NCAA? Mo, Eves, Young- Director of Ops Morso? I don't think she can have more than that by rule? Maybe, I'm wrong.
  8. I will just add this, and maybe it has more to do with the Grand Forks Economy thread (which is interesting and sometimes sad). As a business owner in the Greater GF area, I can name just a few things to utilize to market my business' or support UND or High School Sports or you name it. Newspaper - GF Herald, special features, season previews, Frozen 4 etc... Radio (UND, HS, just general day parts etc), Mailers, TV, Midco, Fargo news & sports. Arena signage, The Ralph, Alerus, The Betty. Programs, Booster Clubs and it goes on & on. We try do what we can and what makes sense for us.
  9. Jake Marto was fantastic football player, so was Robbie Bina, and Ryan Potulny for Red River before he left. There are plenty of examples but in the last 10 to 15 years there are fewer and fewer that play multi sports. All my kids are now done with high school. The last one 7 years ago. But the one thing I noticed with a couple of coaches over the years either in youth sports or high school, some coaches tell your kid to play as many sports as possible and very much mean it to their core. But there are a couple of coaches who will say they believe in playing many sports...but then quietly
  10. Although, a person will not be able to walk straight through the hall to the Alerus as the Alerus Center ballrooms will continue to serve as the CoVid vaccination site going on for 65 and up on Saturdays. Doors 5 & 6 entry will be for people utilizing the vaccination site with no cross traffic from Canad.
  11. Just 6 total turnovers today. 10 or less will give a team a chance every time. With the no penalty transfer now, this staff and team/school may have to fight to keep Ihenacho, I’m afraid. His assist to turnover ratio as a freshman is already impressing, and his ability to rebound from his position is a great trait. I hope he likes it here, because I like watching him. It was fun to see the team play at this level this weekend.
  12. I may get flamed by saying this but I really don’t think you can score compare or even record compare this year. This Denver team could very well have a couple wins...but have found ways to lose(not very good teams do) They trailed by 3 with about 5 to go at NDSU (Friday) and found a way to see that get away. They were down 84-81 in the final moments against Oral Roberts and saw that slip away. Actually could have beat ORU either night. Plus, Coach Horstman said in the lead up that they expected Robert Jones 6’10 player from Prior Lake to be back this game and that completely changes
  13. I have not seen much of the women’s team this year. But it looks like the same issue that has been the case over the last few years. They miss so many shots around the hoop. I just cannot believe how many shots they miss inside 8 feet. Even if they cut those misses by half. They may not be winning but they would be within single digits. This really isn’t a new issue though. Some of the turnovers are so so frustrating too, which also has been a problem for several years. But thats why SDSU is where they are and UND sadly is where it is. This is probably a 5 to 8 year project minimum, as I
  14. Jody Hodgeson was on 1440 AM this morning. The REA, had to still to adhere (as of right now) to the social distancing of 6ft in-between groups in the seats. Thus they really can only get close to 3000, using the entire arena-top to bottom. by rule of moving to Yellow in the state, they could up the Betty to 1700, but the way the NCAA has set rules(the’ve removed a ton a seats from around the floor) plus just general configuration of the Betty, they won’t be able to expand on the number they are at now
  15. https://www.normanfuneral.com/obituary/kenneth-towers Ken cared so deeply for his community & region. He loved the area’s sports teams & its fans of all levels...and they loved him and The Moon. My sincere thoughts to his family, as I try take a cue from Ken in his life, and that is to just genuinely care for those around you as much as possible. Maybe it’s simple, but it’s effective & inspiring. Rest In Peace.
  16. Currently when a team is out of season...typically winter/spring, players and staff are restricted to 8 hours of interaction. Because of CoVid I believe teams are allowed 12 hours per week, as the NCAA adjusted. Typically, fall football season is 20. I believe Bubba said on a Fighting Hawks Daily, that they are strength and conditioning MWF, with practices with helmets (not full pads), Tuesday Thursdays. I could be wrong as I get older, I don’t always remember exactly everything I hear....but I do believe everything I hear
  17. I've been reminded by clients, friends and family...that we are a "hockey" school. Heck you can hardly find the UND v SDSU home game on a TV at Buffalo Wild Wings in Grand Forks (and they have how many tv's in that place?). The local businesses don't even seem to want to even try care anymore.... it appears. I tell friends family and clients that I remember when we were an "everything" school, great atmosphere in the Hyslop, traveled well to NCC venues and tournament games. My wife says that I must be mis-remembering, but I told her that she's too young to remember those days, as s
  18. Why do you keep perpetuating that Moody is the teams best 3 point shooter? That seems to be conjecture at best. He often drifts to one side or the other or fades away when he doesn’t have to. Maybe he would be, but when he went out, he wasn’t(numbers wise). I certainly can’t argue that he would help with some scoring. I think that is a very true statement. However, defensively he can often be liable for scores on the other end. Not say he’s not trying to get better, but when he played last year, it was alarming, how far he had to go with that part of his game. I’m hopeful that he will i
  19. Because they flew to Fort Wayne. But it was a 1 game week for them. So they bus’d home because yes it did save them budget, but believe it or not when they factored of when they could get flights out, American/Delta/United with layovers etc. (All planned in the summer) Because there are no flights after the game. they got on the sleeper bus and were home sooner than they would have been home the next day flying commercial. Yes, both the Men & Women chartered to both ORU & WIU together this year. From what I understand that was what the Oregon State MBB check was used for.
  20. Actually, I will add to my Coyote criticism. Perhaps the reason we fouled more last year, was that USD actually had the far better squad. I can admit that. USD had a incredibly talented squad last year and they do again. There, I just paid a USD team a compliment. I have been following UND Womens & Men's Basketball since the 70's and not once have I ever heard a USD fan give one of our teams a compliment..so already I'm ahead in that category. Usually, if a team is over matched they have a tendency to commit more fouls, that's just a reality. But the fact that you insinuate that we
  21. I was just curious to see how the teams that North Dakota Women have played, have fared with the rest of their games. If you throw out the non-d1's, and the game against Arizona 13-1. I think the record Women's Basketball opponents is close to 50wins against 75 losses. Including getting 2 wins against 2 teams with only 2 wins. South Carolina State and Charleston Southern. Now one of their losses was to a very good 10 and 3 Illinois State team, and to their credit, I thought that actually was one of the Fighting Hawks best games even in a loss. Honestly, you can only play who you ha
  22. Umm, didn’t we win big on the road at Denver last season?
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