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  1. Would it make more sense for it to be the I - 29, since I - 94 doesn't go through Grand Forks?
  2. If the Bison are talking about Lance and Radunz, I believe UND also lost it's starting QB and C to graduation. We are starting a brand new QB, just like they are. Didn't lose anything? Really?
  3. I would guess he will start at QB. Watching his hudl tape he has a solid arm and athleticism. Nice to see us building quality depth at the most important position.
  4. I think he could be great at OLB for us. Reminds me a little of Jaxon Turner. Rangy, playmaker at the position.
  5. Quincy will not be switching positions. He is the highest rated QB UND has signed. I know they are just as high on Quincy as they are on Feeney coming in next year.
  6. Looks like Shipman will be playing for St. Thomas.
  7. I take it to mean, that with everything that is being shutdown in the sports world and world in general, that he is saying "recruitment is still open", one thing in our world that isn't closed.
  8. I think Preston will be great and we should always recruit WR hard. Also, don't believe Pifer is on the roster, so his production may be limited.
  9. UND gets another commit in C Danny Carroll out of Kansas.
  10. UND 360 sees him as a perfect TE fit for Danny's offense. I think he can slide into the role Cloyd had this last year. Looks like they have very similar sizes.
  11. Does he project as a RB or LB? To me I see him playing more at LB
  12. I am loving the recruits we are bringing in and putting out offers to. I think our offense in a couple years is gonna be dynamic and dangerous.
  13. Is Tyler supposed to be Tyree?
  14. I heard somewhere we now have a walk on spot and a scholarship spot.
  15. So we should have two roster spots open. We need at least one to be a big. Will Berg??
  16. I would start Ihenaco over Shockey, so Shockey can be our backup PG.
  17. I see this as a great opportunity for us to groom Danny. When Bubbas contract is up he retires and that will look better on the university than firing Bubba.
  18. I saw Tom Miller a while back mentioned Zavalney moving to tight end to be a mismatch. Could be very similar to what we will have with Klein coming in.
  19. This would be a huge get!!! I really hope the opportunity to play with his brother again, is a huge factor for him.
  20. True. That comes from the culture the head coach sets. I am confident in Danny and Coach P to figure things out with the run game next year and give an all around good offense.
  21. Hope you are right. Still a little nervous with the same strength coach running the show, who couldn't get our starting 5 to where they needed to be this year.
  22. Not sure which coach had the idea to drop the OL weight, but I really hope it is fixed. Need to show we can adjust and learn from our mistake.
  23. We do have the late signing day as well? Could the spots open be because of that?
  24. Any word on Vaughn? Did he have a good visit this weekend?
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